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UPDATED: James McCanney jumps ship, claims there is no Planet X

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio and articles | forum)

I don’t know about all of you out there but I am getting sick and tired of liars, sensationalists and so on. I grew up with the philosophy that honesty was the best policy and I live by those words. Those liars out there have to understand that anything they put into print or talk about in a radio interview have to remember there are people who have trusted in you and your findings, but if you lie to make money then you are no better than the Elite or the government that lies.

So I say to you, go join your buddies in the bunkers and see how long you last. I just don’t know how people like that can sleep at night. All of us ordinary folks just want the truth so we can make an informed decision to protect our families. We certainly do not like to be played. I for one would not believe a word that James McCanney says. Period. So shame on those out there who use people for their own end. I just had to get that off my chest.

“Planet X is real and it’s going to come to us with a bunch of comets, and people murmuring about Planet X being out there is NASA preparing us for it.” -James McCanney on Coast to Coast AM, February 16, 2011

James McCanney has now decided to jump ship about believing that there is a Planet X, while promoting his new invention: a “wing generator.” I wonder if the Elite have offered to back him and give him a condo in the underground bunkers. He states that there is no substantial evidence that Planet X exists. Well, I challenge that statement because the crop circles clearly depict 12 planets and there has been much more evidence to support that there is a Planet X. I would definitely support and believe Marshall Masters, rather than a two-faced liar.

This page is exceptional. I wish I could write as well as this.

If you go to this page you can see exactly what qualifications James McCanney does not have and, by the way, he is not a professor, as he claims. Evidently, he is a massage therapist. So here we have an unqualified person making statements that all the photographs of Planet X are lens flare, etc. I don’t think so. Another example of rash statements without anything to back it up, except lies. There is a ton of evidence to support the fact that Planet X exists.

Making wild statements to make money and conning people. This is why I never mentioned his name as someone to follow. Read this.

I can appreciate the fact that people or experts can make a mistake and I have no problem with that, so long as they can admit it and move on. I have made mistakes also but publicly corrected it, as they should for their mistakes. I have more respect if a person admits that they have made a mistake than if they try to cover it up or lie to cover their mistakes. We, the general public, rely on experts to give us accurate information so we can make an informed decision to plan for our future, whether it is good or bad.

We have been bombarded with too many people either lying or withholding the truth from us, so if I may speak on behalf of us ordinary folk to the experts, please do not give us sensationalism so you can get fame or radio time; just the truth and the facts is all we are asking for.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

(Special thanks to Omar Grisales for providing information for this article.)


Jim McCanney posted the following response to this and other articles criticizing what many have perceived as a change in position regarding Planet X’s existence:

My message has been VERY CLEAR there is NO EVIDENCE of any kind of a rogue planet or asteroid about to pass or collide with earth AT THIS TIME (there are thousands of planet x types of objects but NO ONE HAS PRESENTED ANY REAL EVIDENCE OF IMMINENT DANGER AT THIS TIME) AFTER MY interview with Joyce Riley july 1 the disinfo crew was busy misinterpreting my message again … i have not changed my message at all the interview was about THIS FALL so morons have completely twisted my message … i still maintain the entire issue of planet X my message is that all the hype about planet X coming this fall i said THAT NO ONE HAS PRESENTED ANY EVIDENCE FOR A PLANET X OBJECT IMMINENT THIS FALL 2015 … there are now literally hundreds of internet sites posting a cut and paste hack job of my voice clipped from old radio shows of long ago taken completely out of context making it look like i am stating there is a “mini solar system” coming at us accompanied by mass mailings with links to this baloney by a bunch of government paid internet quacks … this is complete misinformation … obviously my work and message are overpowering to the public thus the all out attempt to destroy my good name and message … today i exposed the US Space Command program called “lightning rod” which can simulate an asteroid hitting earth (as they did in Russia last year) … the effort to twist my message is not new but the incredible increase in the past few days is unprecedented … my success in promoting my science and math  not to mention my WING GENERATOR project has clearly got some people worried and yes it is succeeding … jim mccanney

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