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If Planet X isn’t coming, why is the government prepping as if it is?

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

I just want to thank those for the questions and also pointing out when I make a boo-boo; for that I apologize. That is me being human but rest assured I am dedicated to help everyone have an understanding of our possible future, even though it looks grim.

Trying to make sense of all that is happening is tough for the ordinary hard-working folks like us and I am going to give my opinion, but you may not agree, which is okay.

Well, here goes.

Imagine for a moment you have all the money you could ever wish for — let’s say trillions of dollars. You can buy anything you want. The problem with that is you would become very bored. You have the power to play war games with real people, as we have seen the world in turmoil lately with terrorists, Russia, North Korea and China.

You have all heard about the Illuminati who are the controlling force behind everything that goes on in the world. They play us like we are pawns in a chess game. Up until recently I was not aware of these people but through the Internet I was able to learn a lot. We are becoming more knowledgeable and having more knowledge brings more power to the individual.

According to some articles I have read, the Illuminati wanted to reduce the population because I believe they are losing the grip on the general public as more and more information on this group is being exposed; whether it is all true or not, I am not sure. I think that when Planet X was discovered they knew that this Planet X could do the work for them.

The number I heard was they wanted only 500 million remaining alive on the planet. Now, in order to accomplish this, they needed to keep the arrival of Planet X under wraps, not allowing the people to become aware of the pending danger. They have the control of the media and big businesses; maybe that is why many Fortune 500 companies have moved their headquarters to Denver. Denver is about one mile above sea level. Remember, everything they do is a strategic move for their preservation.

I am still grappling with when this Planet X will arrive, as most of you are, and I am sure, as the weeks and months pass, you become less convinced that it will arrive at all. Well, I for one hope that it does not. All I see is those who control our military and police forces are definitely positioning themselves for something but under the cover of just doing drills. It is a jigsaw puzzle and there are a lot of pieces we need to fit into place, but stay aware.

Those who write about Planet X and other related subjects can only go on the sources they have and the information they get they deliver it to us, Joe Public. You have to understand that sometimes the sources of information they get may not always be correct, so you can’t blame them. They, like myself, just want to give you a heads-up of possible pending doom to give you at least a fighting chance to survive. Like me, last night, I jumped in my car, looking for a good spot to videotape the moon. My wife said to me, “You are nuts.” So, like a good husband, I agreed with her; that way there is no argument.

If and when Planet X does arrive and it physically tilts the Earth, then the oceans will be ripped out of their natural position and hit the coastline with tremendous force, just like in the movie Deep Impact. Wow, that is so hard to imagine and I understand where the skeptics are coming from — been there and done that myself.

You have to think that all these powers that be do not build things like the massive underground bunkers just for fun. Everything is done for a purpose and we as Joe Public need to try and understand what the hell is going on. It is much easier to just go about our normal lives and pretend everything is okay. Well, I am telling you it is not.

I have a sister in England who was a practicing lawyer but retired now and we communicate often. She said to me that the best move I made was leaving England, as she has seen the freedoms they once had erode dramatically. Big Brother is watching at every street corner with cameras; this is happening everywhere. The Illuminati must be getting paranoid and want to watch your every move and listen in on your phone conversations and monitor your emails.

In a way I can’t wait for Planet X to show up and see how they explain that away. But it is going to be very hard on us watching people suffer from the devastation that it will bring. I would like to hear from as many of you as possible and help me complete this jigsaw puzzle of life. Leave your comments below or post on the forum.

I much prefer the simple life. It is like having an older car — it was simple and you could fix anything that went wrong in your own driveway, but now with all the electronics there is now way; you have to have it plugged into a computer to do a diagnostic. The old cars got us from A to B in the same time as the modern cars, so I ask, why the complexity? It just makes life more difficult and expensive.

We have gotten to the stage of mankind where you can’t trust anyone, especially the officials voted into office.

If you visit the site called, as previously mentioned in my last article, it is one of those sites that can tip your scale into being a non-believer in Planet X; they slam James McCanney for his views on Planet X, even though he is an astrophysicist. So whom do you believe? I must say it is very confusing.

Could it be that this site was set up to debunk anything to do with the arrival of Planet X? Well, that too is a possibility. The longer they keep the arrival of Planet X secret, the better it is for the Elite people of this planet.

Are you confused yet? Well, let me explain what I believe and you can go from there. Ask yourself, if you trust politicians or the media, are you as free now, compared to 20 years ago? Are you paying less taxes? And why did $41 trillion go missing and no one in the U.S. government is accountable? What are all these underground bunker for? Has anyone explained it to you? Why must we have Jade Helm? Why has ISIS been allowed to flourish for so long? What about 9/11? There is a lot of controversy about that event. Where have all the gold reserves gone? Why are they spaying chemicals in the air?

Do you see what I mean? The powers that be will go to extremes to keep the truth from you and I can categorically tell you that Planet X or something bad is going to happen. Even if Planet X does not come, there is definitely something going on and I do not think it is for the betterment of mankind.

I just evaluate what I know to be true and factual and listen to those on the Web whom I trust, even though they may be wrong sometimes. But the mistakes they make are not deliberate. I believe they are sincere in their quest for the truth, just like

There have been many dates predicted for the arrival of Planet X and when those dates come and go and there’s no Planet X, it gets a little discouraging in a way. You start to waver over to the dark side as a nonbeliever and I totally understand that, as I have been there myself. I can’t stress enough for everyone to take a step back and take stock of the evidence.

Let me recommend an exercise that I did to give me some clarity as to where we are right now. I made a list of all the information that I knew to be true, then a list of the info that I was not sure of and asked myself the question on the positive list as to why the powers that be are doing what they are doing; it could help. A good example is I know they have thousands of three-tier coffins; they have built underground shelters worldwide; the moon is acting strangely; the weather has gone crazy; more floods; more dormant volcanoes becoming active; more earthquakes; those crazy sinkholes, chemtrails; the lies about global warming; the great unrest around the world; Google Sky blocking out where Planet X is supposed to be coming from, etc. I think you get my point.

Even though Galileo was really not the first to discover the world was round, he is the most commonly mentioned individual in the history books, but when he declared that to the world he was laughed at. I think you understand what my point is.

Whatever happened to being transparent? Core values of many countries have become vastly eroded. I just want the truth so I can prepare for whatever it is my family is going to face. After all, I am doing this because my job is to protect my family from harm.

Flare intensity could be an early warning sign that Planet X is close. I learned some things on the Web about solar flares; some of you may already know what I am about to share.

The smallest class of flare is a “D” class; the next is a “C” class; then “M” and the big one is an “X” class. The biggest ever recorded went off-scale and they had to calculate just how big it was and they came up with it being a 45 X-class which is huge. This was recorded back in 2003. Good thing it did not hit Earth.

As I have stated in one of my previous articles, monitors flare activity on a daily basis, usually posted around 6:30 every morning. So if you see that the frequency and intensity is increasing daily, then that would be a good indicator that Planet X is getting very close. Remember that Planet X coming around the sun would speed up quite a lot due to the sun creating a slingshot effect. At least that may give you a couple of days heads-up over the general public so you can stock up on supplies before the chaos.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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