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NASA Search for Aliens Futile: They Do Not Exist, Ken Ham Says

NASA should be stopped in their search for aliens, because it is futile and they do not exist, says Ken Ham, the president and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. In a July 20 blog post, Ham states that NASA’s search is futile because aliens could not exist within the framework of the Bible. In … Continue reading

NASA tests ‘impossible’ no-fuel quantum space engine – and it actually works

A study conducted last year by NASA scientists has become the latest, and by far the highest profile, piece of evidence in favor of a seemingly impossible space thruster design that’s been evoking worldwide skepticism for some time now. Apparently annoyed by the persistent boosters of several similar but distinct designs, the space agency finally agreed to test an American-made variant called the Cannae Drive. “Alright!” they … Continue reading

How Terrifying Is the New Ebola Outbreak?

UPDATE: the Center for Disease Control has told CNN they are considering discouraging nonessential travel to countries experiencing the Ebola outbreak. Currently, the CDC recommends travelers to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea take precautions when traveling to those countries. Two US aid workers in Liberia recently became the latest victims of an Ebola epidemic that health experts are calling “out … Continue reading

45 Years Ago Today: Crappy Anniversary! Did We Walk on the Moon with 1960′s Technology? (VIDEOS)

“All Truth passes through three stages . . . First, it is ridiculed . . . Then, it is violently opposed . . . Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.” -Author Schopenhauer- “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” “Whoever controls the past, controls the future.” -George Orwell- {Videos at End in References} There is … Continue reading

NASA: We Will Find Aliens By 2026

Nasa has said that humanity will find direct evidence that we are “not alone” in the universe within 20 years. The pronouncement comes on the 45th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. Nasa said that it is overwhelmingly likely that life will have emerged somewhere in our galaxy of 100 billion suns, and that we will be able to … Continue reading

Nuclear watchdog to propose anti-radiation pill distribution near reactors

Canada’s nuclear watchdog for the first time is proposing that people living near reactors be given a precautionary stock of radiation-fighting pills in case of an accident. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has been reviewing the country’s emergency preparedness and response regulations in the wake of the meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima reactor in 2011. Many countries have already adopted a … Continue reading

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider gets twice the energy next year

The world’s largest atom smasher is gearing up for its second three-year run after 16 months of maintenance and upgrades. The Large Hadron Collider, which was used to discover a long-theorized subatomic particle, is designed to push the proton beam close to the speed of light, whizzing 11,000 times a second around a 27-kilometre tunnel on the Swiss-French border near Geneva. … Continue reading

Tepco begins dumping Fukushima No. 1 groundwater into Pacific Ocean

Tokyo Electric Power Co. began dumping groundwater from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant into the Pacific on Wednesday, in a bid to manage the huge amounts of radioactive water that have built up at the complex. The utility, which says the water discharged is within legal radiation safety limits, has been fighting a daily battle against contaminated water since Fukushima … Continue reading

Fukushima Operator Finds Source of Radioactive Water Leak

MOSCOW, May 16 (RIA Novosti) – Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has for the first time tracked down the source of radioactive water leaks at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, Kyodo News reported Friday. TEPCO specialists inspecting the damaged storage container with a camera on Thursday found a pipe joint from which water had been leaking since January. Most likely … Continue reading

Pope Francis Says He Would Baptize Martians If They Asked

In a homily delivered Monday, Pope Francis said he’d totally baptize Martians if they showed up at the Vatican demanding to be baptized. He was trying to illustrate the point that everyone has the right to receive the Holy Spirit — even aliens from faraway planets. “If tomorrow, for example, an expedition of Martians arrives and some of them come … Continue reading

Study finds only trace levels of radiation from Fukushima in albacore

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Albacore tuna caught off the Oregon shore after the Fukushima Daiichi power station in Japan was destroyed in a 2011 earthquake had slightly elevated levels of radioactivity but the increase has been minute, according to a newly published study. In fact, you would have to consume more than 700,000 pounds of the fish with the highest radioactive … Continue reading

What has Bill Clinton so stressed about UFOs?

Bill Clinton’s appearance earlier this month on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” – where he was asked about his interest in UFOs – has been subjected to body-language analysis by an investigator of paranormal claims, who says the former president exhibited signs of “significant apprehension, stress and guarded behavior.” News of Clinton’s inquiries, after he became president, into what information the government … Continue reading

Japan lets Fukushima evacuees back into nuclear no-go zone

For the first time since Japan’s nuclear disaster three years ago, authorities are allowing residents to return to live in their homes within a tiny part of a 20-kilometre evacuation zone around the Fukushima plant. The decision, which took effect Tuesday, applies to 357 people in 117 households from a corner of Tamura city after the government determined that radiation … Continue reading

Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs?

A thin disk of dark matter running through the Galaxy might be behind the large meteorite strikes that are thought to be responsible for some of Earth’s mass extinctions, including that of the dinosaurs, two theoretical physicists have proposed. The model is based on a hypothetical form of dark matter described by the authors and their collaborators last year as … Continue reading

Stonehenge is like a sacred ‘prehistoric glockenspiel,’ researchers claim

The pillars that form Stonehenge may have been chosen because they were like sacred “prehistoric glockenspiels”, according to researchers. The sonorous quality of some of the bluestones used for the monument built between 3,000 BC and 1,600 BC may explain why they were transported 200 miles from Pembrokeshire, Wales, when there were plenty of local rocks to use nearby. ‘Archeo-acoustic’ … Continue reading

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