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From Hegel’s misunderstood dialectic to the manipulation of the reptilian brain to the North American Union

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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It is a common belief that German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel coined both the term dialectic, as well as a particular form of it: thesis—anti-thesis—synthesis. Moreover, the term Hegelian Dialectic gets thrown around conspiracy theory literature like a football on Thanksgiving. Now, the term dialectic goes back to ancient Athens and it is both synonymous and part and parcel of the Socratic method of using conversation between conflicting, but mutually-agreeable, truth-seeking parties, in order to find the truth of our underlying beliefs about the world. More than that, they constitute the formula through which we can get to the facts of reality. By that I mean they form the basis for logical thought and scientific discourse about the world around us and the life within us all. To be sure, underpinning the notion of the dialectic has always been the idea of a conversation between two people. Or, in the last analysis, just the idea of a back and forth between opposing parties to find truth.

At any rate, for the ancient Greeks, truth may as well have been capitalized and enshrined right next to that sacred abstraction: the Good. Of course, at that time, the Good, the government and the people did not always get along or co-exist and violence ensued. Now, by the time we arrived at the Enlightenment, philosophers like John Locke, Immanuel Kant and Jean-Jacques Rosseau conflated the Good with the natural right of man to seek truth using his own reason without the need to submit oneself necessarily to ecclesiastical or political authority, unless, through a social contract agreed upon, the people or the person willingly consents to be governed by the state and/or by its prevailing beliefs or religion. Indeed, from 1776 onward, letting the will be free has become the ultimate societal Good.

Now, this is the proper context for placing Hegel’s logical dialectic. Hegel’s dialectic, like Greek philosophy, starts with the abstract. I suppose that what Hegel was implying was that every new idea starts out as just that—an idea (without true reality because it is without concrete form). Indeed, Hegel’s logical dialectic progressed from an abstract idea to its negative. Thus, the abstract is more or less contradicted or resisted by its negative. This is similar to the Greek dialectic in which the difference between two things (i.e., sleeping and waking) is used to help us understand death and subsequent reincarnation. Indeed, the tension lies in getting the thinker to realize the commonality between both the abstract and its negation but also between the abstract idea and all ideas. At which point, the thinker has now reached the third stage: concrete. In other words, the abstract has become concrete. There are, to be sure, other ways to look at this.

Now, many conspiracy theorists like to throw around terms like Problem-Reaction-Solution and call it Hegelian Dialectic. Alex Jones certainly has made a habit of conflating these two terms, without really informing his audience just who Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was, or what he stood for, which I will do heretofore. Hegel’s main idea was that freedom is the Good and that there is a spirit or greater consciousness guiding mankind to ultimate freedom. Of course, Hegel did think that his level of philosophical abstraction, clearly borrowed from the Christian idea of the Holy Spirit (and synonymous with the Native American Great Spirit), was the key to understanding human history, as we were and have been, slowly but surely, delivering ourselves from bondage. Say what you will, but at least it’s an ethos. So every good idea immediately gets resisted by the prevailing ideas of its time. But what is really going on, according to Hegel, is that a seed idea or abstract idea is slowly getting planted in all of our brains, kind of like the collective unconscious, I suppose. And then, once we resist the idea, others will come in support of the idea and they will ultimately either convince us or overcome resistance. At which point, the abstract has become concrete. Gay marriage works as an example, as well as communism or an upcoming North American Union. Gay marriage was an abstract idea until resistance from a community promoted momentum into a movement, which used the resistance to galvanize support from a base. And because gay marriage is wrapped up in the terminology of greater freedom (at least according to its proponents) it will move forward because it aligns with the Good and, in Hegel’s terminology, with the will of the spirit.

Immanuel Kant’s formula for arriving at truth or the Good was thesis-antithesis-synthesis, and it should be noted that people attribute that formula to Hegel, as well as the aforementioned problem-reaction-solution. We can use any of these formulas to help us predict the ethical, logical and pathological (or pathetic) appeals to the people in order to promote the North American Union, and we can also see that communism (as the country looks to a way to give more freedom to its citizens) will remain a seemingly viable solution. Of course, I’ve waited this long to say that Karl Marx based his thinking in the communist manifesto on Hegel. However, I will agree with Alex Jones in saying that we really never have given capitalism a real chance. Just take one look at the medical marijuana debate and you can see that freedom is still being restrained, both economically and politically.

I await a similar synthesis on the medical marijuana issue, as has been arrived at on gay marriage. It is unfortunate that I rather believe the idea of freedom will be used to rope the people onto a ridiculous North American Union that will dissolve our borders and with it, our sovereignty. Therefore, it constitutes the very antithesis of freedom, rather than the synthesis or the solution it claims to be. I give this conclusion as a warning to all.

(Dare I say it: I went political. I’ll get back to the Khazars and all that jazz about reptilian shapeshifters and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth next.)

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