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Why I’m so frustrated about the lack of credible info on Planet X

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum)

I have spent many hours searching for the truth because I love my children and grandchildren very much. The future for them is a directly proportional to what we have accomplished or not accomplished.

I think in many ways we have done a very bad job of securing their future. We have raped and pillaged the earth under the pretext of technology but, in fact, all those in power who pave the path to our future did it for greed, not for the betterment of mankind.

When I first learned of Planet X, I did a lot of reading and looked to those I thought had the right stuff and the correct intentions to deliver credible information so I could make an informed decision. We raised our children to be God-fearing, obedient and to do the right thing and to listen to our elders. I believe that the “elders,” let’s say, have said one thing and done the opposite: They have withheld information so we cannot make a good decision as how to handle the future. They have held back on much technology to make life better for our children. They have set a poor example and they should be ashamed.

Planet X is one of those elusive subjects that has had many experts chasing the truth and, for those who have stuck their neck out, I applaud you. I take a lot of ridicule for what I have written but I keep marching on without the encouragement of my peers at times and the one thing that keeps me going is the support I get from both the staff and readers of

There are some who like what I am doing in the search for the absolute truth. It is hard for us regular people to know what to believe. Just like a teeter-totter, we go back and forth with all the hype and sometimes misinformation, when all we want is to try and secure our kids’ future and try and make amends for those who have ruined it, for the good people of this planet, and there are a lot of good people here.

I do believe that there is a Planet X out there but I’m really confused as to where the hell it is. I have stated that I am going to be ready by September and I will be as ready as I can with my limited income.

Will Planet X arrive then? I’m not sure but I think something will happen at that time; it could be minor or it could be major event. This is the most uneasy and stressful time for people and for what it is worth, it is the same for me. I am sure most of you just want the truth, as I do.

When people who have greater knowledge on this subject post things on the Web, we tend to believe them, as in a way they are the leaders; there have to be leaders but also there have to be followers. I don’t classify myself as a leader, necessarily. I am just Joe Public who is totally frustrated, not knowing sometimes which way to turn or who to believe.

Sometimes those leaders tend to let us down and that affects our faith in them, and I know most of them try their best and they are only human and make mistakes, like all of us at times. It is all about our children, giving them the best that we can offer; they are the future of mankind and it saddens me when they are lied to and cheated out of a good existence.

With Planet X, only time will tell who was right and who was wrong but I would not be a responsible father or grandfather if I just sat back and did nothing; it is a personal choice as to the path that each individual takes.

I just want those experts on this subject to take a step back and try to consider what it is like for regular people, dazed and confused as to Planet X; whether true or false is what it comes down to.

Imagine people like most of us who live from paycheck to paycheck and we have to be careful what we spend our money on. Does a father get Johnny a bike for his birthday or does he use that money to gather supplies for the pending doom? He struggles with the time of arrival of this hell-giant, not really knowing which way is up. I hope you all get my point that the path for us is not clearly defined; we need a guiding light to emerge from this darkness.

In spite of the fact that I may upset some people, they have to understand that we have been upset, too. We did not ask for what is coming but we are going to pay a heavy price, I am sure.

This is probably the most trying time for me and probably many others, and we are going to have to possibly change our lifestyle; or, should I say, do a complete flip and go into survival mode, if and when this winged beast passes by Earth.

Just think about all the leaders of our countries who made campaign promises and never kept them. Imagine promising your children something, then you did not deliver; that would be remembered by them for the rest of their lives and the reason I say that is it happened to me.

Hopefully, this message gets across and people start manning up and telling us what is in store for us in the near and distant future.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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