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Doomsday Dave wonders what Planet X will bring and what we might expect from it

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

I first got interested in the UFO phenomenon when I was about eight years young; my influence was watching the TV show Flash Gordon, whose enemy was Ming. I am 64 years young now and unfortunately I have never ever seen a UFO. I am envious of anyone who has seen one, especially if they were close up.

Apparently, Planet X has a cluster of planets surrounding its moons and on Planet X there is an alien race called the Anunnaki who are supposed to be 9-10 feet in height or higher. The last time they visited this planet was during the time of the great flood when Noah had built his Ark. Hollywood has recently put out a movie about Noah’s Ark; maybe that is another hint, like Deep Impact.

I wonder if David and Goliath had anything to do with the Anunnaki being here 3,600 years ago, Goliath possibly being an Anunnaki. There have been some pictures put on the Web of a dig site where they uncovered a giant being, though I’m not sure of the validity, but if it is true, wow!

Other articles I have read talked about the Anunnaki using humans as slaves mining gold. The Anunnaki apparently needed this gold to sprinkle into their atmosphere because it was decaying. The gold is supposed to fix the problem they had and I wonder if they are going to try and get more gold from us again. I, for one, am not willing to become anyone’s slave, mining for gold. Will the Anunnaki be a violent race? Will we have to battle these giants? sounds incredible or almost impossible that something like this could happen but you have to keep an open mind to the possibilities. It could almost be a Star Wars scenario battling Darth Vader or it could be the greys or the reptilian aliens. The reptilians are supposed to be a very aggressive race; I would not have any problem shooting those guys.

I think the scary part is our technology compared to theirs is very primitive, so I am not sure how successful we would be in battle with any of those aliens out there. I imagine that if their intent was to harm us they could have done this a long time ago.

I looked at some crop circles on the Web which fascinated me and there were debunkers posting that it was college kids creating these crop circles, but the only problem with that theory is you would have expected to see where the students initially walked into the field. It has been proven that when people tread on wheat it breaks or kinks immediately, but when the crop circles are made by aliens the wheat is bent over without breaking, so these crop circles could not be a prank. One thing you never hear are reports of crop circles on the mainstream media. I wonder why.

The complexity of these crop circles is amazing and there are those who claim they can interpret them. There is a crop circle on the Web which depicts the arrival of Planet X but, once again, no timeline on its arrival. It will be interesting to see if the prediction is correct seeing Nibiru (Planet X) in December 2015 in the northern hemisphere, so when it does arrive the best way to see Planet X next to the sun is to buy a #10 welding lens which are cheap to buy and you can see the sun clearly and anything close by without damaging your eyes. If Planet X shows up then that will validate a lot of what I have written about this subject, along with others on the Web. By the time we get to see Planet X with the naked eye, it will be very close and all the elite would have fled to their safe havens underground.

Although there will be millions, if not billions of people who will perish because of the chaos that Planet X will bring, there still will be survivors, but we still have to contend with the debris field trailing behind Planet X, which is over a million miles long; this could mean heavy meteor showers, fireballs etc. If you live in a city with a subway system, then that would be a good place to head to protect yourself from a meteor shower, but get there as soon as you can because everyone else will have the same idea. Most roads would be impassable, public transportation would stop, the city would be thrown in darkness, there would be multiple fires and no one to put them out. Complete chaos would reign until it was all over. According to some, it would only take an hour or so for the first flyby of Planet X, then it would go around the sun and come out the other side and pass the Earth for the last time until another 3,600 years. It is so hard to imagine the magnitude of this event and I hope that it does not happen but I am not very optimistic.

Plants, trees, agriculture would be destroyed, so it might be advisable to stock up on seeds for growing your own food, but that would only be good for those who have a large enough plot of land and a source of water. Remember that the magnetic pull of Planet X could trigger earthquakes and volcanoes where we have never had them before and I am sure that there would be a huge increase in extreme weather, so if you live close to any mountains that have a history of eruption, you’d better get the hell away from there.

Apparently NASA has stated that there is a solar storm coming our way in July this year and they stated that we would have four to six days of darkness due to the storm’s density. I wonder if that has something to do with Planet X (ya think?).

Purified water would be scarce, so keep some bleach handy, as that is good for purifying water. You can look that up on the Web and it tells you the ratio required so it will be safe to drink. Once again, I suggest getting books on survival so you will always have that info, as there will be no more Web.

I wish I had the time and money to visit the Antarctic and look through the telescope and see Planet X for myself but, like most of you, I don’t have the time nor the resources to do that, so that is why I have to trust the people I mentioned in my previous article. I am sure that in time someone with negative comments will read what I have written so as to create doubt in the minds of those of you who are on the fence and scared of ridicule if you tell your family and friends. All I can tell you is to go with your instincts. I am certainly not telling you to believe anything I have written but what I am doing is sending you all a message to go search out the truth for yourself.

Until next time, stay safe. DDD signing off.

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