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Project Black Star Update – Volume 8 (2018)

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Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 53 show the 7.2-magnitude Mexico earthquake event (USGS) striking on February 16th near the terminal end of Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 2 receiving deep magma-plume-wave energy transferred from deep earthquake events (5) on the Fiji-side of the Seismic-volcanic Origination Zone from last week. My prediction that we would see another big 7-mag quake along Corridor 2 came true, but my expectation was that this big quake would strike farther south along the Chile-Argentina border. While the 2017 year-over-year weekly seismic values mirror those from 2014 very closely, Earth is following the 2016 seismic pattern from last year. The difference is that the string of 7-mag quake events is striking weeks later in the orbit cycle, so that the 2.5 to 4 and 5-mag quake-event values are remaining relatively high reaching the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun and Black Star.

Week-over-week seismic-event values show a decrease in global earthquake activity across the board, except for the 7-magnitude Mexico earthquake event that struck last Friday. Look above at the 2016 seismic chart values for Week 51 to see the final big 7-mag quake event in the series to realize that the 2.5 to 4-mag weekly event values fell to below 200 for three weeks in a row, as our planet moved towards the 90-degree position in the solar system relative to the Sun and Black Star. The 5-mag weekly-event values never dipped below the 20-event threshold, until Week 6 of the 2017 orbit cycle; because of deep-magma-plume-wave action that continued throughout the earth-change lull period, which is the case for this year. The forecast is to see a reduction of seismic activity for the coming two weeks, until the 2018 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star begins.

This is the first week in recent memory that Earth has seen zero of the deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone down from seven last week with five on the Fiji-side of the Origination Zone and two along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 1. The five deep Fiji Quakes sent deep magma-plume energy along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 2 to trigger the 7.2-mag Mexico Quake and the surrounding four quake events at the 10-kilometer depth circled above. Reduced deep-quake activity in Indonesia and along Corridor 1 shows the Cascadia Basin void of any significant quake events over the last seven days.

Yellowstone has seen a new quake swarm area develop with more than 200 earthquake events in the last two weeks with news coming from a range of media outlets (links). See Mary Greeley’s Yellowstone report (link) and Lisa Haven’s report (link). Last week’s update report showed how what was the Baja California Quake Swarm area (2011-2012) has proliferated to cover the entire US West Coast with seismic/volcanic pressures building at the Yellowstone location, which in my mind represents precursor earthquake events pointing to the destruction coming later in the timeline.

While we can find many news articles on the deep mantle plume activity taking place under Antarctica (links) my suspicion is that deep magma plume activity is playing a key role in triggering earthquake events around the North Pole. Note the pattern of earthquake-events at the 10-kilometer depth extending from the Middle East through Italy and up through the United Kingdom to the North Pole for making the deep magma-plume connection like we are seeing in the Cascadia Basin and off the Mexico West Coast. The 5.1 North Pole Quake (USGS) struck very close to the location where an undersea volcano was discovered in 1999 (2015 News). The global seismic dynamic appears to be changing, while the forecast is for a reduction in earth-change activity; until the 2018 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star officially begins.

Earth saw just two new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with one event taking place in the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone nearer to the Indonesia side. The Philippines new volcanic eruption event took place in the Watch Area shifting back and forth from Kamchatka/Japan along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor #1, where volcanism pressures have been passing through in route to Indonesia; which is the same pattern we have seen for more than six weeks now. The number of Origination Zone deep-earthquake events is now shrinking, moving towards the end of the current earth-change lull period, to produce seismic and volcanic activity that is clearly on the decline. The forecast is to see earth-change activity decrease to reach a minimum here in a week or two. The pattern of new volcanic eruption events has decreased over the last two months as expected (7 down to just 2) with concentration now in the region of the Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone.

Don, our project astronomer for years, has sent in an interesting video featuring what China has found on the Moon (video link) that many will find interesting. Mark is adding Black Star Tracking images to his dropbox folder being shared with me, Michael, Don and Brenda, so that perhaps the images can be stacked (info) to create a mini-movie for identifying signs of the gravitational lensing effect (info) in the dancing background stars later in the timeline. Earth is moving near the 90-degree-angle position relative to the Sun and Black Star placing the invisible-collapsed binary twin to our Sun at the bottom of the Ophiuchus Constellation (near 51 Oph) from Earth current perspective, which means the optimum observation window will open in April to remain open, until sometime in July, for generating the best results. See the update reports posted in these newsletters, as they become available.

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