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Planet X & Jade Helm — ‘Homeland Eradication of Local Militants’

By Guest Writer Sheldon Day

The reason Jade Helm 15 is occurring is because it’s a final dry run to deal with pending global catastrophes which could occur as soon as the spring of next year due to Planet X coming in. These troops are ‘sleepers’ being trained for deployment into harm’s way once the crap hits the fan and the Black Star is here.

They must have martial law in place BEFORE Planet X is visible in the sky and before all the thousands of amateur astronomers begin to realize that the ‘red dot’ in the sky is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day and is in fact an exceptional celestial object. Martial law must be in effect so the ruling elites can successfully descend into their underground ark cities without millions of people killing them for the decades-long cover-up on this inbound celestial object.

All the extremely bizarre behavior of governments WORLDWIDE is in preparation for the re-arrival of this inbound brown dwarf star which will soon make ‘climate change‘ extremely apparent.

Please review some of Bob Fletcher’s recent radio interviews to get up to speed on this.

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