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HAARP about to destroy millions, may appear to be a comet

This is real, people. The US is planning to destroy a large region of the world with HAARP. It will appear to be a comet, perhaps. Many believe it will be in FEMA Region 3.

It is now almost certainly verified that it was the US HAARP that caused the destruction of Japan by tsunami. They will strike again soon.

What is causing the worst weather in centuries? HAARP. What is the reason animals, birds and fish are seen lying dead all over the world? HAARP. Why are the waters turning red? HAARP. Why did the towers fall on 9/11? Why did Japan have its reactors collapse and the nuclear waste leak into our ocean? HAARP.

Why isn’t the government helping to fix it instead of just waiting until the environment is gone? Is it because they are causing it all on purpose? Are they literally trying to kill us? Yes. And this is why Obamacare was put into place. It will deny healthcare to the older ones and less fortunate; they will just die off. Maybe even destroy the healthcare system altogether.

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