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Hollywood and Planet X – Part 2

David Meade
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The conversation continues in to the night, as the diner is removed of all of its parties except the two, who sit in the end in silence, surveying even more photographs and a letter marked “Compartmentalized and Secret.” Willis says, “This is how the cover up operates. This stamp is on everything.”

As they leave the diner, Taylor waves a goodbye signal to Willis as they make eye contact before entering their two cars, parked about 30 feet apart. Suddenly, an explosion as bright as the sun vaporizes the car belonging to Willis as Taylor looks on.

The scene cuts to the crime scene where reporters are covering the story. Taylor is being interviewed by detectives. He tells them that Willis was a confidential informant. They ask about what. When he tells them only one, a younger woman with penetrating eyes and an obvious sense of intelligence, looks on with recognition. The rest just take notes and leave after the debriefing. This woman is Stephanie Mason, a former intelligence analyst at Colorado Springs Deep Space Facility. She hands him her card and says, “I’ll be in touch.” Taylor replies, “We now have two days – don’t wait too long.”

The two make telephone plans only hours later to meet. The meeting is scheduled at the Los Olas Inn in San Diego that evening. Meanwhile, Taylor is cataloging a series of strange events that have just occurred. He has a list he is writing and each file has a name on it. The file names represent unusual earth changes that are happening now that are not being reported. He packs up the files he received from Willis. The name on the top file is “Massive Carbon Dioxide Convergence Zone” and the location of the phenomenon is right where he is now – California.

At the inn, Stephanie arrives at the same time and they see each other in the lobby. Taylor and Stephanie get a corner lobby table and order two drinks while going over Taylor’s notes. He brings up the Massive Carbon Dioxide Eruptions taking place at this very moment. “According to my material, two deep magma waves are converging as we speak. Willis’ view is that these massive carbon dioxide events are caused by the separation for the tectonic plates pushed against the North American Craton and cascading toward the Southwest. These are massive earthquake event signs. There are also rising magma plumes in the Yellowstone Reservoir and caldera.”

Stephanie asks about a pole shift and Taylor responds he was told a pole shift will take place, according to CIA guys, in less than 30 minutes once this object appears. “Willis said when the object got really close when it was under observation, like it was across the road on the telescope, that they cut off the transmission and encrypted it from that point.”

“Willis said the Vatican is deciphering all of the events using the LUCIFER telescope. That’s an acronym for the Large Binocular Telescope Near-Infrared Utilities with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.” Stephanie responded, “You mean the Vatican Observatory telescope at the top of Mount Graham in Arizona?” Taylor nodded affirmatively. “Willis, right before we left the restaurant, said that’s the key to the mystery. They know everything.”

Stephanie responds by suggesting that then the Vatican or the Jesuit running the telescope have been “in the know” for decades. “Decades…” replies Taylor.

To be continued in Hollywood and Planet X – Part 3.

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