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Hollywood and Planet X – Part 4

David Meade
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In Chile, strange events follow and Taylor realizes they are under observation and surveillance. He is now in the category of those who know too much. They meet a woman, Gabrielle, who is an investigator within the town, and she tells him she was approached by unknown people to track his whereabouts. She said his life is in danger. She did not know who had hired her – they said they were multimillionaires who needed information. She felt they were intelligence agents.

With only one day left, they meet with their contact, Alberto, on his home territory on a dim, misty day at the 12,000–foot-level of a massive observatory. He takes them into confidence, verifies their information, provides corroborating evidence and tells them they must flee as he makes this information public through underground press sources.

Taylor and Stephanie realize they are both being followed and retreat to a remote ski resort in a wild, remote area of Patagonia in neighboring Argentina. In the backdrop of some of the world’s tallest mountains, Las Lenas, at an altitude of 12,250 feet, they attempt to remove themselves from view. It’s the perfect backdrop, they think, for their own disappearance.

They review one night there all of their evidence and email all of their briefing reports for distribution to the press and the public through their contacts. They are ready to go public with the information. An underground press is ready to publish their material.

Unknown to them, they have been followed. They ride a ski lift to the highest peak of the mountain the very next morning. They enter a ski lift built in 1955, one of the highest cable cars on the earth. Its vertical ascent begins and their life becomes their ante. The game of discovery is over. They are attacked within the lift, but at the end of the struggle it is their attacker who loses and falls to his death.

The movie ends on the last day with massive press releases about the object. As it appears in the sky, the coastlines become flooded with tsunamis. News cameras around the world report on the flooding.

Taylor and Stephanie dine safely at the mountaintop retreat and Taylor repeats an oft-quoted statement. He says that the conspirators had hoped one thing. They had based their lives on one incorrect assumption.

The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.

The lesson of this story is that “news” often is simply the “camouflage of democracy.” History is a play. Secret societies operate from any power base they can achieve. Secret societies exist that plot against humanity. In this film, one is found out. In my next book, coming out within a week or so, this theme is pursued in a page-turning thriller, The End of Days – Planet X & Beyond.

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