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Project Black Star Update – Volume 12 (2018)

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Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 04 show two 7-magnitude earthquake events for two of the last five years in 2015 and 2016, but none for the last two years running. None of the 6-mag quakes and only 16 of the 5-mag quakes are both below average for Week 04, but 308 of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events is more than 60 events above average for the last four years.

Week-over-week seismic-event values show a decrease in global earthquake activity across the board verifying again that Week 01 represents the time our planet reached the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun and Black Star. Week 02 shows the “J” (Jolt) value where Earth typically receives an electromagnetic jolt caused by the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection shortening rapidly, which coincided with the fifth and final big quake event (7.5 Papua) over the eight-week period running from Week 48 (2017 cycle) to Week 02 to begin the 2018 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star.

The historical seismic data shows a brief earth-change lull period running from week 03 to about Week 05, when Earth receives a second Jolt of solar redirected electromagnetism. The 16-value for the 5-magnitude earthquake events earned red lettering (down from 45 last week), because checking all the weekly-teen totals going back to 2013 revealed no value higher than 31. Consider that Earth saw 98 of the 5-magnitude earthquake events for the last two weeks combined, to see just 16 for Week 03, and the realization will dawn that a red value was earned for the sharp decrease in seismic activity.

The weekly seismic-event values are attempting to fall through the floor moving through this mini-lull period, which would have happened in Weeks 53 (of 2017) and Week 1; if not for deep magma-plume reverberating waves releasing seismic pressures particularly around the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire. My suspicion appears correct that the 7.5 Papua Quake was part of a larger global tectonic-volcanic reset, which was the case for the corresponding 7.9 Papua Quake from the previous orbit cycle that struck very close to the same location. Again, if Earth follows the previous orbit cycle seismic pattern, then we might not see another large-magnitude quake event for some time.

Looking at the EQuake3D image below, two deep earthquake events (USGS and USGS) struck on the Indonesia-Philippines side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic Volcanic Origination Zone sending deep magma-plume energy along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 1. Note the 4.0 Quake (USGS) that struck at the 10-kilometer depth along the Blanco Fracture Zone of the Cascadia Basin off the Oregon West Coast that appears in my mind to be a little strange based upon the historical data. This quake struck on March 16, 2018 and before the two deep quakes struck (17th and 20th) to energize Buoyancy-barrier corridor 1 that did not see deep quake events striking in the last two weeks either. The question in my mind is about whether this notable quake was triggered by deep magma-plume pressures originating along Corridor 1 or Corridor 2 that has received the lion’s share of deep quake events for the last two months!

Three deep quake events struck on the Fiji-side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone that you see on the lower left-side of the diagram in combination with the deep quake that struck along the Brazil-Peru border. Add these two-deep South American Quakes (USGS and USGS) in Argentina and Bolivia and we have three deep quake events in the last three weeks adding deep magma-plume energy to Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 2. The combination of deep quake events coming from Fiji and South America is sending deep magma-plume energy north along Corridor 2 to test the magma-plume formation terminal end that possibly triggered this notable 4.0 Cascadia Quake, which could support the hypothesis that the terminal end of Corridor 2 is much-farther north than previously realized.

We can see clearly that Corridor 2 is energized from recent deep-quake activity, by the pattern of earthquake events at the 10-kilometer depth (circled) reaching across the South Pacific. Combine this disturbing seismic pattern information to the fact that new deep magma-plume has been discovered under Yellowstone (Top Featured Article) and we might very well be looking at a recipe for “The Really Big One” coming sooner rather than later in the timeline. Readers and particularly USA Survival Group Members are encouraged to check out all the related information in the top Featured Article for the latest information.

Seismic activity along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 3 (Indonesia across Nepal and through Gibraltar) has retreated from Gibraltar to Iran, which came as a surprise to me in researching the seismic data for drafting this update report. Generally, we see one to two earthquake events per week between Nepal/India and Gibraltar beginning a new earth-change uptick period, when Earth reaches and passes the key 90-degree position relative to the Sun and Black Star. That weekly value then climbs to three or more events nearing the peak of the earth change uptick periods, which for this year is scheduled in the middle of May 2018. Note all the earthquake events at the 10-kilometer depth at the bottom of the diagram to realize these events were triggered by deep magma plume activity spreading from the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire to become more of a global phenomenon. Earth is turning the corner in natural orbit around the Sun to begin moving more rapidly towards the Black Star, when typically gives Earth a big Jolt of Black Star-induced electromagnetism.

Earth saw three new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with the Granada event (Smithsonian link) being the second new event seen in the Caribbean Islands for a long time (Montserrat has been erupting since 1995). Again, my suspicions are growing about connections between the deep quakes along Corridor 2, Yellowstone, the Gulf of Mexico hotspot (article), and these Granada new volcanic eruptions events that all seem connected! The two Japan new volcanic eruption events, like the one last week and two the previous week, took place in the Watch Area shifting back and forth from Kamchatka/Japan along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor #1, where volcanism pressures are shifting from Indonesia heading north towards Kamchatka and the Aleutians. How many readers remember this prediction from last week?

Do not be surprised to see a new volcanic eruption event between Italy and France from magma displacement generated by this deep quake event, even if this deep quake struck just above Earth mantle transition zone (410 to 660 kilometers below the surface, Wiki).

The deep Italy Quake (USGS) from last week did indeed generate sufficient magma displacement to produce this new volcanic eruption event in almost the same location (coordinates on map). The forecast is to see earth-change activity increase to reach a maximum in the middle of May with seismic-volcanic bounces-lulls along the way. Typically, we see Earth receive an electromagnetic Jolt in Week 02 and then again in Week 05 for a mini-lull period to follow allowing seismic-volcanic pressures to build again for release at the Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside alignment coming this year in the middle of May 2018.

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