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Nibiru – Planet X – Facts Beyond the Evidence

What is out there that had, and has, astronomers searching for a different planet that enters our solar system? Is it out there? It has to be. Why? The minds behind it that researched it, and used millions of dollars trying to find ‘it,’ Nibiru, Planet X.

Annual Review: A Brief Reminder of the History of Planet X

Editor’s note: We have chosen this first day of 2015 to share a few articles that may be new to followers of Planet X / Nibiru and a reminder to those who have followed it for years or decades. Possibly as Large as Jupiter; Mysterious Heavenly Body Discovered (12/30/1983) Planet X, Nibiru Was Big News and it Vanished From the … Continue reading

Is the government hiding Planet X?

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A distant planet may lurk far beyond Neptune

Out beyond Neptune, the solar system resembles the deep ocean: dark, remote and largely unexplored. To an Earth-bound observer, even the brightest objects, such as Pluto, are 4,000 times as faint as what the human eye can see. An undiscovered planet could easily lurk out there unnoticed, a possible fossil from a time when the giant planets jockeyed for position … Continue reading

Bob Fletcher radio interview discussing Planet X

The Light of Day Radio Show – 10/13/2014 [download]

Search for Potential ‘Planet X’ Far From Over

The hunt for the hypothetical “Planet X” has been fruitless so far, but that doesn’t mean astronomers are calling it off. A new analysis of data collected by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft revealed no sign of the mysterious Planet X hypothesized to exist in the outer solar system. But scientists are keeping up the search for a … Continue reading

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