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Noah’s Ark, all over again

David Meade
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Jesus stated there would be a repeat of the “days of Noah” at the end of the Church Age. He wasn’t referring to the number of people on the earth, since at that time there may have been only a few thousand.

But Jesus was referring to the warnings. First, God gave Noah a 120-year warning and it was later revised to a seven-day warning during the year of the Flood itself. Basically Noah was in the ministry; that’s what we would call it today. But he only had seven followers–members of his own family. Everyone else decided to stay outside the ark.

How many people today believe in God’s judgment? Not many, really. However, we have to see that Macy’s Day parade every year. Can’t miss that. I like it myself, but is that all there is?

When Hitler rose in Germany years ago, one of the first things he did was close down the churches. Nonbelievers don’t like to hear the Word. True “men of God” in Germany were imprisoned or executed.

Today we have a repeat of this whole process. Good versus evil. God versus Satan. But it’s the end times, folks, and this is the final playbook. That’s the reason for all of the craziness on the news today. It wasn’t like this 10 or 20 years ago.  The country was sane then.

The New World Order people are deeply concerned that they have lost control. Oh my God–is that possible? Could George Soros actually be defeated? He has purchased literally hundreds of British and American politicians–of the so-called progressive or socialist variety. Could the truth be being revealed? Notice in Washington today everything–and I mean everything–is being investigated. Nothing is hidden anymore.

Now shortly before the days of Noah Enoch lived. The Bible says he “walked with God” and then he was “not found.” What happened to Brother Enoch? Is this a foreshadowing of the protection of the true Church shortly?

The measurements of the Ark in modern-day terms are 450 feet in length, 75 feet wide and about 50 feet in height. The Old Testament says it landed on the “mountains of Ararat.” This is in Armenia, near the Black Sea. One peak alone is 17,260 feet above sea level. The top 3,000 feet is normally permanently frozen in ice and snow.

Is the Ark a visible witness to us today? In Williamsburg, Kentucky a company has established a full-blown replica of Noah’s Ark.

I’m reminded of a story about a Russian Aviator, in the summer of 1917. He was stationed at an airbase in the south of Russia. He flew right over Ararat and was shocked to see the figure of a large boat in the snow on the top of the mountain.

He reported back to base. The officer in charge was Colonel Alexander A. Koor. He authorized a military expedition of close to 100 men to go to the mountain. Since it was a very hot summer, the ice on the glacier had melted. They found the Ark and took photos.

But in this same year, in November, the Bolsheviks took over Russia. The Czar and his family were assassinated shortly after. Instead of becoming worldwide news, everything was hushed up. Sound familiar?

Vladimir Lenin established a new Communist government. Its official policy–atheism. The Ark could not be tolerated.

Today the controlled media is much the same. They have created such conflict that we are at the point of civil war in the streets; other countries look at America as if it were a third-world country. This is the intention and mission plan of the controlled media–they are actually against free speech. That’s the heart of the issue. The controlled media is the absolute height of stupidity. They are interested in destroying the fabric of society–these are actually communistic principles–and this is how they operate.

The mainstream media popularizes that which is not really newsworthy and ignores the real news. As to those of the media who try to pinpoint an exact day, I say give it a rest. Cool down. The world is not perfect–we are in the season and that’s what we know.

Who are the people behind the global conspiracy? You can read about them in my new book The End of Days – Planet X & Beyond which is now available on Amazon. There is a sub rosa conspiracy occurring right now on this planet and this one-of-a-kind book speaks to their motives, their identity and what you need to know to survive and prosper.

But there are refreshing media exceptions. I just got an email from a researcher with the British Broadcasting Corporation in London and they are interested in doing a documentary on the End of Days. They’d like to speak with me.

I suppose that God is in absolute control after all. Has the Revelation Sign of Revelation 12–the Sign of the Dragon–been completed or is it still in process? Will it be completed the third week of December 2017? Watch this, presented by a fellow researcher on Stellarium in the December skies.

“Of course Nibiru (Planet X) is real. The Book of Revelation names it Wormwood. It’s not mythical or fictional. It destroys 1/3 of the earth, according to Revelation. An imaginary object doesn’t destroy 1/3 of the earth. But Wormwood does.” – David Meade

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