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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 26)

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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Seismic/volcanic activity for Week 21 of the Earth Orbit Cycle indicates that Earth is firmly within the anticipated earth change lull period and continuing the downward trend, as Earth is moving towards outside-orbit position expected for the second week of August 2015. Additional weekly values for the 2014/2015 Abbreviated Seismic Chart have been added to help you recognize the earthquake patterns through a well-organized comparative analysis process allowing you to make earthquake predictions with enough practice, just like you see me doing sometimes more than a year in advance. Look down through the values for Week 21 of the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle to note the downward trend with 200 of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events.

Now look at the values for Week 21 for the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star also noting the dates are running about two weeks ‘later’ than last year, as this Earth Orbit Cycle began about two weeks this year than last year. This week saw 203 of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events with the 7.0 South Atlantic Quake Event representing the exception to the general rule. This key indicator value will be in the neighborhood of 180 quake events for the second week of August, which means we should see a bounce then drop and another bounce and drop moving forward to around August 15, 2015, when the next earth change uptick period will begin running to the beginning of December 2015. The fact that we saw only 11 of the 5-mag earthquake events is a bit puzzling in that this is the lowest value I can remember seeing for this category of quake events since the Project Black Star Investigation began in January of 2011, but I need to go back and check. Earth is finding equilibrium rather easily at this point having expanded and contracted through so many earth change uptick and lull periods, which is the reason I believe the tectonic environment seems rather tranquil following the recent intense period from when Earth passed between the Sun and Black Star on April 25, 2015 with the 7.8 Nepal Quake Event followed by the predicted X-class solar flare activity caused by Sun/Earth/Black Star magnetic portal connection convergence/crossing/divergence and subsequent portal-to-portal cross firing. Check out the Dutchsinse article and my reply starting on Page 11 of this newsletter.

Earth saw six new volcanic eruptions this week down from eleven last week and ten the week before also indicating that our planet is moving through the first of two earth change lull periods for the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle. Half of the new volcanic eruption events took place in Nicaragua an Ecuador down in South America. Six new weekly volcanic eruptions is on the high side of the scale, but about half of what we saw for the previous week. Remember that Earth has seen between five and ten new weekly volcanic eruption events every week since the Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment event from November 15, 2015 with the exception of just two weeks telling us that Earth core is remaining relatively hot from nearing Black Star proximity and even through the earth change lull periods.

The magnetic North Pole reached the bottom of the chart in the second week of June 2015 almost three weeks later than last year, as the Black Star continues moving left in the orbit diagram and our planet required additional time to come around in orbit. If the pattern holds true, then the magnetic North Pole will begin a fast-track move to reach the top of the chart right around December 1, 2015, just after Earth makes the move behind the Sun relative to the Black Star transitioning from the feet of Virgo into Libra by that time.

The geopolitical environment sees Fox News running story after story on the 2016 Election nonsense to keep Washington DC Scandals out of the News in out-of sight and out-of-mind fashion. More and more suspected terrorists are being rounded up throughout the USA and around the globe part of the well-orchestrated Elite Plan to eliminate potential threats to their Underground Ark City Program. Jade Helm 15 Exercises will begin in about three weeks running through the middle of September and ending about a week before I expect the financial crap to hit the fan part of the Elite Fail Safe Operation believed to commence around September 23, 2015 with the Fall Equinox explained in past newsletters.

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