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Syria, Planet X and Trump – the real story

David Meade
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A very important month–May–is approaching. Let’s look at what may happen in the month of May:

  • Trump may meet with Kim Jong Un
  • The US is moving its embassy to Jerusalem
  • The Mideast Peace Plan may be publicly released
  • The 70th anniversary of Israel is celebrated
  • Trump may cut funding to Israel’s enemies

Other than that, not much is happening in May.

Let’s revisit Syria for a moment. Did the US signal Russia that we are exercising our superpower status once again in this 100-missile attack? Trump is not afraid to use the military, unlike his predecessors.

But how will Putin react? Will Russia at some point attack NATO and the US? If it attacks one, it has to attack the other. A lot of people are perceiving that an electromagnetic pulse event or attack is imminent. If so, this could precede some terrifying events, including possibly according to some the Rapture of the Church.

Except for shielded silos and missiles, this would render the modern military useless. The Book of Revelation states that men will approach Armageddon on horseback. Nibiru is here and the earth will be prepared for the next event on its calendar. That’s all in the Book of Revelation, too.

I heard Charles Stanley on TV recently. He said, “Some of you believe and some of you don’t.” That’s how it has always been. There has always been a division between the believers and the unbelievers. Even Hollywood has a small measure of belief about them. The movie 2012 is a highly accurate portrayal of a pole shift, which will occur when Planet X passes.

It’s being done gradually so it’s hard to see the foreground from the background.

The Russians have never promised to limit their response to Trump’s action in Syria. They may step up their military efforts there. The Russian Military General Staff through a spokesman claims they downed 70% of the missiles. That’s possible. Russian engagement is assured in any future strikes.

The US today is less aware and less truthful in its policies and strategies than many civilizations of the past that are no longer with us. Back in the 1950s it was a great country. Ft. Knox still had gold, the US was the only nuclear superpower of real significance and we were not $20 trillion-plus in debt to China and the East.

The American mainstream media is full of hirelings who have lost the ability to think critically. Reporters no longer check sources or reach out to principals. This leads to the plethora of “fake news.” The media now rests in the hands of six political companies. We have degenerated into a police state with overarching propaganda hitting us from all directions simultaneously, while college graduates with huge loans take underemployed jobs.

What has happened to this country? Half of it believes Washington is consorting with the Russians and the other half accuses everyone of “lack of patriotism.” This mentality was highly prevalent in 1938 in a country we’ve all heard of–Germany. Let’s just hope and pray Russia doesn’t use this civil division in the US, the greatest since the Civil War itself, to engage in covert or overt attacks on America. Russia is highly dangerous; they far outweigh any other sets of concerns that America has. And Putin is a master chess player.

For a detailed and play-by-play description of where we’re headed, check out my book on Amazon: The End of Days.

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