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‘A Search for the Truth’: a reality TV series pitch

David Meade
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I’m going to write from the heart today. The world needs to know that we are intelligent researchers. We’re in the process of discovery. We don’t hold fixed opinions. We’re flexible and we bend. The outcome is in many variables; it’s not black and white. What better way to introduce the public to this knowledge system but to create a new reality TV series?

I’m calling on the London newspapers–the Guardian, the Express and the rest of you–and I’m letting you know I appreciate the international publicity you provide me and my books, and I’m asking you to run a headline that says: “David Meade calls for a new Reality TV Series – A Search for the Truth.” I would welcome a discussion with a network or a studio that was interested in just the right type of program.

To the studios: I have a following of millions of people and the attention of the international press. I’ve been on Glenn Beck national TV and radio, on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM and I was featured in the DirecTV production “The Sign.” By the way, remember, that was a sign, not an event.

This is a pitch about a series about your destiny–it is creative, intelligent and real–where the audience is brought into the discovery process. AN ONGOING SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH AND ITS MANY FACETS, LIKE A DIAMOND. Planet X, the Book of Revelation, the New World Order–people love this. One topic leads to another. Talk about high concept. It’ll blow the other reality TV shows out of the water.

What I believe is not the absolute certainty of the Planet X System. I am a researcher. I’m searching for the truth. Revelation is progressive. It’s like the show The X-Files: the truth is out there but you have to entertain the audience and bring them into the journey with you.

Negativity will not generate interest. Just to have controversy is not going to interest anyone or hold that interest. You won’t hold them, brother.

I have a series of highly intelligent, colorful and dramatic friends on the island here, and we have the best visuals in the Southeast. My friends Vinnie (a New Yorker, great on the conflict/drama side); Steve, a retired Maine fisherman who has a sense of humor you’d love;Daine, an ex-Coast Guard man whose intelligence puts him in Mensa; and myself, among others. We can promote and hold the show. We’re naturals.

But I need to emphasize, it’s not “us” against “them.” Shooting bush-league comments across the screen between two opposite sides is elementary, uninteresting and we’ve all seen enough of that. Conflict alone is old and stale.

Why do producers love reality programming? Because an investment of only $3MM into a pilot and 13 episodes can, under the right circumstances, generate a $50MM level of profit, like an annuity, indefinitely into the future. Why do I like reality programming? Because it can expose the truth, which cannot be hidden.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. -Galileo

For the WGA-registered pitch, go here.

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