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Planet X’s passing will give people globally a chance to take back Planet Earth from our rulers

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

Just want to take this opportunity to thank my kids for a great Father’s Day and the gift they got me. They all got together and got me a certificate with a star named Doomsday Dave DDD out there in our solar system. It was a great gift and obviously a lot of thought went into it. Thanks to Paul, Lisa, Curtis and Dylan.

Now down to business.

There are a lot of sites now concentrating on this asteroid or that is 2-1/2 miles wide and heading toward Earth and is supposed to arrive at the end of September. I wonder if this was caused by Planet X going through our asteroid belt and dislodging it from its original orbit. When the French foreign minister declared we had 500 days to avoid climate change, was he referring to this?

I am wondering if, in fact, they can diminish the size of this asteroid by sending up several nuclear missiles simultaneously so they all hit its surface at the same time to break this up in the hopes that it will split into smaller pieces and hopefully change its course. The other possibility is that they will just monitor it and all the Elite and government leaders head for the bunkers and ride it out, leaving us completely unaware of our pending doom. It could be possible that because the size of this asteroid is too big and it would destroy everything on the planet, which maybe is not quite what they wanted. I am suggesting that they would prefer a smaller object to create lesser devastation but to have it hit the water, creating a tsunami, thus wiping out the amount of population they require. I am sure they would like to keep most of this planet in tact so that when the Elite emerge from their underground bunkers the clean up, although bad, would not be as devastating as a 2-1/2-mile-wide asteroid would create.

I searched for any activity in Canada building underground shelters/bunkers but found nothing, so I surmise that because of our geographical position we will fare well compared to other parts of the world during and after Planet X’s flyby. I checked several countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany and Finland but there was nothing on the Web to suggest that they have built new underground bunkers. I gave this some thought and can only deduce that there would most likely not be a nuclear war planned for our demise. It makes sense, as I am sure once the Elite and government officials emerge from the bunkers they do not want to deal with nuclear fallout. I think the main reason for the bunkers is to protect against volcanoes and earthquakes and, with some countries, possible flooding.

I would imagine that those countries that will be completely enveloped by the tsunami the Elite will leave and travel to the United States and take up residence there. I think the only notice we will get, if at all, would be a couple of days or a week at most, but by the time we discover our fate, the Elite will be well settled into their new real estate.

It is still hard to fathom that all this will come to pass while today I sit on my deck, watching a beautiful sunrise, so I can imagine just how hard it is for those of you who have just discovered the truth.

I am trying to imagine what will be left for us after Planet X passes. Will there still be trees and forests? Will the animals be wiped out? Will the water be contaminated with acid rain? Will there still be homes standing or obliterated? I guess only God knows that and when the Earth tilts, as predicted, and Canada shifts further south, I guess I won’t have to shovel snow or use my snow blower. Hopefully, I can grow my own food to stay alive but one positive note is those of us left will have tough a job on our hands, but we will be alive.

What I can imagine is countries like China having a plan to be the dominate power and begin occupying other nations while they are vulnerable because of the devastation. Russia may also be a major player where this is concerned. Even if the countries of the world have negotiated a treaty, let’s say after the doomsday event, history may repeat itself and they will renege on their agreement, such as what Germany did in World War 2. I think that this may occur and a conventional war would emerge, as nuclear strikes would not be required because the damage was already completed by Planet X. I am not saying that all this will transpire but it is one scenario that I think may be the most logical and, if you disagree that’s okay. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated and also your evaluation on what might happen would also be welcomed through the forum. We could well have a Red Dawn in the U.S. and Canada, just like the movie, so I think bearing arms for this possible event would be crucial to try and maintain some freedom in the aftermath.

There are probably dozens of different scenarios, but I am looking at how the U.S. is preparing. If they have all those coffins and body bags, that tells me they are prepared for the clean-up after the flyby of Planet X. The powers that be may only be underground for a short period of time and emerge once the dust settles, literally; then they will evaluate what is required to maintain control of those of us who are left. I, for one, do not want to go back to the way things are right now; it is not working well and I think we need to look at it very diligently as to how we the people want to exist from that point on. You have to remember, in spite of everything we will have to deal with, they will still need us to do their bidding, but this is our opportunity to stand fast and make sure they do not control us anymore. Being free is everything and we have to do this, not just for ourselves but for our children.

It is very easy for the masses to comply with the Elite and the government after the apocalypse, as there would be much confusion and very little organizing amongst ourselves; that is why it is important for new, good leaders to emerge from the remaining population. I am sure that as soon as the destructive events are over they will emerge from the bunkers and try to take control ASAP, so that it leaves us no time to organize ourselves. I also believe that they have had years to ponder over different types of scenarios so that they can prepare for dominance for the post-apocalyptic event. This is probably why they have concluded where the most resistance will come from, so they developed Jade Helm to disarm those regions that might be the most resistant.

Remember, there will always be change but this time we have the opportunity to make the changes that we want and not what is forced upon us.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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