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The doomsday seed vault

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum In the remote archipelago of Svalbard, at the top of the planet, over the Arctic Ocean, is a doomsday seed vault. In total, the vault can handle about 2.5 billion seeds (or about 500 seeds each from about 4.5 million varieties of crops). It now houses well over 1 million … Continue reading

The Bible, the Hopis and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum Around the flood in the time of Noah, the Sumerians existed in modern-day Iraq. Sumer was the original name of this territory. By as early as 3500 BC, the Sumerians were practicing modern-day agricultural planting and using wheels. They had their own language and drew by pictures. Sumerian tablets contain … Continue reading

Overwhelming evidence for the 2017 arrival of Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum I recently received quite a compliment from a viewer of one of my YouTube media interviews. He wrote a review of my book and stated this: When I first learned about Planet X, or Nibiru, I was fortunate enough to have discovered David Meade’s Interviews on YouTube. There I heard … Continue reading

My search for Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) What’s up to four times as big as Jupiter, is so controversial that many astronomers don’t know much about it and is the most high-concept conspiracy theory in existence? With a personal background in investigative research, when I first heard of Planet X, the concept interested me. First, it appeared … Continue reading

The last days, UFOs and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) Are UFOs real?  Do they have any relation to Planet X?  What are their intentions?  Where do they come from? In his book Secrets of the UFO, Ufologist Don Elkins made an interesting observation: “I have found that some people can achieve the contact phenomenon simply by being hypnotized.  And … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru as it relates to volcanoes, geopolitics and World War 3

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) As of the end of April, 40 volcanoes are currently erupting and only six of them are not in the Ring of Fire. The average last century was 35 per year and now we have more than that in one month! Nepal had the worst earthquake in 80 years and … Continue reading

History as theater: Planet X / Nibiru revealed

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) What the world calls history is theater. We need to study the “news behind the news.”  Most young people today are so plugged into their electronic devices and fed so much disinformation and misinformation by the mass media, they have ceased to effectively even function. This is what the powers that … Continue reading

The Planet X / Nibiru killshot scenario

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) What if an X-60 solar flare leaps from the sun when Planet X approaches?  The coronal mass ejection (CME) heads straight toward Earth.  What will happen?  How much warning will we have? This type of event may be our first overt sign of the nearness of the approach of Planet … Continue reading

US and Russia preparing for Planet X / Nibiru arrival and aftermath

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) Russia is just finishing 5,000 shelters in Moscow. They’re much more open (in this regard anyway) on this topic than other governments. I personally estimate the US probably has over 150 Deep Underground Military Bases. A huge military underground city exists underneath the Denver Airport. Russia has some that can … Continue reading

‘Planet X: The 2017 Arrival’: An interview with author David Meade

Editor’s note: David Meade is a guest writer for Planet X News. His bio and articles can be found here. From video description: Join me for an interview with David Meade, author of the new book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. David talks about his new book and tells us why we should take notice to his 2017 arrival … Continue reading

The discovery of Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) Why did NASA shut down IRAS, the infrared telescope? From an Insider: Planet X had been imaged by NASA’s IRAS infrared sensing satellite in 1983 and the mechanical failure story was used as a cover. Once the IRAS data started pouring in, that’s when they found Planet X. It was … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru will pass by Earth before November 2017

From video description: In this video, investigator David Meade discusses for one hour the impact threat, timing and trajectory of the Planet X system. This video is a compendium of information from every sphere—astronomical, scientific, the Book of Revelation and geopolitics. It contains absolutely amazing revelations that direct us to one precise point in time in 2017. Planet X is … Continue reading

The astronomical sign of Revelation 12 and Google cover-ups

Why would Google, or NASA, for that matter, cover up a Biblical-based sign in the constellation Virgo? By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) There is an object I call the ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly appearing in the constellation Virgo currently mirroring the vision or Biblical ‘sign’ of Revelation 12. Cosmologically, the sun travels the ecliptic and every … Continue reading

Will the real Planet X please stand up?

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) Science admits quite a few points in favor of Planet X. Our solar system is surrounded by a vast collection of icy bodies called the Oort Cloud, located 50,000 to 200,000 AU (Astronomical Units, or the Earth-Sun distance) from our sun. If our sun were part of a binary system … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru is between Mars and Jupiter, photographic analysis shows

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) In this article, I’d like to discuss photographic analysis of a couple of videos and still photographs. The photograph is that of one taken by a Glenn Vaughan, on April 11, 2015. It was taken at sunset while flying down the Pacific side of Central America. Professor Vaughan produced a … Continue reading

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