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Doomsday Dave debunks the Planet X debunkers

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

Wow. I can’t believe just how much stuff we need to know and how much preparation is required. You don’t realize just how important our everyday conveniences are until you don’t have them.

It was 5:15 AM on June 3, 2015 and I went out the front door, as I did the day before, to check on the moon but, to my surprise, I had to go to the back deck to see it. The moon was not in the same position as it was on June 2nd at the same time. I looked on the Web to see if there were others who had witnessed the moon as I did but could not find anything, so if anyone out there can find anything related to the moon acting strange, as I have mentioned in this article and in my last article, I would like to know.

I took a video of the moon this morning and I took a video of the moon that night and it had rotated to some degree. I transferred the video to my computer but, unfortunately, it was just a white blur. If some of you out there have better equipment, try taking pictures for yourself and let me know if the moon has turned. The easiest way would be to post them on the Planet X Forum.

I am not sure about any of you out there but I am having a hard time getting sleep. I wake up several times in the night and am getting quite exhausted. I do nap in the afternoon with my two small dogs on my lap (Charlie and Bailey). They are great companions and Bailey’s hearing is exceptional and she barks as soon as my son gets in the door, no matter how quiet he is.

I have three sons and I decided that I would take them target shooting so they could learn how to handle a firearm. The youngest boy, Dylan, just turned 19 and the middle one, Curtis, is 23; he is the gadget man. The oldest, Paul, is 40; we are all close. I am happy to say that they do not scoff at me for what I am doing but I think that they, like my wife, think that all this stuff about Planet X and Jade Helm is fiction.

What I find strange is when I tell people about Planet X and ask them to read my articles, I never hear back from them. That is a little discouraging. Even if I got back negative responses, at least it is feedback. You may experience the same and I think that the issue is due to the fact that they do not want to believe, so I don’t despair. I keep going, so I am following my gut instincts.

Quick tip from DDD

If you have some eggs and you want to preserve them, you can cover them with grease so as to prevent the air contacting the shell and the eggs will stay fresh a lot longer. I also saved every jam jar and alike which have rubber seals on the lid, so if you pickle something, then the jar can be sealed.

I check the sun every morning with my #10 weld lens, as I want to see if Planet X will raise its ugly head but, alas, nothing yet. Not sure if anyone in the Northern Hemisphere has seen it yet either. I, like most of you, want to witness this firsthand and when I do I will be kicking my preparations into overdrive. I would love to show all my skeptics and then ask them to explain to me what they see in the sky next to the sun and I know they will be speechless but won’t be convinced until the skies start raining meteors. I imagine I will get lots of phone calls then, if the phones are still working.

I like to practice shooting at the range, as it keeps me sharp. I have a great relationship with all the guys who help run the place, especially Dave and Chuck. I always say that Chuck is the brains of the outfit and Dave is the brawn; they will give me static over this statement once they read it, I am certain.

Seriously, they are great guys and have read most of my articles. Dave promised me a DDD badge for my hat. I think I have earned that one for free, seeing as Dave is always giving me a hard time because I am old, according to him, but it is all in fun. The other guys who work there are Kep (he is a big guy but always laughing), then there is Scott (he is the tall one), then there is Ben (I think Ben likes beer — sorry, Ben) and last there is John (he is the quiet one but great at fixing guns).

I checked the Web, as I wanted to get another perspective (a debunker) on the validity of Planet X, so I came across an astronomer by the name of Phil Plait. This was posted back before 2003.

He claims that Planet X was complete rubbish and below are his arguments:

  • Ancient texts do not discuss the existence of a 10th planet.
  • There is no astronomical indication of the existence of another large planet in the inner solar system.
  • The sun is not acting in any way abnormally.
  • There are not more earthquakes than normal.
  • There has been a lot of weird weather lately.
  • Brown dwarfs are not at all the way Planet X people describe.
  • Observatories are not being closed suspiciously.
  • The pictures that have been posted are either outright fakes or being misinterpreted.
  • I am not a government disinformation agent.
  • The Grand Conclusion (guess what it is).

Let’s evaluate his list of arguments, one at a time.

He talks about the fact that ancient text do not mention a 10th planet. Well, he is an astronomer and has not studied Sumerian tablets, not like Zecharia Sitchin whose credentials speak for themselves; they are posted on the Web. Sitchin spent years studying the Sumerian tablets and wrote countless books on the subject. Squashed that argument.

Next he states that there is no evidence of another large planet in our solar system. Well, maybe not then but in January astronomers announced they had found two planets bigger than Earth beyond Pluto. I guess we blew that argument out of the water.

Next he states that the sun is not acting in anyway abnormal and he is correct. No argument there.

He stated that there were no more earthquakes than normal and he was probably correct back then, but if you read my article about earthquakes, you will see that there is a great increase now. Kicked that argument in the head

He states that there has been a lot of weird weather and I believe he is going back before 2003. Look at the weather now; it is way worse. Well, at least we agreed on that

He states that brown dwarfs do not behave the way that “Planet X people describe.” How the hell would he know, if he has never seen one? Derrrrrr.

He stated that observatories are not being closed suspiciously and I agree, but if you check the Web and see how many astronomers have met with suspicious deaths as they were going to publish papers on Planet X, then you would not have to shut them down. Check that one out, Mr. Plait.

He stated the pictures that have been posted are either outright fakes or being misinterpreted. Well, if you have never seen a brown dwarf, how the hell would you know? I wonder if he has seen them now, especially those videos taken by Marshall Masters at the Antarctic. I would rather trust Marshall. Thank you.

He states that he is not a government disinformation agent. Well, why would you mention that, if you truly believed in what you have written and, secondly, how would you know about disinformation agents anyway? Oh, you must have met them socially at the coffee shop and talked about golf.

I love this one: The Grand Conclusion (guess what it is). Well, my grand conclusion is you are full of you know what.

I know am being hard on the guy and back then he may have believed what he wrote, but the object of this exercise was to show you that you must always keep an open mind and be careful who you listen to. I did not see any real facts in his statements; they were just statements.

Check out these coordinates and see Planet X for yourself

Go to Google Sky and input these coordinates: 5h 42m 21.28s, 22 36’46.46

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this one.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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