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Planet X has to be the cause of the massive surge in sinkholes

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

Here is a National Geographic article which shows sinkholes around the world: Florida, Kentucky, England, Guatemala, Yucatan Peninsula, Israel, Jordan, etc. They say that some are ma made due to burst pipes; I just wonder what burst the pipes. It is quite likely that the water helped with the erosion but I think the initial cause was that the earth moved in those areas due to the magnetic pull from Planet X.

I could be wrong but it sure is strange that all these sinkholes are happening all over the world, which I have never heard of in my lifetime, until recently. It coincides with the very strange weather patterns, dormant volcanoes becoming active, increase in earthquakes and so on. All these strange events are creeping up on us but without much, if any, news coverage. The weather on Jupiter and Venus has gone wild, the moon is rotating, there is extreme cold and record temperatures. Hopefully, you are getting the picture now; more pieces of the puzzle.

Finally someone with stature tells what I have been saying all along. Watch this short speech by Matt Damon. This is a much watch video. Now you will realize that I am not as crazy as you may have thought. I now have a huge respect for this actor, as he is telling it how it is, and that we must band together and invoke change, good change.

This is your future and it is going to get worse. This video shows the extreme behavior of cops and it is going to get worse.

So why is all this happening? Well, they want the people to rebel and they have all the military in place waiting to pounce (Jade Helm) and place you in detention centers. This is pure evil at work and can you imagine what’s coming next? These will be the forces left up top to control the people during and after Planet X arrives and, if you think this is bad now, just wait. There will be no one to control the military or the militarized police. They will beat you or even shoot you and you will have no recourse; they almost have a free hand to do what they want now, so you can imagine the future — it will be grim.

This is a very good article that lists all those astronomers who worked together and died together; it is eerie. There is much more to read and see. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

The stories of Planet X are not going away, no matter how many people the Elite murder. Yes … murder. They have held on for so long but there are more and more of us waking up to their evil plans and I am just hoping we are not too late to change the way the world works because right now it sucks. What are you going to do to help make change? Or are you one of those people who just sits back and watches what happens? Or are you the type, like me, who is fed up of the way things are? It takes courage to stand up and be counted and it is about time we all stood together to effect change. Just think about the money you earn and just how much is taken away from you on every paycheck each week and it does not stop there. You still have to pay the bank to keep your money there, even though they are making lots of money by investing it for themselves.

Speaking of sinkholes …

Then you save for retirement, just to have the market collapse and you lose 50% overnight. Where did that money go? Or you take out a mortgage at 4.5% and overnight it jumps to 19% or more and you lose your house because you can’t make the payments. You may ask, How do you know this? All of that happened to me and now that I am semi-retired. I only have half of the money I am supposed to have because of those greedy elites who want to add another billion or so to their portfolios.

Some of you out there may relate to what I am saying because now I have to work part-time to supplement my meager existence and that angers me, especially when I see the governments of the world taking people’s tax dollars to bail out these so-called bankrupt companies and they never paid a penny back. You have to asked yourself, do you really like what they are doing to you? Or are you one of those who say, Well, what can I do about it? and then accept your fate.

Remember what I told you before — that $41 trillion was spent on those underground bunkers to hideaway from Planet X and that was your money, not theirs and, if I am not mistaken, isn’t that misappropriation of tax dollars? And those people who took it should be brought to justice.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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