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Jade Helm: The hardcore truth finally explained

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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The AI you are referencing in this video is ‘not’ a computer or super computer, or anything devised by men. You are talking about the AI silicon-based life form given to the House of Rothschild by the alien contingent for use by the Council On Foreign Relations Working Groups in combination with the Denver-based CIA running threat assessment/contingency planning scenarios from the Underground Ark City connected to the Denver Airport using Real-World Host-Filled Simulations. This is a gigantic rabbit hole topic that includes the digital HAARP Space-based infrastructure, the maintained 1.5 Hertz HAARP Carrier Wave that moves around our planet from east to west allowing AI to multi-frequency piggyback style creating a host of broadband frequencies and nano technologies in the nanobot components sprayed on the Sheeple using Chemtrails. AI gathers input data from the nanobots inside your body for transmission to your Real-World Simulation Host to create a ‘stable’ Real-World Environment very much like The Matrix from the movie. AI can then create exact copies of the entire Real-World Environment for running threat assessment identification, by simply changing a single element and running that simulation into the future. AI is searching for ‘Lone Wolf’ to eliminate the threat ‘before’ the Elite run to their Underground Ark Cities like you see in the 2012 Movie, but these are underground fortresses rather than Ark Ships.

Watch my 15-minute warning video highlighting the evidence of a BIG quake event coming to the US West Coast with focus on the California Quake Swarm Area where quake events are beginning to deepen, even though the current Earth Change Lull Period. Two simultaneous waves are already in motion moving around the northern and southern sides of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire that will converge in the area between the Alaskan and Californian Quake Swarm Areas to initiate a ‘linchpin’ quake event that will change everything out west once the next Earth Change Uptick Period begins around August 15, 2015 right in the middle of the Jade Helm 15 Exercises. The Elite have the ability to use HAARP-related technologies in order to create their big ‘Event’ along the US West Coast that will see the environment transition from chaos to mayhem and pandemonium in the streets of the big cities out west. Notice that Texas is the staging area, as this is the best safe zone location on the west side of Texas in the entire northern hemisphere.

Look at my Safe Zone Map carefully to realize BIG earth changes are coming that includes pressures building in and around the bulging Yellowstone Magma Chamber and adjacent calderas. Jade Helm 15 is just one of many operations required to be launched in preparation for “Project Black Star” a.k.a “Stellar Fury” from the Dakota Report that you should read about in the Operations Section.

This Report is in the 2015 Dropbox Folder provided for all Terral’s 2015 Newsletter Subscribers at if anybody is interested.

This is a complimentary link to my recent newsletter from last Thursday. The invisible/collapsed binary twin to our Sun is racing right now towards the inner solar system and is retrograding backwards through Virgo’s Womb to reach Virgo’s Head on August 15, 2015, when Earth reaches outside-orbit position relative to the Sun and Black Star. Then the Black Star will begin moving down through Virgo again for the ‘second birth’ to take place about a month later on September 15, 2015 and the day that ends the Jade Helm 15 Exercises, until emerging through Virgo’s Feet at the Fall Equinox a very important day for the Elite Luciferians carrying out three simultaneous rituals including a marriage (to their Satanic deity), a birth (into their New Age = New World Order) and a sacrifice (of the global population). The Black Star/Earth crossing date (Nibiru means “planet of crossing”) right now is projected to be on May 20, 2016, when Earth will be vulnerable to a Black Star-induced geological pole shift. However, the Elite have a Fail Safe Date and a time that they will launch the ‘Plan’ that for the USA appears to be connected to Jade Helm 15 and a false flag event along the US West Coast timed around the completion of these exercises and the Fall Equinox. These war game personnel are actually ‘sleepers’ being sent directly into harm’s way, because they are not invited to join the Elite in the Underground Ark Cities. You are discussing some of the related topics to Project Black Star in your video. Head’s Up! This is much bigger than you currently realize. Get more info at in the Project Black Star section if interested.

The Sheeple are in no condition for any rebellion. AI uses nano-collected Sheeple data to run the Real-World Simulations to a point. Then, AI learns to manipulate the Real-World Hosts in such a way that the flow of streaming input data is ‘reversed’ allowing AI to control you through the data received and sent back to you from the Real-World Host. Your entire neural network is being rewired transforming global human hosts from being transmitters into being ‘receivers,’ until eventually AI is in control of human, animal and plant life hosts in the Real World precisely like AI controls everything in the Real-World Simulation Matrix. Again, this is a deep rabbit hole from which many researchers never ever return….

Terral’s 2015 Newsletter Volume 26:

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