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Spring 2018 strategic nuclear strikes against North Korea

David Meade
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I have absolute proof of the redaction and covert control over articles written about me, particularly the last four articles I have written about Spring of 2018, involving North Korea, nuclear strikes, the end of the Church Age and the beginning of the Tribulation.

This proof is in a recent article written about me by a respected UK publication. I have no problems with the article. But pressing the link button it could not be retrieved. I believe this is a result of direct action by sub rosa elements of either North American or British spy agencies, including potentially GCHQ.

In this article, I listed up to five different proofs of April 2018 being the targeted date of the beginning of World War III, involving the US and North Korea. I mentioned that Mike Pompeo, the head of the CIA, told a group of insiders in October that as of late March 2018 North Korea would have nuclear ICBMs. This is the critical intelligence information that has been in effect redacted by way of the elimination of an otherwise published article in a premier British press outlet.

Therefore, I again, in this article, will emphasize the importance of this data. The Pentagon is engaging in a new nuclear option–one which the Russians have been using for quite a time–that of the development and use in battle plans of strategic nuclear weapons.

That makes it very easy for America to engage in a first strike and cause what may well become World War III in a matter of days afterwards. Analysts are considering thermobaric and nuclear munitions. They are considering targeting North Korea’s leadership, defenses, bunkers and launchpads. Anything within a five-kilometer range is dead on arrival.

This preemptive planning is due to their concern that Kim Jong-un will use the Hwasong-14 missile. It has a 5,500-km range. That means Alaska, Hawaii, India and of course even Russia are within range.

Their plan is to decapitate the North Korean regime before these missiles can be launched. Once North Korea launches a missile against South Korea you have 10 million civilian casualties and 25,000 American casualties. This by their reasoning is not acceptable.

Once North Korea, in March of 2018, has this capability, a decapitation strike is inevitable. I project it to occur in April of 2018. It will be the precursor to World War III. The US will attempt with submarine and aircraft-launched missiles to destroy all tunnel exits and firing platforms in North Korea. It will be only partially successful, as they will retaliate. There you have the basis for World War III.

I hope that all British tabloids will again pick up on and report my findings and distribute them. The crisis is that you have unstable leadership. You have the ability to create precise attacks. You have stripped-down versions of nuclear weapons. You have the perfect vehicles to create the temptation to use strategic nukes. Tactical nukes only make the weapon more thinkable.

The current tactical nuclear program is the basis for World War III, starting in North Korea this spring–in 2018. I have mentioned that World War III will start in a Jewish Jubilee Year–2018. These happen every 50 years–the world will not last another 50 years. It will happen this year.

The new “family” of nukes and their delivery systems “moves toward the small, the stealthy and the precise.” This is their seduction–and the downfall of the world. The leader of North Korea will put his country’s honor, such as it is, first and foremost. He will not be checkmated. The world is upon a crisis stage as it has never seen before.

Read my book The End of Days for the playbook for 2018 and beyond. It has all the details. You don’t want to leave the earth without it.

The Revelation 12 Sign was a once-in-7,000-year event. It pointed forward. Maybe Revelation 12:2 gave us the point in time to start the clock running. Just count forward. But what is happening now, per my last four articles, is the convergence of no less than seven major signs onto April of 2018. This is a once-in-a-millennium event. April of 2018 is the real End of Days. The countdown begins soon. See this file for more startling information on the closeness of the hour.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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