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Too much Planet X talk prompts a visit from real-life ‘Men in Black’?

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

Well, not yet. But my wife says that is what’s going to happen if I ruffle too many feathers with all these articles I’ve been writing.

The weather here in Ontario, Canada is muggy and hot and I am expecting severe weather this summer.

Is anyone out there having trouble with sending text messages? I tried texting my wife and it gave me an error message. Fortunately, my wife called me from her workplace on a land line as she was trying to text me also and getting the same error message. (Yes, I did pay my bill.) It just could be an approaching storm or it could be Planet X disrupting the system periodically. Sounds a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? Keep an open mind. After all, it is getting closer.

I was checking on the Web to see if someone might be posting a daily update on Planet X but, alas, could not find anything, except, of course,, the site I regularly write for. Now, one would think that because Planet X was so close that some expert out there not related or affiliated with the government would be able to calculate the speed and date of arrival, but no one is. Maybe NASA knows but they ain’t telling diddly squat.

I heard on CNN that the White House hosted a secret celebrity party. I wonder if those celebrities were given the word to pack their bags and head for the hills. I wonder just how much notice the government would give them. I would hazard a guess of four weeks or once they had all the troops in place around the country, just so they could get settled into their cozy underground retreats.

The video below goes back to late 2013. The government had tractor trailers lined up, dropping off supplies back then and who knows how long before that date just how long they have been stocking up. Now think about this: The food being trucked in will probably last years but why would you store it now, if nothing is going to happen in the near future? The reason they started back then was they needed enough time to fully stock the bunkers for thousands of people and that takes time. I expect they figure on staying underground for some time but make sure you watch the video until the end, as it mentions FEMA camps and using deadly force, if you try to get out. Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

I am wondering, with the tsunami that is supposed to happen once Planet X tilts the Earth by 28 degrees, and a tsunami has been predicted as being a mile high or higher, one would think that coastal countries like Great Britain, Japan and New Zealand would be completely covered with water, just like Atlantis was. I am sure there are many other places that might meet the same fate but time will tell.

Does it make you mad that they used your tax dollars to build their safe havens? And if it doesn’t it should because they are leaving you with nothing and no way to survive. Just imagine the Elite sitting in their cozy armchairs, watching a big screen and seeing Deep Impact but it is not the movie, it is the real thing. I am sure that they have ways and means of seeing what is going on above ground; they will witness millions of innocent lives being taken and they won’t even shed a tear. Oh, just high fives all around, I bet.

I think back to the ’60s when all the hippies were revolting against the establishment and those people are now my age or older. I wonder what they think now because they were correct back then about the establishment. Be a good little boy and pay your taxes and work your but off and pay us lots of interest on your loans and credit cards. One of the reasons they started lotteries around the world was to give people hope of becoming millionaires, even though it was false hope, as the odds are just enormous. Like I have said before, they just keep throwing bones and like good little puppies we chew on them and stay quiet, and the small minority who do ruffle too many feathers usually end up with an untimely demise.

I don’t normally make predictions but I am making an exception this time. I think in the very near future either we are going to have an EMP bomb explode over a U.S. city which will paralyze it or a small nuclear device go off and the government will blame it on ISIS or a faction thereof. This will enable the government to declare martial law and round up whomever they wish to put in FEMA camps, without due process, right across the nation, under the pretense that it is national security, which obviously will be a load of hogwash. I will stick my neck out even further and say they will be rounding people up in Texas and placing them into FEMA camps or place them in wired perimeter Walmart stores.

We Canadians are not exempt from the wrath of our government, either. As your rights in the U.S. have been eroded over time under the pretense of terrorism, we here in Canada have a charter of rights written by our forefathers which now has been eroded by 50% with one bill called C51. This bill got through with very little resistance. If I was to walk out into the street and ask the first 10 people what they know about Bill C51, they would have a blank expression on their face.

I find many people these days not informed or just don’t care, so long as they can go to bingo every week and pick up a case of beer for the weekend, then they are happy. It is just like I said before: I am living among a bunch of zombies but the bigger problem is they don’t even know it themselves. Oh, and yes, they are all going to win big on the lottery and here our odds are better than the U.S. We only have 50 million people in our country; that’s the mentality, unfortunately.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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