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The Great Pyramid of Giza and Planet X / Nibiru

The Great Pyramid of Giza ties together the Day of the Lord and the Sign of Revelation 12.  First, let’s review some facts: In modern times, we cannot replicate it. It may have been built over 5,000 years ago by the patriarch Enoch.  The pyramid is estimated to have around 2.3 million stone blocks and there are even some blocks … Continue reading

‘The truth about reality’

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) The truth about reality is that language has compromised us our consciousness away from the big picture—the macro-cosmos, and focused us on the microcosm of our own linguistic, autobiographical egos. During the past 5,000 years, or since 3,114 B.C., depending on how specific you would like to get, we began … Continue reading is your one-stop source for all news related to Planet X (Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood / Hercolubus), as well as its theorized effects on Earth, our weather, the sun and solar system. We also share paranormal and alternative news that may not be related to Planet X or its effects but interesting to our readers, nonetheless. All of our original articles may be reposted in full, unedited, with full attribution.

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