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Spring 2018: an end of days convergence

David Meade
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I recently watched this video and was struck by the amazing convergence of end-time signs fitting together so perfectly with the field of mathematics and prophecy. Let’s go back in time for a moment the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017 is a once-in-history moment. It is the signature of Almighty God forewarning the end of the Church Age. It points forward only a short distance.

The fat lady is about to sing. It’s all over. I’m putting this in non-theological terms so everyone can understand it. Let’s look at converging signs in this article:

  • On August 21, 2017 the Great American Eclipse occurred (to be finalized seven years later, making the impression of an X on America). This is a harbinger of a seven-year Tribulation period (and I might remind you it’s followed by a period of 1,000 years of peace called the Millennium).
  • The Solar Eclipse began in Oregon, the 33rd state, and ended in South Carolina, at the 33rd parallel.
  • The solar eclipse pointed 33 days forward to the Revelation 12 Sign.
  • The last eclipse of this nature was 99 years ago (33 x 3).
  • The prophecy of Judah Ben Samuel is key to understanding everything. He indicated that the 10th and final Jubilee ends on or at the New Moon of this April, 2018–Nissan 1 on the Hebrew calendar. He said the end times would then commence. The first 800 years of his prophecy came true to the year, right on the money. This is the end of it.
  • The crazy people in the United Nations (what a surprise there are crazy people in the UN, which is populated by socialists, dictators and communists) declared Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel on December 21, 2017. 42 days later we had the Blood Red Blue Supermoon phenomenon, an awesome portend of judgment to follow.
  • Someone recently quoted me: David Meade, a 20-year bible code decipherer says: “North Korea will start World War 3 and trigger the Rapture in April 2018 beyond a shadow of a doubt.” What a coincidence!
  • Ron Reese, a Bible scholar of many years, was quoted on the Five Doves website as saying the Tribulation begins on or around April 11, 2018. According to his article, the Comet Hale-Bopp was a 21-year predecessor to the appearance of the Antichrist. 21 being a perfect number–7 x 7.

I would suggest you go back and read the full article Ron wrote to get the entire picture. This is a snapshot.

I’m posting a critical Bible verse from the Book of Revelation below. Jesus said (in the original Greek) that the “hora” or hour (fixed time of judgment) would be known by those watching. Now I’m not saying the day, but I see no restriction on knowing the season (the Spring of 2018). In fact, we are commanded to know, partners.

Here’s what accompanies this period, in no particular order but in 2018:

  • The Antichrist is unmasked and steps into the world scene. I think I know who it is but there is no way I’m releasing that information. I’m living in a remote location now, but if I get into that disclosure, my only safety is on a sailboat between Oceania and Fiji.
  • World War III commences with North Korea–that is well covered as are all of these topics in my book The End of Days. By the way, during the Tribulation my book will be a #1 bestseller–a blockbuster–across the entire world. It reveals everything.
  • Planet X makes its appearance with every camera in the world trained on it.
  • Two asteroids, one named Wormwood, are spun out of its debris tail and land in a sun-facing ocean–either the Pacific, the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean.
  • Halfway through the Tribulation the Antichrist declares himself in the rebuilt Hebrew temple in Jerusalem. There’s major trouble from that point forward. Everything escalates a hundredfold.
  • The Antichrist’s time is brief (a full 3.5 years) but he wrecks havoc on the earth in that time. He creates nuclear wars and as a result there is famine and pestilence.

Remember the old proverb about living in interesting times. They could not be more interesting. We just have to survive them.

Revelation 3:3 (KJV)

Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

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