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Dear believer in Planet X: Do the right thing and spread the word

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

A message to all the readers who read not just my articles but all the sites that you visit and the people who also write about Planet X you trust in: Being an author, I write these articles so they can be shared. If they are shared, then you will play a big roll in possibly saving someone’s life.

Just take stock for a moment and ask yourself, if you are a believer, what would have happened to you if no one shared the information about Planet X arriving to you?

First of all, you would not be prepared, so you would end up with no water or food for yourself or your kids. I know talking about Planet X and pending doom is hard, as we all do not like being laughed at or scorned, so I challenge you to stand up and make some noise, make a difference.

Take Martin Luther King, Jr. for example: he stood up for the people on civil rights and made a huge difference for the black Americans. Just food for thought, but you don’t have to convince people; just tell them where to find the information that you read.

It is said that God is mad at us because we have not worshiped Him as we should and have sinned and there is much corruption and bad sexual activities going on, etc., so He is flexing His muscles and we are being punished as we should be. God is now arm wrestling with evil.

Many of you that believe you have been expect that God will save you and that is quite possible, but you have to recognize it when it happens. Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, not long ago, a man of God was working around his home when a great flood came through the town he lived in; he quickly scampered onto the roof but needed to be saved. He prayed to God to save him and then he waited as the flood waters rose. A short time later, a guy in a row boat came by and said, “Hey, jump in the boat.” The man replied, “No thanks. God will save me.” So the man in the rowboat continued on to save others trapped by the flood. About 10 minutes later, a young teenager on a Sea-Doo came by and told the guy to jump on. The man thanked him but declined, saying, “God will save me.” About an hour later the man of God drowned.

When he arrived at the gates of Heaven, he asked God why He did not save him. God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and then a Sea-Doo.”

If the opportunity arises to be saved by whatever means, then I suggest you take it. But having said that, if you want to do the work of God, then be a rowboater or a Sea-Dooer and save as many people as you can.

I actually shared some of what I know today while I was walking my two dogs. I stopped and chatted with a guy down the street whom I do not know very well but I brought the conversation around to talking about Planet X, but I did with subtlety. I put out a little bait, then told him that he would not probably believe what I know and started to walk away; he stopped me and the conversation continued as I had piqued his interest. I did not blurt out everything I knew right on the spot but gave him sufficient information to whet his appetite. He said that he would possibly like to stop by on the weekend. I am now the guy rowing the boat, trying to save as many as I can. He wanted to check out some things on the Web. I agreed and said we can sit on the deck and have a couple of beers and I told him I would show him my articles and those other people who are far more qualified than me on the subject of Planet X.

I am not sure if God has sent Planet X to wipe us out. Only He knows that and it has been said that those who escape to those underground bunkers will perish. I personally don’t want to witness anybody dying but I am just a guy like the guy rowing the boat, trying to save as many as I can. The people who run this site also have a rowboat by publishing all that I write and for that I am grateful.

I have to share this with you, that when I was in school I was terrible at English and probably one of the worst spellers ever, so me writing these article is strange, as I have no idea where this ability came from or where I find the words to type, except the fact that ideas pop into my head and then I can’t stop writing. Hmm … could it be a sign?

Well, that’s all I can think of and I have even surprised my wife and kids; they can’t believe just how much I write and without repeating myself.

So my final message right now to you people out there is be a disciple and spread the word.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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