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Doomsday Dave asks, “When will Planet X arrive?”

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum)

Having spent two years scanning the Net for the truth, there was one question that I could not get an answer to: When will Planet X arrive?

I am sure there are many of you who have experienced the same frustration. From the information I have read and videos I have watched, Planet X is coming from below the ecliptic (equator) and I have just heard that it has passed this point and now, from what I understand, we are all supposed to be able to see Planet X this December 2015.

I wonder how NASA and the media will handle this, if and when that happens, but be sure they will come up with some explanation and with it telling you there is no need to worry, while they all scramble underground.

If you are like me, your family and friends think that you are a little crazy and depressing talking about this subject and they are in great disbelief.  For me, it is like living a double life.

To satisfy my wife, I still make plans for the future. My wife does not mock me or even disbelieves; she just does not want to talk about it, so I try not to just to keep the peace. However, I did tell her that when Planet X becomes visible to the naked eye, then there would be no denial.

I am curious though what role the Catholic Church has in all thisespecially knowing that they own their own observatory which is one of the biggest telescopes in the world. Now what in Gods name would a church want with a telescope, unless they are believers in the Book of Revelation and are looking for Wormwood (Planet X).  One other thing bothered me a lot was all the lack of reporting of pending events with bogus information and I am sure there are government-paid debunkers posting on the Web. I searched for those with credibility, people who seem to make sense and not overdramatizing things. I have listed below those sites that I visit and trust.


Bob has an excellent background as an investigator and has been interviewed many times on the subject of Planet X. In fact, early on Bob wanted nothing to do with the subject. I wont get into that and spoil it for you, but I recommend checking him out.

GEORGE NOORY (Coast to Coast AM)

He has had many guests on his radio show. I have great respect for this guy. He has hosted this radio station for many years and his predecessor was Art Bell, another great guy.

JESSE VENTURA (former Navy Seal, former wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota)

Jesse had a TV series called Conspiracy Theory. I used to watch it all the time; he was the one who broke the story of the US Government purchasing millions of three-tier coffins which were stored in fields. He also discovered 103 massive underground shelters that were 1-1/2 miles underground, which cost $41 trillion of taxpayer money. They were built to keep safe all the Elite, soldiers and any people they deemed important. I believe you can still find some of these shows on YouTube. Jesse was forced out of the US as he was being followed by drones and I am sure he feared for his life.  Jesse is now off the grid somewhere in Mexico and has a Web site called Ora.Tv. Check it out.

DR. STEVEN GREER (former medical doctor)

Steven gave up his career to pursue his passion of getting disclosure of the presence of aliens and UFOs. Steven is on the Web, so I encourage you to visit his site. There are many people who try to debunk him and some of the others I have mentioned. Even people scoff at me and tell me I am full of crap. My reply to them is to give me absolute positive evidence that I am wrong and so far no one has stepped up to the plate.


Steve connects the dots from the Bible to what is happening now. He also has been on many talk shows and is an extremely intelligent individual who is worth listening to so you can get another perspective of what is pending.


This is the first site I visit every morning. The letter “o” is in fact a zero, so make sure you put that in.

Ben has a mobile unit that goes from state to state reporting on what I think is great stuff. I click on this site every morning at 6.30 as he gives an indepth report on the sun’s activity with great graphics. He also report on earthquakes, weather and volcanic eruption from around the world. You may ask what this has to do with Planet X. Well, nothing, except according to what I have read, Planet X has a huge magnetic field that would affect our weather, etc.

If you are not familiar with what is called an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or a CME (coronal mass ejection), you should read on the Web the affect it has on our planet. If we were to experience a huge X-class flare that is powerful enough, it can kill all electronics. The X-class flare would shut down every power plant, automobile, etc., in part or the entire world, if in its path. You may ask, what are the chances of that happening? And you would be right; it is slim. Let’s say Planet X is real and its orbit, according to many, will go around the sun, so there is a great possibility that it could disturb the sun which could create an X-class flare destined to hit Earth. At least if you watch suspicious0bservers you would have a couple of days to prepare and stock up on food and supplies as it would take a couple of days for any effect of the sun to reach us.

As Planet X gets closer, it is supposed to have an effect on the Earths crust, hence the increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, floods and the weather in general, but please dont take my word for it. I encourage you to look that up on the Web — how these events have increased over the last five to 10 years.

So lets imagine for a moment we had an X-class flare that knocks out all the electricity around the world; it would take years to bring power back up, as none of the power plants have guarded against this possibility. This actually happened back in the 1800s and knocked out all the telegraph equipment; and a small X-class flare hit Quebec, Canada and they were out of power for some time.

So lets take a look at some of the consequences of having no electricity. No banks would be open, no grocery stores would be open, no gas stations. Even if you had an old car which was not equipped with electronics, you would not be able to pump gas into it. Hospitals would be running on backup generators, but they would only last for a short time as no one could deliver any fuel.

What would the government do with all the prisoners? Would they let the inmates out because they would not be able to feed them for a sustainable amount of time or would they kill them all? Grocery stores would be emptied within two to three days, but imagine not being able to shower or use the toilet. Those on medication will suffer as no prescriptions could be filled. I can go on and on but just want to get you thinking. We have had it good for quite some time and the doom and gloom is just around the corner. Like most people, they will not believe in any of this, even if it is staring them in the face.

So if all the doom and gloom plays out, what can we do? One idea is to bug out and go to your mountain retreat, but that is a small percentile of people who have that luxury. Most of us are stuck in heavily populated areas.  One article I read suggested building a community of 150 people, as there would be a diverse skill set to help sustain life; that sounds good to me.

The five major necessities are shelter, a form of heat, food, water and a means of defending yourself, such as firearms and lots of ammo.

I also spent some time in the book stores looking for books on plants you can eat, medicinal plant books and survival books, as these will become invaluable because there will be no Internet to look up any of this. There are several things that you have to protect yourself from. One is disease, as I am sure there will be many deaths and no one to bury those who fall victim to the radical change. The other is roaming gangs of people going house to house looking for food and water, and they would kill you for it, hence the need for protection.

Now that I have you totally depressed, which is not my intent, it is to get you to wake up and be prepared for any disaster. There are other threats out there, not just planet X. You have Iran wanting a nuclear bomb and that is like giving a two-year-old a loaded handgun. Eventually it is going to go off. Russia is another ticking time bomb but recently it has gone quiet. I wonder why. North Korea is also another ticking time bomb. Just look at the idiot in power.

Until next time, DDD — signing off.

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