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“The writing is on the wall”: CERN’s message from God

Indeed, in what has become one of the most remarkable stories of the summer of 2017, it is being reported by many independent researchers like unirock on YouTube that CERN was given the message, Tekel, from the Higher Consciousness (or God); and, according to sources, this message was delivered to the Bilderbergers this June by CERN Director General Fabiola Gianotti. … Continue reading

2017: Kabbalah, Planet X, CERN and the tip of the spear

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc bio and articles / forum There is no knowledge that is not symbolized by the Kabbalah. To be clear, though, the Kabbalah is more than just the Tree of Life and the Zohar; rather, to my mind, like the Ka’ba, it is a representation of the containing function of all matter—the House of God. However, … Continue reading

Dark matter, dark energy: the 5th force and the quintessence

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc bio and articles / forum Matter is energy cooled to a slow vibration. Vibrations of energy, like tiny, invisible strings (according to String Theory) help to shape matter through the inter-relations of the four cosmic forces:  Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, Electromagnetic and Gravitational forces. That being said, matter is observable. We cannot always identify its mass … Continue reading

April 2nd solar storm warning and CERN update from BPEarthWatch

From video description: NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of G2-class geomagnetic storms on April 2nd when a CIR is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. CIRs (co-rotating interaction regions) are transition zones between fast- and slow-moving solar wind streams. Density gradients and shock waves inside CIRs often do a good job sparking auroras.

Freudian death wish and the North American Union

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) There is a strange phenomenon afoot in America and it represents the very undoing of America, itself. However, simultaneously, as America is named for its discoverer Amerigo Vespucci, perhaps it is best to say that America is truly set to attain its wholeness with the inception of the North American … Continue reading

BPEarthWatch: Large solar flare and CERN update


Bart Sibrel’s Conspiracy Corner News (Volume 14)

From video description: In this week’s episode, Bart Sibrel discusses the super collider “CERN” and how it may be used, secretly and intentionally, by Lucifer-worshipping scientists to open another dimension for demonic forces to enter Earth, as an End-Time fulfillment of Revelation 9:1-6.

Birkeland currents, the pineal gland and Planet X

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) If you are unfamiliar with my work on, my general point of view is that Planet X is coming into our collective purview. Just in the past few months, several key videos have given us a visual perspective on Planet X’s covert appearance as a second sun of sorts. … Continue reading

Planet X possibly interdimensional, possibly connected to CERN?

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines (bio and articles / forum) So could Planet X be interdimensional? One minute it is visible and then puff … gone. Could CERN have anything to do with Planet X? Is Planet X being tracked? Listen to this interview of Paul Martin. This really puts a whole new spin on Planet X. Have … Continue reading

Conflict Report: 10/01/2015; Topic: CERN; Guest: Anthony Patch

At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light. The process gives the physicists clues … Continue reading

Creating a cosmic ‘chastisement’

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research A chastisement is usually considered a punishment and a purifying of man via cosmic forces of the universe. It usually is catastrophic in nature. It involves on Earth seismic forces as well as the weather and volcanism. A storm of nature has been referred to by the early Church Fathers as a tempest. The … Continue reading

You can’t trust shapeshifters, reptilians or government trolls

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) I have to mention this and I may get a lot of flack over it, but I am having a hard time believing in these shapeshifters, these so called reptilians that morph into looking like us. I have seen some of the close-up videos of the reptilian … Continue reading

UFOs are at the center of a lot of really bizarre stuff

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) My wife tells me there are people at her work who follow me on this site but they had no idea I was her husband, so I think once they find out, she might become even more popular now. Don’t believe in UFOs? Then you might want … Continue reading

Pope appears positioned to mediate soon-coming fake alien invasion

By Rob M. of Sum of Thy Word A little something to ponder this morning: Exo Vaticana | Re-educate | Integrate | Incorporate | Exterminate I am becoming more convinced there is coming a deception very possibly in the next few weeks, if not days, of a staged alien encounter for which the pope is going to be the mediator … Continue reading

We need real men and women right now, not unisex purple penguins

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) It’s hard to make sense of the world we’re living in these days. Traditional gender roles are being thrown out the window as schools are experimenting with removing gender from reference terms for students. In other words, no more boys and girls; now, we’re all purple penguins. Unisex bathrooms and … Continue reading

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