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West Coast carbon monoxide outburst prelude to major earthquake?

Earth emits a burst of carbon monoxide (CO) a few days before an earthquake, according to geophysicist Ramesh Singh. He and co-workers from France and the United States report that this gas could be used as one of the precursor signals for an earthquake early warning system. The scientists used data from an American satellite and analysed changes in carbon … Continue reading

Creating California’s ‘Big One’ (Part 2)

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research Author’s note: In Part 1 of this article, we presented little-known prophecies and obscure covert government programs that involved the use of mini nuclear devices to trigger California’s “Big One.” We presented Nikola Tesla’s science of telegeodynamics, as well as little-known visions of how this event would unfold. Besides all the earthquakes and volcanoes … Continue reading

Creating California’s ‘Big One’ (Part 1)

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research The following information was published in our End Times Research Journal, Apocalypse Beacon, Spring 2008.  Although several years old, it will still prove very interesting in light of today’s current Earth changes and events.  It is offered here in a slightly revised and updated version of the original. It has been indicated by some … Continue reading

The Big One’ alert: Pacific Northwest rocked by 5,000 earthquakes in last year

“It’s no surprise that Californians are in danger, but scientists have also flagged residents of Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois and South Carolina.” That is the disturbing warning given by National Geographic about the dangers of earthquakes to those living here in America. The report further outlines that seismologist Mark Petersen, of the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program stated that they’ve “identified … Continue reading

California sinking faster than thought, aquifers could permanently shrink

California is sinking even faster than scientists had thought, new NASA satellite imagery shows. Some areas of the Golden State are sinking more than 2 inches (5.1 centimeters) per month, the imagery reveals. Though the sinking, called subsidence, has long been a problem in California, the rate is accelerating because the state’s extreme drought is fueling voracious groundwater pumping. “Because … Continue reading

The Cherry Creek, New York UFO sightings remain a mystery after 50 years

What really happened near Cherry Creek in Chautauqua County 50 years ago? Did several teenagers really see a UFO, or did their imaginations run wild? It’s a case that caught the attention of the New York State Police and the U.S. Air Force when the sightings allegedly happened on August 19, 1965. The first sighting occurred around 8:20 in the … Continue reading

Drought toll: California now missing one year’s-worth of rain

The amount of rain that California has missed out on since the beginning of its record-setting drought in 2012 is about the same amount it would see, on average, in a single year, a new study has concluded. The study’s researchers pin the reason for the lack of rains, as others have, on the absence of the intense rainstorms ushered … Continue reading

FEMA: Overdue earthquake will kill over 13,000 Californians

A recent prediction by FEMA suggests that 13,000+ people will die when the Cascadia fault line finally blows which will result in the worst earthquake of all time. The chances? That’s one in three within the next 50 years. Scientists predict that people will need to “escape on foot” as the roads will liquefy making traveling by any sort of … Continue reading

Terral Croft issues earthquake warning for California

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03 (bio and articles / forum) Look through the video presentation to realize earthquake event depths around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire are becoming deeper and deeper since the Solomon Island Quake Events from February 6, 2013 for the Russians to issue this grim report! Here is a look at the screenshot from EQuake3D … Continue reading

Leaking helium hints at possible catastrophic earthquake for Los Angeles soon

A huge fault in the Earth’s crust near Los Angeles is leaking helium, researchers have found. They say the unexpected find sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin. It reveals the fault is far deeper than previously thought, and a quake would be far more devastating. It follows a report from the U.S. Geological … Continue reading

Gov. Jerry Brown pushing depopulation in California: Too many people, not enough water, something has to go!

Californians might want to pay a bit more attention to the governor of their state, as he is openly musing about a draconian idea to deal with the ongoing drought: depopulation. As reported by The Daily Caller, Brown recently stated before the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California board that, at some point, if more water does not flow into … Continue reading

Fukushima? Sea creatures swarming ashore from San Diego to San Francisco, scientists have no explanation

NBC (Weather Channel) transcript, Jun 16, 2015 (emphasis added): “From San Diego to San Francisco, creatures from the sea are swarming ashore… large slugs are showing up on Bay Area beaches… In the San Diego area, local beaches have taken on a reddish tint… crabs have washed ashore.” NBC (Weather Channel), Jun 16, 2015: A pair of bizarre invasions have … Continue reading

Strange purple blobs and more make Californians uneasy

Strange purple blobs of slimy flesh are washing up on California shores in the San Francisco area. Meanwhile, thousands of dead tuna crabs are covering beaches in San Diego in a mass die-off similar to another one late last month in Tijuana. Just across the border in Baja California, 55 dolphins and four sea lions have been found dead in … Continue reading

Southern California volcano concerns with San Andreas Fault that has 15-mile-wide magma chamber

The southern end of the San Andreas Fault is a concern for all geologists and earthquake enthusiasts alike and this is because this section has the power to unleash Southern California’s most dangerous volcano, the Salton Sea Volcano. The Salton Sea Volcano lies at the Southern Salton Sea, at the end of the San Andreas Fault.  It however it not … Continue reading

Is San Andreas movie a cryptic warning about what is going to happen in California?

Hollywood movies very often offer spectacular, exaggerated and unrealistic scenes. Also, very often, their content carries a discreet message about political, social situation, etc. After the release of the earthquake disaster movie “San Andreas” there is a wondering whether this movie is sending a warning to its audience. Predictions about megaquakes have always been actual. There has always been someone … Continue reading

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