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Declassified FBI document shows proof of aliens from other dimensions

Leaked FBI declassified documents are evidence that we have been visited by aliens. Besides from aliens, we have also been visited by beings originating from a different dimension.

This document raises the question whether it is possible that these unintentional disclosures were maybe deliberate.

Based on these declassified documents and written reports, our planet has been visited by a number of extraterrestrial species from other planets and dimensions. They were even observed as giant translucent figures which came from ethereal plane coexisting with our physical universe. One of the disclosed reports was written in 1947.

This report provided a lot of new and interesting information and descriptions, such as that the crews are located in one part of the disc, while the other is under remote control. They come in peace and are interested in settling in. They look a lot like humans, but are quite bigger.  They came here from their own world which doesn’t correspond to our description of a planet. Their planet is not noticeable to us since it coexists with our world. Their bodies and their aircraft instantly appear on arriving into the vibratory rate of our dense matter. They can simply disappear from our vision, without leaving any evidence. Their crafts can effortlessly disintegrate any attacking ship. They come from a region which resembles Lokas or Talas, which are the terms easily understandable by students of esoteric matters. It is thought that they can be reached by radar.

If it is possible that such beings had visited our planet before, who is to say that they are not among us and that they didn’t influence our life on this beautiful planet.


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