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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report for June 2015

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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The seismic evidence for Week 18 indicates that Earth is firmly within the first earth change lull period for the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle as predicted. I am revising the winter move to outside-orbit position backwards from January 24th to January 20, 2015 that ended the final earth change lull period for the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle placing that key event squarely in the center of the week that gave us 180 of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events representing the low yearly value thus far in the cycle, when Earth came into the 90-degree right-triangle position relative to the Sun and Black Star located just below the plane at the feet of the Virgo Constellation. A look at Week 18 for the 2014 Orbit Cycle reveals that we are in much the same pattern. Look down into the chart at Week 18 for 2014 and you will see that the 6-magnitude earthquakes were still popping off with 8 quake events with 24 of the 5-magnitude events that range in the middle 20s. For those following the research, remember last week we had 25 of the 5-mag quake events for week 17 and my comment was that we will see these values remain steady over the course of the coming month. Now let’s go to the bottom of the chart and make the comparison:

See chart here.

Note that we saw 25 of the 5-mag quakes last year for Week 17 and we had the same exact number this year for the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle, after coming into alignment with the Black Star on April 25, 2015 with the 7.8 Nepal Quake Event. This week we see the same drop by just one quake event to 24* as expected with a big drop in the key 2.5 to 4-mag quakes showing a clear decline. Total the number of 6-magnitude quake events for Weeks 17 and 18 last year to realize we had 10 of these quakes. This year the total is nine of the 6-magnitude quake events for the same two-week period displaying recognizable symmetry in the seismic chart indicating that Earth is in the same earth change environment today as we saw last year for the weeks from April 27th through May 10, 2014. That 214 value for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events is very low at this point in the orbit cycle, so expect this value to bounce up and down over the coming weeks; until settling around 180 quake events in the second week of August 2015. We know the second week of August in the seismic chart will hold the lowest quake value for these indicator quakes because that is the week that Earth will reach outside-orbit position about two weeks later than last year; when the earth change lull period ended to begin the second and final earth change uptick period that runs this year to December 1, 2015.

Earth saw six new volcanic eruption events this week remaining on the high side from nearing Black Star proximity, as Earth metals receive increased amounts of Black Star redirected solar electromagnetism being translated to heat energy through the induction process. The remarkable feature to note this week is that the earthquakes along the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire continue to deepen, which is the topic of my feature article below “Earthquake Warning: Kamchatka/Alaska Swarms Deepening” directly below this Update Report with a 15-minute video attached to that story. The second feature article is entitled “7.8 Japan Quake 5.30.2015 Moon May Be Involved” also including a YouTube video, as a recognizable pattern is developing concerning big earthquake events taking place, as the Moon swings in orbit to align with the inbound Black Star. This is still a working theory, but backtracking in time did reveal that the Moon appears to be a bigger player; as the Black Star comes nearer and nearer to crossing Earth Orbit Path that current evidence says will happen around May 20, 2016 based upon increased Black Star velocity nearing a perihelion event with our Sun. However, remember that my nearside-alignment quake event was predicted to take place around May 1, 2015 and the event actually happened on April 25th with predicted X-class solar flare activity following behind that event. The Black Star appears to be moving in prograde fashion in the same direction as the planets, but the velocity remains slower than expected for some reason that I have yet to fully comprehend at this point in the investigation. This may be due to the fact that we are dealing with an anomalous celestial object that behaves more like a black hole than the typical star, planet or orbiting satellite, which means that the possibility exists that there could be space in the orbit diagram for a 2017 Earth Orbit Cycle. We will gather more evidence at the key Earth orbit locations at outside-orbit position, the Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment and again on the winter side of the solar system; when Earth again reached that key outside-orbit position location to end the coming earth change lull period.

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