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FEMA: ‘There is going to be an event within the next six months’

An interesting alert was issued on Steve Quayle’s site on July 17, following a phone call he received from “a long-time friend who is in law enforcement.” Steve describes him as totally logical and factual, and not a conspiracy-oriented person in any way whatsoever. This person has apparently been attending FEMA training and is now “having a meltdown after what … Continue reading

Officials: Fukushima has now contaminated one-third of the world’s oceans

The Pacific Ocean – in fact, almost one-third of the globe – is thought to have been contaminated from the leak out from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), seeking to promote the peaceful use of Nuclear Power, in 2011 established with the Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) Member States, a joint IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) project in the … Continue reading

Mysterious objects fall from the sky in Argentina: Are they UFO fragments?

Did a flying saucer explode in the sky over South America? Scared residents of a small Argentinian town seem to think so, and they have evidence to support their fears. The peaceful town of Berrotarán in the province of Cordoba is home to almost 7,000 people. You can imagine the commotion rapidly spreading from home to home as mysterious fragments … Continue reading

Dead dolphins near Fukushima found with radiated white lungs

Japanese scientists are dumbfounded by the new discovery after conducting an autopsy on a large group of dolphins that were discovered washed up on a beach close to the Fukushima disaster site. Each dolphin’s lungs were white, which is, according to scientists, an indication of loss of blood to the organs — a symptom of radiation poisoning. The translated article … Continue reading

A robot has passed a self-awareness test

The King’s Wise Men puzzle is used for testing self-awareness. A robot in New York has successfully passed this test. This logic puzzle is about a King who wants to name a new advisor. In order to decide which one to pick, he placed three hats on the heads of three advisors. They could see the color of other advisors’ … Continue reading

Scientists make international appeal on dangers of Wi-Fi

Video – Dr. Martin Blank, PhD of Colombia University leads a group of concerned scientists in an important appeal about the safety of wi-fi and other electromagnetic signals. To put it bluntly, these devices are causing cell damage and ending many of our lives prematurely, and these scientists want you to know about it. “The time to deal with the … Continue reading

A new strain of flesh-eating bacteria is spreading globally, scientists warn

A dangerous new variant of flesh-eating bacteria has been discovered, and researchers have found that it’s already contributed to a spike in severe infections in the UK, Canada, Japan, France and Sweden. Usually group A streptococcus bugs cause minor conditions, such as tonsillitis or mild skin infections, which are easy to treat with antibiotics. But in severe cases, the bacteria gets deeper into … Continue reading

Secret underground ‘Reptilian’ cities?

How a lawyer defends each case, is how I present ‘each video.’ When the invaders came, Cappadocians knew where to hide: underground, in one of the 250 subterranean safe havens they had carved from pliable volcanic ash rock called tuff. The biggest hiding place ever found in Cappadocia, a region of central Turkey famous for the otherworldly chimney houses, cave … Continue reading

The mysterious disappearances in the Bennington Triangle

From time to time, we have the sudden, inexplicable disappearances of people who have seemingly vanished off of the face of the earth. For whatever reasons, these people have seemed to be almost erased, as if swallowed up by the universe itself. Yet although these strange occurrences happen across the globe in various far flung locales, there sometimes comes an … Continue reading

Video: Federal agent confesses, ‘We killed Michael Jackson’

MK-Ultra is a secret mind control program conducted by the U.S. Government. It was even involved with the music industry. Michael Jackson had been targeted by the Illuminati. A former government agent released a video in which he said that he was involved in the plan to murder Michael Jackson. Based on this video, Michael Jackson had a phone conversation with his … Continue reading

China’s secret space weapons targeting U.S.: “Soon every satellite will be at risk”

Theoretically, space and the orbit around Earth is a peaceful place, and the world wants to keep it that way. But in practicality, it is the subtle front of modern warfare, where exotic weaponry and high tech gadgetry are used to operate systems on the ground, and assert dominance over the spheres of the planet. And tensions are running high. … Continue reading

Crop circles and confiscated computers

In the latter part of 2000 a Welshman named Matthew Williams was arrested by the British Police Force for causing criminal damage to a field in Wiltshire, England. He admitted creating – under cover of darkness – a highly elaborate Crop Circle of the type that many researchers of the phenomenon assert cannot be made by human hands. Well, yes, … Continue reading

HAARP to be ‘transferred to civilian control,’ will still receive Pentagon funding

HAARP will be transferred to civilian control of University of Alaska. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program will no longer be a military operation. University of Alaska will have access to the site under the terms of an agreement between the University and the Air Force. This agreement will last for two years. The purpose of HAARP was to … Continue reading

10 countries now facing default as global debt crisis escalates: What to expect from China, Europe and the U.S.

Today a legend in the business warned King World News that there are 10 countries that now are close to defaulting as the global debt crisis accelerates.  He also spoke about the recent turbulence in China as well as what to expect from the gold market. John Ing:  “The plunge that we saw in Chinese stocks took place after about … Continue reading

US scientists testing for radiation in dead whales as mysterious die-off in Pacific continues

KTUU, Jul 10, 2015 (emphasis added): 5 more dead whales found in Alaska waters since June; total 14 dead; Researchers try to understand mysterious whale deaths… Kate Wynne, a Marine Mammal Specialist for the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, told Channel 2 News that since the June 18 announcement of the nine dead fin whales, four humpback whales and … Continue reading

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All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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