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Numerous countries are preparing to live underground … Why?

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum)

The neutral Swiss … or are they?

In Switzerland, they have enough underground shelters to house the entire population and, in addition to that, they have their aircraft also stored there when it is required. Many of the roads can be quickly converted into airstrips by removing the centre barriers on the highways. Hmm … maybe I should move there. See the link below it makes for interesting reading.


Although the Russians built underground bunkers in case of nuclear war, they would still be effective for when Planet X arrives. It seems like they are still building them but I don’t think they can do what the Swiss have done.


It seems that the Chinese have bunkers for their air force. I’m not surprised. I looked for personal bunkers similar to what the U.S. has built but there was nothing I could find. Again, I’m not surprised.

The ghost city of Ordos, China

I thought it strange that a country like China would build such a place and virtually no one lives there and construction is still going on. It definitely would not be built for the coming of Planet X, as they built a lot of highrises. I couldn’t find anything else about what China is doing to prepare for its people. If they have done something, then they, like Russia, are keeping it very quiet.


I searched online for bunkers for European countries but just kept getting WW2 bunkers, so either they know that they are doomed and bunkers would not do them any good or the really are keeping them secret.


Even though Australia has top secret military bases, they don’t seem to have gone to the extreme as the United States. It could be that the Australian government is more accountable to its people than the U.S. and can’t steal $41 trillion of taxpayer money to build elaborate bunkers.


When I searched sites for Sweden, I was amazed. But after checking, I think the search result shows other countries’ bunkers, too. But it is interesting to see what we humans can accomplish.

United States

How about a secret underground rail system? This will blow your mind!

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Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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