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Earth’s axis has changed

Editor’s note: We encourage our readers to do this and report their results/findings to the source site and this Planet X Forum thread. We will update once observation range has passed or a good number of observations have been reported.

It is time again to check the position of the sun so we can see if there have been any additional changes since last year.

Check the sun tomorrow at sunrise when the sun is in contact with the horizon and again at sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon. This will not work in mountainous terrain. You need a relatively flat horizon. But even if you only have flat land on one side, we will be happy to take it.

Use the numbers on a clock face to gauge the angle. Consider you are at the center of the clock. North is 12. East is 3 and west is 9. South is 6.  Face due north and picture yourself standing on a clock face and choose where on the clock the sun is rising and setting. (When the sun is IN CONTACT WITH THE HORIZON.) NOT in the air above ground.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, north of Mexico in the US or Europe or Russia, then you should be able to see that the sun is rising and setting to the north instead of south where it should have been. The sun should never be north of the tropic of cancer. It is at its farthest most point on June 21st the summer solstice.

But we are seeing the sun to the north where it should NOT be. Do not measure the angles while the sun is in the sky because it travels in an arc. Only check the angle when the sun is in contact with the horizon at sunrise and again at sunset. If you are in the mid US or mid Europe you will probably see the sun setting at an angle toward the north somewhere between 10 and 11 on a clock face. You will likely see it rising somewhere between 1 and 2 on a clock face. Pick a landmark or tree, etc so you can compare it next year to see if it has changed.

However, if you are in Canada or other far north locals, it will be different for you. The sun should be in different clock face positions for you. I am hoping to hear from some of you so we can better pinpoint how far the sun is off.

Optionally, You can also do a third measurement if you wish. You can use a post to measure the shadow at noon. You will need to have a post which is perfectly vertical using a level to confirm it is not leaning. You will need to include the exact height of the post and measure the length of the shadow it casts at noon and the compass or clock face direction of the shadow. I will need to know your basic location (closest city and country) and whether you are on daylight savings time. I do NOT need an address. Just a city state and country will be sufficient.

If you are on daylight savings time, you might want to get a second measurement at noon standard time (11 AM).

If you do not have a clear view due to weather problems, I will accept the measurements for the next 10 days. The closer to June 21st, the better. Just tell me which date you took the measurements.

If you had any doubts about the sun, just look outside. It is setting and rising to the north when it should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer which is located at the mid Mexico latitude.

I have repeatedly described how this is affecting the weather. If you had any doubts, did you happen to notice the land hurricane which was swirling over the top of Dallas, Texas this past week? It is because our axis has shifted us down where we are now located in the tropical region about 2000 miles farther south during the summer months. So we are being subjected to the Coriolis effect of spinning hurricane weather patterns which frequently developed in the tropical regions. Now these hurricanes are developing spinning storms over the US on land. We are seeing these spinning weather systems 2000 miles farther north than usual because we are tilted farther south into that tropical region. You may also have noticed that Northern Texas had over 32 inches of rain between April 20th and May 31st this year. Also caused by our shift into the tropical regions during the summer months.

Did anyone happen to notice the jet stream behavior? It certainly doesn’t look and behave like it did 30 years ago. It was actually dipping down into central America at some points and up into Canada on other times. It is not the jet stream we all knew back in the 1900s. Everything changed after the big shift of 2004.

Then during the winter, we are 2000 farther north and subjected to extreme cold and record breaking weather. The melting and evaporation of the polar regions is causing heavy precipitation, record floods and snowfall. Your measurements will tell us if the weather will get any worse this coming winter. From what I can see, it should be about the same as last winter but not any worse but last winter was as bad as it had ever been. We have seen continuously record breaking weather. But at least we do not seem to have shifted any more like it did between 2013 and 2014.

The more the south pole melts, the more the axis shifts. It won’t take much more melting before the entire planet shifts onto its side. It won’t require the melting of the entire ice sheet for the axis to tip. We are already at the halfway tipping point. One more major slippage of glacier from the south pole land into the ocean should be sufficient to complete the axis shift onto the side. It is just a matter of time… coming very soon.

The reason California has a drought is because the ocean water is no longer cold enough to develop the rainstorms needed to produce the wet weather. The shifting axis has affected the temperature of their ocean and currents. So they are missing the conditions which produced the rain. I would also recommend banning any type of rice farming. Just one field uses an entire lake worth of water, then they drain it for harvest and pollute the air by burning the fields and chaff, then they fill the fields again with water when the plant the next crop. One entire lake of water, per field, per year or per planting.  There is no reason to be allowing such horrific waste. Especially when there is excess Rice rotting in the Thailand warehouses going to waste while these Rice farmers in California are sucking up all of your water. I highly recommend you get together and have these rice farmers run out of town or make them grow something else. Any high water usage crop should be highly restricted (celery, melons, etc.) but rice should be banned completely. There is no sane reason to allow their pillaging the water from California to continue. There is plenty of world rice available without robbing California of its precious water resources. Here in the mid US, our farmers do not water their crops.

Here is a clock face showing how the sun looked in 2013 from the mid US on June 21st. The magenta dots are where the sun should have been rising and setting if our axis was normal like it was 30 years ago.

The red dots show us where the sun was rising and setting in 2013. It shifted more in 2014. We now need to know if it has shifted any more since last year. This is the reference to use when you measure tomorrow.

Here is an image of the Coriolis effect which affects the spinning of weather patterns.

Here is an image of the Coriolis effect which affects the spinning of weather patterns.


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