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Planet X: Spit out the seeds and eat the fruit

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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For the longest time I had noticed the face of the moon rotate at least 90 degrees and even posted articles claiming that this was odd. Well, I have to apologize for my ignorance as I was wrong. This video below explains why the moon seems to rotate. However, he claims that the theory of Planet X is rubbish. I don’t agree with that part.

This article is claiming that Russia announced that Planet X is in fact approaching Earth. Articles and stories of Planet X will never go away, despite all the debunking out there.

A giant hole the size of Maine has opened up in Antarctica. I wonder what caused this. Scientists are baffled. This pattern discovered in Antarctica also has baffled scientists.

Another anomaly discovered in Antarctica. What the heck is going on? I wonder if this has anything to do with the evacuation of scientists from Antarctica.

Now this next clip is very interesting–again the Antarctic: UFO discovery.

This video shows a planet next to the sun and it is not lens flare nor a sun dog. Take a look and you decide.

I really like this next video. Check it out.

The next video shows an object eclipsing the sun but I am not sure that it is genuine, so check it out for yourself and you decide.

I have seen many prediction lately on the arrival of Planet X, from turning us into an eyeball, which was suppose to happen on October 23rd, to Planet X eclipsing the sun and that we would not need a telescope to see it anymore but, alas, it has not arrived. All these articles do is create distrust with the social media and one gets to the point of who the hell do you believe?

I am sure that Planet X is out there but I wish people would quit with these false flags. The only thing I can advise people is to keep an eye on any weather extremes and the frequency of them. It is quite obvious to me that as Planet X gets closer we will see a rapid increase in volcanoes, earthquakes and any other anomalies. This will be the best indicator, in my mind. We are already seeing an upsurge in extreme weather and I personally expect it to increase as time goes on.

I saw a YouTube video were the guy holds up a welding lens and you could see an eclipse of the sun but I duplicated that by placing a black dot on the lens and positioning just so it partially covered the sun. So I don’t always believe these videos but if 10% are real then we are still in trouble for the future.

DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies and stay safe.

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  • Cosmic Info Wars

    First off that article says NASA has announced the discovery of Planet 9. They have done no such thing…There would be less false flags if people would stay off these alternative news sites….Anything to do with Planet X/Nibiru is fake news and is only mean’t to scare people and get Google hits….

  • BeaveVillage

    Well well well, here we are in late October 2017 and Nibiru hangs in our skies like a large orange Christmas ornament. Oh wait, it’s not there at all.

  • I see this site is now claiming that Nibiru will appear NEXT month. I can only assume this means the authors of this site are determined to be proved wrong every single month this year!

    Dave, what happened to your assurances that you were going to stop writing about this when nothing had happened by this October? You told me a half dozen times you were going to stop!

  • JWG1954

    As long as people read this lame material other people will keep predicting the end of the world. What was it that PT Barnum once said?

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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