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Man burned by UFO hot gas blast

In 1967, industrial mechanic and amateur geologist Stephen Michalak was spending the weekend in Whiteshell Provincial Park. As he was an amateur geologist, he wanted to strike one big silver ore vein. On May 19, he headed to the park from his home and on the way there, he spent a night in a motel. On the following day, he spent his time doing usual activities of digging and examining the findings. These simple and repetitive actions were interrupted by panicked honks of a flock of geese.

Looking for what could have startled them, he pointed his gaze upward and saw two cigar-shaped objects rapidly descending. As these flying objects were coming closer, he realized that they were disc-shaped UFO’s. Only one UFO had landed about 150 feet away from Michalak and changed its color into a color of steel. Afterward,  the other object changed colors from orange to gray and flew away into the clouds.

His eyes were protected with welding goggles from a sudden eruption of rocks which was caused by an eruption of blinding light from one of the openings in the object’s outer shell.

After he recovered from this blinding light, he began drawing the object. The object was about 40 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. He heard noises which meant that something was happening on the inside. Two human like voices were coming out of now opened 2-foot wide hatch on the side of the craft. He thought that this was an experimental vehicle and as he was coming closer, he jokingly greeted them. When he didn’t receive an answer, he repeated his greeting in Russian, French, Italian, German but remained without an answer. He looked inside and saw lit control panels and holographic light displays. He managed to get out right before the opening closed. The surface of the flying object looked a lot like colored glass which reflected the sunlight into spectrum of silvery colors. There were no welding marks and after he ran his gloved hand over the uncommon material he realized that his glove was burned.

Suddenly, the craft revolved and Michalak was blasted in the chest by gas coming from an exhaust vent. His shirt was set on fire and he suffered a lot of pain. Because of this ordeal he managed to glimpse at the UFO for the last time as it was departing. Twigs, leaves and stones in a 15-foot wide area were the only evidence that the object had been there.

Michalak experienced symptoms such as headaches, nausea and cold sweat so he needed medical attention. He returned to his town of residence, Winnipeg, and checked into the Misericordia Hospital.

Many doctors examined Michalak over the following years in Canada and the US. The site was inspected by a number of government agencies such as: Royal Canadian Air Force, Canadian Forces Base, Crime Investigations Division, Aerial Phenomena Research Organization the Condon Committee.

The case was considered inconclusive and consequently closed, even though thorough investigation took place.

Until this date, nobody succeeded to compromise the story of Michalak. Many experts on the topic of UFOs supported him and believed that his burns were inflicted by a UFO.


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