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Terral Croft issues earthquake warning for California

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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Look through the video presentation to realize earthquake event depths around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire are becoming deeper and deeper since the Solomon Island Quake Events from February 6, 2013 for the Russians to issue this grim report!

Here is a look at the screenshot from EQuake3D on June 29, 2015. Look at what appears to be a ‘wave’ moving around from the Japan Quake Swarm Area through the Kamchatka Quake Swarm Area into the Alaskan Quake Swarm Area just north of California. Then look again at the depth of the quake events coming around from the southern side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire through the Chilean Quake Swarm Area into Mexico, just south of California. These two waves are expected to converge on the California Quake Swarm Area where the quake events are already intensifying and becoming deeper as we speak! This concern from the perspective of my Project Black Star Investigation is that Earth remains firmly within the first of two earth change ‘lull periods’ running from the end of April to the middle of August 2015! I fully expect to see a pair of big 7-magnitude quake events with the first kicking off around August 15, 2015 for the second to take place about a week later. The pressure patterns indicate a high likelihood that one of these earthquake events could very well take place along the USA West Coast anywhere from the dead area south of California up to Alaska that changes everything and in time for the Jade Helm 15 War Game Exercises with many earmarks pointing to Mad Max Scenarios and possible Martial Law right here in the USA once the crap hits the fan.

Those of you with assets in fiat currencies, stocks and bonds are wise to consider transferring that wealth into small denomination silver for use as barter later in the timeline. The silver spot price at the time of this video recording is at $15.73 representing a great opportunity to get in at the lowest price you might see for the rest of the summer going into fall where I expect the prices to escalate to eventually get completely out of control. At some point, JP Morgan will stop financing the Govt Silver Short Position inherited from Bear Stearns part of the 2008 Financial Crisis and panic will transform into pandemonium rather quickly from that point moving forward.

Those of you living out west are in the crosshairs of coming quake events once the next earth change uptick period begins. Get more information and subscribe to my weekly newsletters at

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