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Planet X deniers doth protest too much, methinks

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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Many write in to debunk Planet X or dismiss the theory that it could be the cause of the radical changes to our planet but they do not offer up any alternative reason for these changes. It is easy to write in and say there is no such planet, even though NASA has said that there is an external force affecting other planets in our solar system.

We do not write these articles as fearmongers but simply try to wake people up from burying their heads in their cell phones and to pay attention to what is happening around them. I guess that most people don’t give a damn and continue to bury their heads in the sand.

I still don’t understand those who write in trying their best to debunk any theory of a celestial body out there creating havoc with our universe. They could be right but what if they are not? If I don’t believe in something I don’t go searching the Web specifically to debunk what researchers propose; I just can’t be bothered. My only conclusion is they are afraid and the only way they get comfort is to attack those who propose theories like Planet X.

NASA has already committed to the great possibility of Planet Nine, as they call it, but it makes no difference what you name it. I always live in hopes that no planet comes close to Earth, creating havoc, but I have to keep an open mind as to the possibility, and with all of the extreme storms and weather we have encountered it makes perfect sense to prepare for these events as it could save your life.

Yes, there are people who post bogus info just for kicks and to see how many hits they can get and it takes away from the real researchers who try hard to present real evidence. Sensationalists will always be around and weeding them out can be difficult at times and confusing to the ordinary laymen. And, yes, there are those who do it for the money but there is a small percentile who are genuine in their research.

Many people lately have quoted the Bible as a source of confirmation of a rapture, cataclysm or end of time, and I will be quite honest: When I look at the bible I find it difficult to interpret and I suspect most of you are the same. Sure, you can make the scriptures fit into just about any theory you propose and it sounds somewhat convincing, but I think it would take a scholar who has studied the Bible for many, many years to decipher its true meaning.

The change to our planet just does not happen over night. It creeps up on us slowly so we really don’t notice it so much and we go about our daily lives unimpacted with these changes. If it does not affect us directly it becomes just another headline for CNN or FOX to exploit.

You might want to ask Hillary Clinton if Planet X exists, check out this article.

Air Rod Phenomenon

After a restless night I got up at 4:00 am and made coffee and like every morning I enjoy my java on the back deck, only this morning was different. I looked to my right as something caught my eye. I thought at first it was the recessed lighting hitting the lens of my glasses as it looked like an air rod, which are supposed to be faster than the eye can catch. Only this time this rod was just hovering no more than six feet away from me. Again I thought it was like a lens thing reacting with the light so I took off my glasses and it was still there hovering.

I got up slowly and moved toward it and it moved back away from me but still hovering. I moved my head from side to side and blinked several times as I could not believe what I was seeing. The air rod remained in the same spot, even as I reached out to it and then it took off at a high rate of speed; it was silver and purple in colour.

Almost not believing what I had just witnessed, I retraced my steps to try and duplicate what just happened but could not. These air rods are real and I am not sure if anyone has had such an experience like this. Here is an article describing air rods and some people do not believe in them but this morning I can honestly say I am fortunate to have witnessed this first-hand. I can just imagine the comments I am going to get on this one, lol.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX.

  • cab

    The Bible is the best source of information to tell us what’s coming and when and how and why. The Bible is God’s Word, inspired and preserved by Him. There are many modern translations that are easy to read, that are set up in paragraphs with subheadings, and read as easy as any other book you’d read. The Bible is different tho — it’s written to us by our Creator. It has all the answers to what God wants us to do to please Him, and why we’re all here in the first place, and it tells all about these next seven years that we’re all about to enter into.

    All of us are mortal beings who must given an accounting to our Creator, and really I recommend getting a modern Bible or even a paraphrase, and read through it. It might take two or three days. Mark it up, and then go back and read it again. Read it with an attitude of trust and respect for its author. It will open your eyes and change your heart and your life.

    Without our Bible, we will be stumbling in the dark. Reading the Bible is a step that nobody can afford to skip over. If you want to trust people to tell you what the Bible says, good luck. And it is luck, like gambling, throwing dice. I wouldn’t want to take that chance, and instead I’m sure there is no substitute for reading the Bible yourself, with an open mind seeking the truth that’s written on its pages no matter if it fits your private idea of a perfect religion or a genie-in-the-bottle kind of deity to believe in.

    Maybe it’s time we all stopped to think about why we’re on this journey to begin with. Are we just here to have a picnic, or is there something more to it? Do you think you will get unlimited lifetimes? The Bible tells us that this earth is going to be destroyed by fire and replaced with a new Earth by our Creator.

    It’s time for people to decide if they believe the Creation created itself and then invented God, or if God created the Creation. The science of Math might hold some answers, and the number for God exists in math, and it is called ‘infinity’ — and has a symbol that is used in mathematical calculations to represent a number that has no beginning and no end. There is also another mysterious number that exists in math, and that is zero. If you add zero and zero you will get zero. If you add zero plus infinity you will get infinity. So there is no need to prove God’s existence because it is self-evident as 1 plus 1 equals 2, and zero plus infinity equals infinity. Math doesn’t lie, so do the math and you’ll get your answer about God and the Bible, as to whether or not it’s worth reading The Book.

    Get a cartoon Bible if you want to, but don’t slide through life without ever even considering the message in The Word. Good News for Modern Man is very easy to read, also The Living Bible is a good paraphrase and easy to read enough so that a child can read it. NIV is written in paragraphs with subheadings that makes it easy to harmonize. KJV is written poetically and accurately and is easy to memorize and good to compare to other translations to fine tune meanings.

    Stellarium has more answers to the star sign of Revelation 12. Two YouTubers (Caleb and Carla) have done some good videos discussing the further events going on in the star sign as the wandering stars move around in the constellations, and Jupiter’s movements in and out of Virgo. Final exit to be mid October. They do videos together also using Stellarium to track the movements of the wandering stars of the Rev. 12 star sign. I recommend this channel a lot, and I have gotten a lot of insight from it.

  • cab

    Here’s some hard truth that will scare you. Caleb says we’re already halfway through the Tribulation, and coming up fast to midtrib. First thing
    to happen will be total destruction of America. Make your peace with
    God now. Caleb doesn’t shoot his mouth off. He’s put a lot of study
    and careful thought into all his conclusions. He’s also collaborating
    with people just like himself, people who are going over all the
    scriptures, harmonizing them, not reading things into or out of the
    scriptures, but just reading and accepting the Bible as truth and
    putting the pieces together without bias or wishes and dreams. That’s
    how you get Truthful answers.

  • Doomsday One

    The definition of Planet X is a planet thats yet to be discovered and by rights Planet 9 falls into that category…..Please support your assertion that NASA has claimed there is something perturbing the other planets. Eris is real similar to Pluto but the closet it will come to Earth is 4 billion miles! I see a lot of claims made by these articles here but no evidence to back up these claims only assertions….You don’t understand why people write in debunking claims here? Yours and others here lack of basic astronomy knowledge shines like a beacon in the dark!

    As far as the Bible goes its religious hocus pocus….Planets like Nemesis and Tyche have long been debunked as not existing. Wormwood is not a planet do the research.

    Nibiru is an internet hoax….If your going to write articles informing people of these things at least get your facts straight…Wild claims about some rogue planet approaching Earth are just that “Wild!” As far as people burying their heads in the sand. No one is burying their head in the sand. Cry wolf long enough and pretty soon people ignore it.

    I do not have a problem with prepping for things to come like natural disasters etc….But think about it…If an actual large planet was on a collision course with Earth all the prepping on the planet is going to do you no good….

    Bottom line. Write fact based articles! Then maybe you have a foundation to stand on.

  • David Hines

    I never claimed that a planet was going to collide with earth and NASA did say that something was messing up the atmospheres on other planets. I have never quoted the bible in my articles because I am not well versed. I have always said that peple do not have to accept my beliefs and all I am trying to do is make people aware of changes taking place on our planet and universe. I have wondered why people like yourself that don’t believe visit this site and others.
    Maybe you can explain to me why the position of the sun has change?
    Or why the face of the moon rotates about ninety degrees


    • Doomsday One

      Making people aware huh….Yeah OK…

    • “Maybe you can explain to me why the position of the sun has change?”

      It hasn’t – this is one of the things I can never understand about this myth… the same with the thing about the moon. Literally neither of these things have happened. The only people who insist this has happened appear to be conspiracy theorists, which can hardly be called impartial scientists.

      • David Hines

        Hi Andy
        the link below gies the explanation to your question


        • That’s a post from a conspiracy theorist. It is not, therefore, impartial. That’s one of my many bug-bears – all of this stuff is invented by and then perpetuated by conspiracy theorists… it becomes a self-sustaining cycle!

  • cab

    The Bible speaks of the sun being blotted out for 3 hours when Jesus was on the cross. These kinds of things don’t happen from a regular eclipse of the sun.

    If people are so offended by anything spiritual or Biblical and cannot conceive of asteroids or cosmic bodies causing trouble for Planet Earth, it shows the big hole in modern education. Anyone who knows anything about the geography of our Earth knows it’s had a very violent past. Tropical wooley mammoths flash frozen exist, lots of them. The ocean is covered with ancient cities. Mountain tops are covered with the fossil remains of ocean creatures. Ancient history is full of recorded cosmic encounters. These things are not out of the realm of possibility, and the cosmos is not empty by any means.

    All of our weather is controlled by planetary movements, and the universe we live in is all electrically connected.

    But even if earth existed in an empty vacuum in space, and only the sun and moon existed and nothing else, nuclear weapons exist, and the world is on the brink of worldwide nuclear war. This is described also in the Bible, that this is something that is coming in the next few years, and anybody who follows current events can see that happening with or without any warnings from the Bible or from a one-time-in-history star sign given in the Bible.

    Regular history along with Bible history is replete with accounts of planetary bodies that have caused havoc on earth and records of long eclipses such as the 3 hour eclipse when Jesus was crucified. There are recent encounters with comets in our own lifetime.

    Gill Broussard has documented many encounters with cosmic bodies throughout history and he’s got websites and fascinating presentations. His videos are what first interested me in Planet X actually.

    When I read Revelation, it sure does sound like nuclear war to me. Do people really think an all-out nuclear war that will wipe out three-quarters of the human population and burn up all the grass and a third of the trees and turn the ocean to blood, roll up the sky like a scroll, etcetera — who really believes this cannot happen? Please check out the video below with Caleb and Carla. Carla is ex military and worked with nukes a lot. Both of them are the absolute best at sorting out the scriptures to give people bottom lines that help people to prepare spiritually and practically for what is coming to the Earth.

    People who cannot deal with the idea of catastrophe coming to Earth should not be visiting websites and demanding that the rest of us stop talking about it. That reminds me of Oprah Winfrey religion, where you can create reality just by wishing it to be so. I just call that witchcraft, and to blame Christians or astronomers or just honest folks who are bothered by the direction the world is going–to blame the victim for the crime is superstitious ignorance of the worst sort and shows who the real deluded people really are.

    The people who are on this website are looking for the Truth and for a forum to discuss what’s coming, things that our Bible has told us is coming, and things that astronomers and people who watch the skies are telling us also–that something is coming that is big enough to mess with our magnetosphere, to be wobbling our moon around and perturbing our own planet. There are thousands of people who have seen things in the skies, and all these people are not going to shut up and go away.

    We need more discussion, not less. If the churches were more aware of the sudden destruction that looms over America they would be full of Christians repenting and crying to God for mercy.

    Wallace Thornhill: The Elegant Simplicity of the Electric Universe | EU2016

    For those persons who cannot accept the idea that planetary bodies exist in the universe that influence and affect our Earth, please acquaint yourselves with the Thunderbolts Project, and Wallace Thornhill. Also check in with James McCanney’s Science Hour each week.

    • Doomsday One

      And what do you think blotted out the Sun for 3 hours? Asteroids and other cosmic entities are not some spiritual commodity thats only predicted in some Holy Book….If an asteroid, comet or some other rogue planet were headed in our direction and it was large enough to be an Earth ending event no Holy Book on the planet is going to protect us its that simple. And your already misled! James McCanney! Are you serious?

      • cab

        What do I think blotted out the sun for 3 hours? Probably Planet X.

        And who have you read or heard from that has claimed any earth-ending event from any asteroid or planet? I have not heard of one single person making that claim, so if you know something the rest of us don’t know please share it.

        The Bible speaks about asteroids, also meteors, in the past and predicting future also. But the end won’t come until Jesus sets foot on the Earth, and that will be to wipe away all the destruction and destroy the armies gathered against him, and to raise the righteous dead and translate the living righteous. He will actually be coming to punish those who destroy the earth, per Rev. 11: King James Bible
        the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the
        dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward
        unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear
        thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the

        IOW, the Neocon Satanists possessed with devils who are running this planet are going to be destroyed, along with all their followers, and God will build us a new Earth, and resurrect the innocent and righteous dead.

        You don’t believe in God or meteors or asteroids or planets with elliptical orbits — but do you believe in nuclear bombs and crazy Nihilists salivating to destroy everything and everybody?

        • Doomsday One

          Why in Hell would Amazon stop selling Bibles? Ridiculous. Nothing you can post about this stuff scares me….Because its all based on fear, money and faith and nothing more. So you see everyone does not buy your belief.

          • cab

            It’s based on Truth. Our God is well able to give us a Bible we can believe and trust, and he has.

            You are going to die someday. You don’t need a Bible to tell you that. You are a mortal being, and you live on a planet where it is possible to get sick, to get hurt, to have bad things happen, and finally to die.

            Yeah, you can get poor also. You can run out of food and there could be martial law declared and you could get put in a camp or soldiers could come and kill you — and yeah. Money. This world runs on money, and the people who control the money are bad people, who actually and truly do worship the devil. They don’t even consider you to be a human being, but rather a subhuman. So yeah. Money. But that’s not my fault. I’m not getting paid for anything and I’m not selling any books.

            Based on faith? You bet. That’s not a bad thing, and faith is the exact opposite of fear. Faith is the natural state of human beings unless they are for some reason in rebellion to God, and out of pride, greed, unthankfulness, bitterness, hate for their neighbor and hate for God–for any of these reasons people choose to love and make a lie, to create for themselves a strong delusion, which God will give people over to whatever fantasies they choose to believe. Then you lose your sanity and your power, and you are a lost soul.

            If you have a little faith still, you can still get your heart and mind back. You just need a little bit. The very last page of the Bible, God warns us twice, like his last plea with us — telling us that outside Heaven’s gates are all those who LOVE AND MAKE A LIE.

            There’s nothing wrong with fearing God. It’s healthy. The Bible says: The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.

          • Doomsday One

            Unless you have some astronomical evidence to support your assumptions your talking to a wall……

          • cab

            I have tons of it, but you consider the Bible to be a piece of x rated, fearmongering garbage that you agreed with someone that it scares people and ought not to be allowed. As you say, talking to you is like talking to the wall. Did you catch the Thunderbolts video I posted? Really, our Planet is not floating in a vacuum, and there’s a lot going on ‘out there’ now and in the past, and more to come in the future.

          • Doomsday One

            Unless you have something that remotely concerns evidence, which I know you don’t or you would have shown it by now…. Time to move on to something else……Enjoy your paranoia.

  • Doomsday One

    Whats this got to do with Meade?

    • cab

      The danger of a big planet like Nibiru, aka Planet of the Crossing aka The Destroyer aka The Frightener, etcetera, is not that it will crash into Earth. The danger is the big tails it has, full of debris. Also, the plasma field which will affect the earth very strongly, triggering earthquakes and tsunamis. Obviously the Earth has been through these kind of destructive horrors many times in the past, and our Bible says this will be the worst yet.

      Hey, I’m not apologizing for believing the Bible. In fact I know that every word is true. I know it. If the Bible says it, that’s all I need to know. And you people who hate the Bible and think the Bible is fairy tales, have never read it, and your idea of ‘studying’ the Bible is to read or listen to atheists mock it out.

      Humanity had to go through a whole lot of stuff to be able to have that Bible. A lot of people were martryed so we could have it. For a lot of years it was a big secret, and even the priests didn’t know what it said because it was all in latin.

      You guys may think evil does not exist, and that there is no such thing as a spirit world, but evil does exist. And I’ll bet you both dabble in the occult and the Dark Side. But there’s a reason why humanity had to go through such a lot to be able to have a Bible, and why it took so long. It’s because the Bible is really the Truth and it has so much power in it. There is a god of this earth named Lucifer/Satan, and of course that entity does not want people to have a Bible.

      The Bible came to us on a river of blood, and communities of people who had only a few hand copied books were chased down and burned alive along with their manuscripts.

      But we all did finally get our Bible. And yes I sure do believe it, every word. The parts that I don’t understand I let them sit and wait for another day. Meantime, there’s more than enough there that I do understand to give me enough to think about and act upon.

      I’m sure neither one of you debunkers have ever read the Bible, don’t know what it says and don’t care. I shudder to think where you do get your spiritual beliefs, but atheism goes against common sense and basic sanity. I’m sure there are no atheists on this website, so you’re wasting your time to try to debunk anything here.

      The 9/23 star sign of Revelation 12 has notified Planet Earth that the Tribulation has begun. We’ll see what happens in the days to come, and I’m glad that I read The Book so I know already what’s coming and I can prepare. I know the U.S. is going to be the first to go (after Damascus) … and that it will start out with an all-day eclipse and end with an attack by an ‘assembly of great nations’ that will result in total destruction. Read Jeremiah 50 and 51 and Rev. 16, 17 and 18. There’s more scripture than that, but those 5 chapters alone should be enough to inform anyone of what’s coming to America–even someone totally ignorant of any Bible at all but who is willing to take one hour just to read those 5 chapters.

      That’s why God gave us the Bible — so we wouldn’t be stumbling in the dark. If people want to be willfully blind, then I’m surely not going to be listening to those kind of people to tell me anything. Let the blind lead the blind.

      • Doomsday One

        Show me Nibiru….Point to a star map and show me where it is.

        • cab

          Nibiru has never been identified on any star map. The closest we’ve come to getting any kind of tracking information on Nibiru is Dave Dobbs, who created a model of how it’s supposedly travelling around Nemesis, and has predicted the last couple sightings of it. I posted a link to his latest interview on L&M on 8/30 (see below).

          Dobbs says Nibiru will be making its last pass in January.

          If you want to know if I even believe Nibiru is real or not — I am ambivalent. The evidence is circumstantial pretty much, but there’s a lot of it, and I’m on the fence about Nibiru.

          I’m not on the fence about the Bible prophecies or the star sign or the eclipse. I do think God is telling the world and especially the U.S. that time is just about up and either repent and get right or really bad things are going to happen, worse than Harvey, way worse.

          I don’t think the star sign depends on Nibiru, even tho Nibiru represents the Red Dragon, or it has always meant that to me. But I’m not expert on the star sign as far as its continued movements in the constellations. Truthfully, my mind was locked into the idea of Nibiru showing up on 9/23 to confront Jupiter. But the star sign once-in-history alignment was indeed fulfilled, but without the great red dragon. Does that mean the star sign didn’t really happen? I’m undecided about that.

          It might get fulfilled as the planets move around, but I haven’t checked Stellarium myself because I honestly don’t know how to interpret any of that. I don’t even know if I believe the star sign can be fulfilled without Nibiru. There’s more to the star sign than just a one-day alignment.

          The star sign itself has more parts that are unfolding as the wandering stars move around in the constellations.

          Whether Nibiru shows up or not, my Bible tells me that early in the Tribulation America will be destroyed.

          But as of this moment, because of the eclipse of 8/21 and the star sign which I lean to supporting it as a signpost — I do believe the Tribulation began on 9/23/17.

          I’m certain from my study of the scriptures that the first half of the Tribulation is nuclear war, and then comes the ‘world peace’ part with the Jewish false messiah ruling the world.

          Early in the first half of the Tribulation, the Bible does prophesy an eclipse at noon for the U.S. and that we will be attacked and destroyed that same evening. There are other ways that America can be put in the dark — like Yellowstone blowing its top for example. Or Nibiru can show up in early 2018 and eclipse the sun. I can’t put a date on when the U.S. will be attacked and destroyed, other than looking to see Nibiru appearing which would blot out the sun, and provide the window of opportunity for America’s destruction. But so could Yellowstone blowing. The Bible says that the U.S. won’t lift a finger to defend herself even tho we’ll all be well aware that the confederation will be on its way to do us in.

          If there really is a Nibiru, the government is not going to tell anybody until the very last minute.

          I’m not certain about Nibiru. My obsession is with the scriptures and the prophecies about Daughter of Babylon. My main reason for following the whole Nibiru debate is because of the scriptures that talk of the sun going down at noon for Daughter of Babylon, and because of the Great Red Dragon appearing in the star sign. Nibiru has been described as looking like a firey red dragon, whose size and tails would be able to eclipse the sun at noon until the evening.

          Flooding is going on all over the planet, and I think God is telling the planet to repent and stop the wars and killing, mostly coming from the U.S. who is the private mercenary opreation for the world Banksters. God is telling the world that things are going to get 100 percent worse if humanity doesn’t get a grip on ourselves and our own governments.

          I think our time is running out, that America is hanging by a thread and the world is on the brink of nuclear war.

          With or without Nibiru.

          Meantime, here’s a really interesting interview with Dave Dobbs on 8/30 on LNM with Michael Vara. Dobbs has always seemed to be the most accurate and persistent tracker of Nibiru and he’s talking a couple more passes of Nibiru before it goes back to Nibiruland with Nemesis, whatever.

          • cab

            If you listen to Dave Dobbs’ interview, start in about at 20 minutes.

  • “I still don’t understand those who write in trying their best to debunk any theory…” in my case it is a very specific reaction to seeing someone say they were thinking of committing suicide because these stories being posted were scaring them and making them depressed. Also to the fact that every single time. a Planet X-er makes a claim that the planet will arrive in our sky, they are wrong. Every. Single. Time.

    As these so-called experts on the subject claim that they and only they have the knowledge and details that are being hidden from the general public, it makes you wonder why they are so consistently and shockingly inaccurate…? David Meade, as an example, has gotten it wrong every time he’s suggested a date – he’s been wrong twice this year already, and is due to be wrong again at the end of October!

    He has, in fact, gotten it so wrong that even true believers in this so-called planet have started turning on him and calling him a liar – and I am very pleased about that! Finally people are starting to realise he’s a man who doesn’t have any proof, he simply wants to profit from scaring people!

    “My only conclusion is they are afraid and the only way they get comfort is to attack those who propose theories like Planet X.”

    I get no comfort from attacking anyone… I am just giving people the thing they don’t find here: the truth! I get comfort in knowing that when you use logic to debunk things you don’t end up scaring stupid people in to spending their money on something that simply isn’t true, or getting so worried they’re considering suicide over something that simply doesn’t exist and no evidence supports it.

    “NASA has already committed to the great possibility of Planet Nine, as they call it, but it makes no difference what you name it.”

    Yes, NASA has considered there may be another large body in our system. But this has nothing to do with Planet X and, if you look at the theory behind it, this actually goes against all of the Planet X mythology – so to suggest it may be one in the same thing is blatantly silly. For one thing it is so far away from us it never even approaches the inner solar system – it’s even further away than Pluto is.

    Again, this article relies upon faith, not science. As I repeatedly state in these posts: faith is not science. There’s no science or evidence at the moment that supports this theory. At all. You can believe in unicorns, but it doesn’t mean they exist.

    Also: Dave, I thought you were giving up writing about Planet X in October? That’s what you told me a few times… you seemed to be accepting it wasn’t worth it because the experts had been wrong again and again?

    Maybe it isn’t the deniers who doth protest too much…

    • Doomsday One

      Great post! I am not protesting…I do not really give a damn what they believe to be honest….What I do care about is the fact that very little if any research goes into some of these articles here…..And I agree Faith is not Science and is one of the most dangerous words in any language.

      • cab

        So what do you think we should do about the crazy Christians who believe their Bible? We should not be allowed to have websites or even talk to each other? Maybe try to carry on secret conversations among ourselves, even tho the Internet and telephone is all monitored too?

        Maybe you should put us all on a desert island somewhere? Maybe just kill us off ? What do you think is the solution to people like me who say we have accounting with our Creator who gave us a Bible we can believe and trust?

        And you guys who think the creation created itself should be able to tape our mouths shut because you have the guns and the money to do it?

        You guys say reality is whatever you want it to be, and nobody can dispute you. That rather makes you on a par with God, doesn’t it? The author of Truth? You guys can proclaim what is true and the rest of us must agree with you or else?

        People who have a fear of God and of judgment are the fortunate ones. The Bible says, “Fear of God is the BEGINNING of Wisdom.” People throughout history have put God ahead of everything — money, fame, even their own life, because it’s obvious God is real and we all know we’re not going to live forever. Maybe you guys should follow the example of the ‘poor scared person’ that inspired you to come here to spew your dire warnings against people like us.

        Have you heard about Yellowstone?

        I’m just wondering where you guys get your calm belief that all is well on Planet Earth, and why your danger radar doesn’t work the way ours do. Even what if you get in a car crash on the way home from work–are you ready to face your Creator? Or you have wished Him away and you’ll deal with that later (when it’s too late)?

        Do you guys even bother to keep your gas tank full, or stock up on some beans and rice at least? Maybe you both have tickets to the Underground Cave Cities?

        • Doomsday One

          You say an awful lot not to say nothing at all.

        • “So what do you think we should do about the crazy Christians who believe their Bible? We should not be allowed to have websites or even talk to each other? Maybe try to carry on secret conversations among ourselves, even tho the Internet and telephone is all monitored too?”

          > You can read and write and believe whatever you want about the Bible and God – but you can’t present it as science as we know from science that a large portion of what is in it is scientifically invalid. Which is the point being made: faith is NOT science.

          “What kind of ouiji board are you guys using that makes YOU so sure you are right that the world is in great shape and God doesn’t exist and the Bible is just blabber and we should all just relax and enjoy life, and kick the doomsayers off the Internet maybe too while you’re at it?”

          > Science! But, of course, of the 300+ million Gods worshiped on Earth I am sure *you* picked the right one…

          “What do you think is the solution to people like me who say we all have an accounting with our Creator who gave us a Bible we can believe and trust?”

          > God (or your Creator) didn’t give you the Bible. The Bible was written thousands of years after the alleged events based on second hand stories passed down from people who weren’t even there! The first people on Earth didn’t get handed a Bible… they couldn’t possibly have been because Jesus wasn’t the first person on Earth and the Bible was based on his life… try using your brain!

          “It’s not allowed to have a faith in God? Only faith in nothing? Atheism is all that’s allowed?”

          > Believe whatever you want and put forth that belief, just don’t claim that is science and fact when you have no facts or science on which to base the claim. Faith is NOT science… are you getting the message yet?

          “…the Bible says there will be multitudes of people murdered by people like you.”

          > The Bible also says that in certain circumstances Christians are allowed to commit what we would consider murder… what’s your point?

          “I can even see the day coming when people won’t be allowed to have Bibles at all.”

          > I suspect if that ever happens at all it will be because people simply stop believing. Not because people are forced to… I am perfectly happy for people to carry on with whatever faith they have so long as they don’t use it to harm themselves or others. Why should my life be dictated to based on what you believe? Atheists don’t want religion banned – we just don’t want our lives dictated to based on myths and legends that can’t be substantiated at all… and I don’t want it taught as science! Why? Because faith is NOT science!!

  • cab

    DDD, never heard of air rods before — totally weird. The article said you can only see them on film? But yours was floating around and almost let you touch it! That’s just too weird.

  • cab

    9/11 ALL OVER AGAIN!

    These are not ordinary fires. These are Directed Energy Weapons being used, which is why the so –called ‘forest fires’ are not burning the trees.

    This is ongoing. Just like 9/11 – the Banksters are using their DEW weapons on the civilians just like they did on 9/11. Notice the trees are not burned, just the buildings, even those made of brick and concrete, leaving little to no debris behind. Just like 9/11. They have terrible weapons to use against us, terrible weapons. Do pay attention to this, and notice the missing windows in the cars and that the buildings are pretty much just gone. Just like 9/11 – and notice that these wildfires are not burning up any of the threes.

    Instead, this is an attack on civilians using Directed Energy Weapons just like 9/11. The Jewish Bankster plan is depopulation
    of the world, crashing the American economy so we can get going with their one-world currency and government.

    What’s left of the one world after these Nihilistic maniacs get done with their attack on humanity. Jerry Brown is in on this I’m sure. Jesuits and
    Jews are two sides of the same coin.

  • LittleMoney Salvia

    Bounced on my boy’s air rod to this for 3 Planet X days. Love these eye-opening articles. I go out on a regular basis looking for some of these signs of the end of days, can’t wait ’till I see a really big one like this. Keep up the great work.

  • Larry Yelen

    “Air Rod”? As in A-Rod?

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