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Serious humor about the aliens waiting on the dark side of the moon to save or destroy us

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

I have written some very serious articles for Planet X News but I thought this time I would add a sense of humor with this oneI hope you enjoy it.

It has been suggested that we were created by the Anunnaki, so let’s take a serious look at that.

First off, I thought about human traits. We can think for ourselves, make decisions, we have a sense of humor. Now let’s take a look at sense of humor for a moment. In order for us to have that sense of humor, our creator must have one also, in order to give it to us, so we can laugh even at ourselves.

Imagine this for a moment: two Anunnaki sitting in a bar, telling human jokes. Sorry but I could not imagine that, although it is funny to think of and I chuckle about that every time I think of it. We shed tears of sadness and sometimes tears of joy, so we are full of emotions. In order to have emotions as part of our makeup our creator must also be able to do the same; there is a reason for everything and I do not think that these things just happen without reason.

We have compassion and we have seen those who have more compassion than others and that is a wonderful emotion. So think about these 12-foot giants sobbing their hearts out. Well, I can’t see that happening. How about the grey aliens, imagine them lying on the beach sun-tanning and drinking a cocktail through a straw. Boy, that would be something to see.

So my point is I do not believe that these aliens created us for one minute. They may have messed with our DNA to meet their own needs but I am convinced that is the only thing they did so we could be their slaves.

I read one article that says there are hundreds or even thousands of alien ships on the dark side of the moon waiting to rescue us from the effects of Planet X. Well, when Planet X gets closer and creates havoc, I am all for being rescued but I hope they are not the ones who will do experiments on me. Being older, I have had enough of doctors probing me here on earth and those who are older understand what I mean.

The aliens obviously know more about us than we know about them and they are or seem to be reluctant to expose themselves to the world. I am sure they must eat food and go to the bathroom, if they do consume food.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Imagine a 12-foot giant sitting on the can with a roll of toilet paper in hand. Do they have to put the garbage out at night for pick-up or recycle their waste? And do they go grocery shopping and have the kids tag along? Wow, that is so funny to think of but it certainly make you wonder just how different they could be.

If they build these huge spacecraft, then one would imagine they must have designers and engineers, so that would mean they would have to be schooled to become that, unless they can implant the knowledge instantly. They would have to have some sort of manufacturing plant to produce all the parts required for these crafts. I wonder if they have families like us and go to work by teleportation, and have coffee breaks like we do. Boy, that sounds so funny but would be interesting to know.

I am sure that most of you who hear about aliens never thought about it this way.

I wonder if they go to the movies and watch science fiction about Earthlings invading their planet. Now that is a laugh. Imagine the alien father coming home from work and asking his alien wife what is for supper and the family sitting around the table, saying prayers to whomever they think created them.

I wonder if they snore in their sleep — that is, if they need sleep. I would also be curious how they reproduce.

We all enjoy our recreational time, whatever it may be. I for one like to go to the range and shoot my guns. Sometimes I will have an alien target to shoot at and I wonder if they have a laser shooting range and use a human target. I can’t imagine us not having fun time but find it hard to think of them in the same way. Are they more like us than we know or are they like drone bees who work all the time to satisfy the queen bee and are emotionless?

I ponder the question about the Anunnaki needing us to mine gold. I would have thought that if they were so advanced, why would they need humans to do that when I would have thought they had equipment that could do it a lot quicker? Just food for thought.

Maybe they are not as advanced as we think they are and maybe because we have advanced technologically they are somewhat fearful of us this time around.

Maybe when Planet X arrives and the Anunnaki come down on our planet we will have to fight them. With those supposedly alien ships on the dark side of the moon, they are doing their own Jade Helm exercises.

It is speculated that the universe is teaming with life and I must say I can believe it is. It is also suggested that there have been wars in space, so I imagine there are good and bad aliens, just like here on earth there are good and bad humans. I guess the problem would be differentiating the good aliens from the bad.

All I can deduce from what I have seen and read is the aliens who leave crop circles could be the good guys, as they are trying to communicate to us our pending doom, so I hope it is their spaceships on the dark side of the moon waiting to help us.

I wonder if they speak or all communications are by telepathy; they obviously have some sort of language because it has been witnessed that the have symbols on the side of their crafts.

Well, maybe we will get some of these questions answered soon. Who knows what is in store for us in the near future but I for one would want to protect our way of life, even though it is not perfect.

Hope you had a good laugh with this one.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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