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So If Fukushima Kills The Oceans And Geoengineering Kills The Trees What Happens To Us?

I once said a minimum of ten million Americans will starve to death when this Depression goes Really Big. I have also written about Fukushima, chemtrails, GMO, gene splicing and other disasters.

Today I have to say I agree with Dane Wigington who said the earth is being systematically rendered inhospitable to human life. We will be gone in 25 years if we do not stop this insanity imposed on us from those in authority.

Wigington once took a group of congressional staffers and government scientists to view a dying forest. They all chose to deny what their  eyes saw rather than risk losing their jobs.

HAARP is an ionospheric heater. By design it heats and raises the ionosphere. It is letting more ultraviolet light onto the surface of the earth. Wigington cites the increase in ultraviolet rays including the more dangerous UV B and C rays as one reason for the devastation of our forests.

Dane Wigington made a video about the dying of trees. The forest in his video had 40 inches (1.02 Meters) of rain in the past 3 months. There is a drought in many areas of the West Coast of the US which was created by  HAARP after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and subsequent nuclear plant meltdown. HAARP is an array of radio transmitters. Lasers emit coherent light which means instead of allowing light rays to go out in all directions it coheres into one narrow line. HAARP does the same with radio waves. Its energy can be focused on one area to create an atmospheric high to steer weather. The purpose of this present HAARP induced drought in California is to eliminate radioactive rain from falling on some of the best educated people in America.

20 million tons of particulates are sprayed annually as part of a chemtrail program. In the US they are  spraying aluminum, barium and strontium oxide. These particulates are desiccants and dry out the area on the ground nearby. These minerals make fires burn more intensely. They are 10 nanometers in diameter and go right past the body’s defenses into the lungs and then the blood to deposit in human tissue and brain with bad consequences for our health.

In 2010 1,000 whales died in remote areas. They all had high doses of aluminum in their tissue.

Respiratory deaths in America rose from the 8th leading cause of death in 2005 to 3rd in 2010.

California stopped testing for aluminum in the water in 2002. This particulate matter is destroying farm equipment.

There are 400 hypoxic dead zone areas in the Oceans where there is no oxygen. This is due to ozone depletion allowing UV rays to kill plankton. Fukushima and Depleted Uranium were contributing factors to the death of the plankton, the fish and the sea mammals.

The federal government just recently had to close fish canneries on the West Coast because the sardine population had dseclined 91%. Some species of fish have declined 95%. The combined attacks of Fukushima and HAARP against plant life in the Oceans have reduced our oxygen. Half of our oxygen comes from plants in the ocean. If the oceans die, we die.

Chemtrails deposit aluminum, barium and strontium on the ground. They kill soil microbes the plants need. This causes fungal issues. Plants and treesproduce the other half of our oxygen. We are loosing 200 species a day of plants and 70% is due to fungal issues. It is the same as in the human body. Kill the beneficial microbes and watch health degrade.

German and Norwegian researchers have recently found fluoride in their last 60 chemtrail tests. Maybe the Europeans need to increase fluoride levels to lower IQs and to sedate their voters. The Communists used fluoride to control the behavior of inmates in the Soviet Gulags. Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, was the founding father of public relations. He persuaded Americans to add fluoride to their water. Fluoride has been known to be an enzyme poison since 1893. The human body has 5,000 named enzymes necessary for its health.

Global Dimming: 20% of sun rays are diminished by chemtrails. This cuts evaporation and hence contributes to drought. Chemtrails block the added UV rays let in by HAARP’s damage to our ionosphere. Intense chemtrail spraying off the coast has helped to steer rain away from California.

Ozone depletion and increased Ultraviolet light are warming water in the Arctic. This is releasing methane hydrates (frozen methane and water) from the bottom of the Oceans. Sudden methane releases in the past have  killed off human and animal life in large numbers over wide areas. Some people think that the unexplained deaths in the Bermuda Triangle were caused by sudden releases of methane from the ocean floor.

Monsanto is profiting from all this Geoengineering by developing drought and aluminum resistant seeds.

Wigington explained the Venus syndrome. Start with a diminished ozone layer. This allows more of the sun’s energy in. This thaws methane hydrates on the sea floor. Over a ten year period methane in the atmosphere is 100 times more potent than CO2. It traps the heat below so the earth warms and even more methane is released. Venus reflects the sun’s rays 2 1/2 times as much as the earth. Venus is 900 degrees F (482 C).

Environmentalists are absent from the war to defend the earth and humanity from corporate interests.

The US is very near destruction from half a dozen or more earthquake induced Fukushima style meltdowns. The San Andreas fault on its southern leg has not had a major eruption in the past 300 years. Recent geological studies revealed how interconnected with the San Andreas the other fault lines are in this region. Southern California could experience an earthquake swarm. 20 million people could find themselves without homes, water, food, roads, electricity, sewers and hospitals. There are 2 nuclear power plants in the area that could meltdown even though one is being decommissioned it is still hazardous until completed.

There are from 6 to 12 nuclear power plants in the area of the New Madrid earthquake zone near the Mississippi river which could meltdown. The US has more than 300,000 miles (482,803 Kms) of natural gas pipelines and 150,000 miles (241,402 Kms)  of crude  oil and gasoline pipelines. The New Madrid fault line is in the center of America and is near most oil and natural gas production. A series of earthquakes like those of 1811-1812 could cut tens of millions of Americans off from natural gas and petrol for an extended period of time.

Nuclear power plants could fall into the Mississippi river or one of its tributaries. This would be far worse than Fukushima as the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic oceans would become radioactively toxic. As I said, half of our oxygen comes from the Oceans.

I have good reason to believe that the US federal government is sitting on Tesla technology which could offer a cheap alternative source of energy to nuclear power. The world needs to insist that all nuclear power plants near earthquake fault zones be deactivated as soon as possible.

There is a solution.

Does anyone remember the lesson of Michael Milken, the junk bond king? He was defrauding investors. He made up a list of college professors with access to journals who specialized in his field. He had 50 economists on his list. He gave them all lots of money in the form of grants and gifts. There was one college professor, the 51st, who did not take Milken’s money. Milken wound up going to jail. In the days of yore a man who stole money had to make restitution. Not so in modern America. Somehow he hid $5 billion from his bankruptcy judge. Bill Clinton selected Milken’s judge to be his Attorney General. That did not work out so he selected Janet Reno whose specialty was keeping pedophiles and corrupt Miami politicians out of jail.

The moral of the story is that we need men and women on the inside to come forward just as that lone economist did against Milken. If we get just two or three to come forward and risk jail, there will be a flood of confessions because nobody wants to fry the earth with Geoengineering.


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