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David Meade on Late Night in the Midlands

David Meade
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My opening statement:

Thank you for pursuing this topic tonight. It’s the biggest story of the century, if people would research it and report it correctly.

You, and a few others like you who have interviewed me, Glenn Beck included, are very, very close to solving a 5,000-piece puzzle.

It’s right in front of you; whereas, what I call the “mass media,” by which I mean the news aggregators (as opposed to the interviewers), does almost no research and reports incorrectly from the onset.

The mass media made up a story that I’m a “Christian numerologist.” I don’t even know what that is. I utilized cryptography and the amazing Book of Revelation and Stellarium astronomical software to decrypt Revelation 12, which I believe in retrospect marks the end of the 2,000-year Church Age. This is huge. It just happened at dawn over Jerusalem on the 23rd of September.

However, as I’ve said on my website:

  1. I expect nothing to happen in September.
  2. The Revelation 12 sign is a spiritual sign only.
  3. It is primarily for Israel, the Jewish people–it is not even designed for the Church.
  4. It does tell the Church, though, something amazing: we are at the end of an historical age this Autumn of 2017.

Now the problem with the media is that they try to discern exact dates. Is it possible? Remotely.

You see, the Book of Revelation is very complex. I have studied it for 20 years and I actually expected most of the people who bought my book to be students of eschatology, but I don’t think so.

The Book of Revelation is written in non-linear sequence. You can’t pinpoint an exact week or even a month for an event. You can pinpoint, however, a range of years. You can even pinpoint a season, such as this Autumn, as a point of beginning.

Now, will it help to worry? A lot of people ask me. Of course not. I worry about nothing. But it will help to become educated. A lot of my information is public knowledge and some is esoteric. Let’s take an example of public knowledge:

The Cascadian Subduction Zone most people are aware of. When it implodes it will have 30 times the energy of the San Andreas Fault Line. Now the New Yorker, a couple of years ago, and Fox News, have produced articles and TV programs about this scenario. I’m not the first one to bring it up. It affects the Western Coast from Vancouver to Northern California. There are two tectonic plates that are overdue for action and seismologists are predicting a 9.2 is probable.

So, for example, what do I tell people? I say, like the preppers and survivalists I write to in my book, have a bug-out plan and have emergency food and water. If you’re near the Long Valley Caldera in California or Yellowstone, have those items and a filter mask. That’s just common sense.

So from that point of view, my advice is common sense. It’s not so much what Planet X represents as a dwarf star; let’s take that out of the equation. The sun recently released an X10 solar flare. That’s huge. Then you have a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico City, which in the equivalent Richter scale of the early 1900s–an 8.1. Really? Yes. It took down San Francisco in 1906.

In Bali, you have a supervolcano about to erupt. The alert level there is 3, one mark away from the highest. But the tourists are still pouring in. Where is the common sense?

My book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival is the most complete survival guide available on Planet Earth. It decrypts Revelation and reveals many mysteries of deep space. I would advise people to pay attention.

Wake up and pay attention.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX.

  • BeaveVillage

    Just another day before the Tribulation Period… 3 hurricanes, massive earthquakes, and now a mass shooting. David, you may be onto something.

  • cab

    Nobody has ever said Nibiru, Planet X, is going to crash into earth. David Meade never said that and I don’t know anyone else who has either. Yet some people are erecting a strawman around David Meade to that effect.

    David Meade has pointed out some undeniable facts that prove that the world is getting ready for a catastrophe.

    David Meade is certainly not a liar. And the 9/23/17 date is not a joke, because it’s a star sign that gave us a crucial date, the beginning of the Tribulation spoken of in Revelation and elsewhere throughout the Bible.

    He has never said any huge planet is going to crash into Earth, and I don’t know anyone else who has said that either. The Bible does speak of Wormwood, described as a ‘burning mountain’ crashing into the earth sometime during the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation. David Meade has spoken of the trail of debris that Planet X brings with it, and this could be where Wormwood comes from. Could be.

    The Bible prophesies cosmic events that will cause the sun to be blotted out at noon, that will make the earth ‘wobble like a drunkard,’ and other such prophecies. The world has entered into the last 7 years we will be on this earth, a time the Bible describes as the worst time the earth has ever seen, likened to the ‘days of Noah.’ Those days resulted in every person on the earth dying except for Noah and his family. So the Revelation 12 star sign is of huge significance, and the churches should be full of people repenting, fasting, and praying for mercy.

    David Meade and other researchers have been discussing the tenth planet, for a lot of years. Perhaps Planet X is not part of the Great Tribulation–perhaps. You can call whatever cosmic bodies are out there any name you want, but if these cosmic bodies had no ability to affect the earth the governments of the world would not be spending so much money and monitoring what is hapepning ‘out there’ so closely.

    David Meade did not prophesy end of the world on 9/23–rather, the date is significant for a beginning of tribulation.

    Jesus taught that the Tribulation would begin slow and then heat up so that by the end of the first 3.5 years, after a nuclear war and earthquakes and plagues, after the complete destruction of Daughter of Babylon, the earth will enter into a world government run by the antichrist with a mandatory uniform monetary system.

    The star sign of 9/23/17 spoken of in Revelation 12, does not begin and end with the first two verses, but goes on to more verses following, describing the incarnation of Satan coming to earth, and as the scripture says “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth for Satan has come down to you in great wrath for he knows his time is short.”

    Bad things are coming to the world. David Meade never prophesied end of the world on 9/23. Rather, 9/23/17 marks the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation spoken of all through the Bible, and especially the last book of the Bible Revelation.

    It is a huge date and the biggest sign ever given to man, outside of the star of Bethlehem.

    Even if we had no Bible at all, it’s obvious from the signs of the times that mankind is hurtling toward war and self destruction. Furthermore, the whole subject of Planet X and Nibiru is of great interest to a lot of people, and there are prophecies in the Bible (lots) that seem to require something like Planet X to accomplish, as Gil Broussard has charted out so thoroughly. I’m sure that people who are scoffing at the Holy Bible won’t be laughing as the days go by.

    The last thing any of us should do is discount the Rev. 12 star sign or its significance. It holds many other answers besides the beginning of the Tribulation, if we just follow on down past the first 2 verses.

    I don’t understand people expecting a pretrib rapture on 9/23.

    I have been very much captivated by the Revelation 12 star sign and been writing on it also, and I was way off on my assessments of what might be happening on that certain day. Since 9/23 has come and gone I’ve learned that Stellarium carries the message in the stars further past the first two verses on into the rest of the star sign. The Tribulation has begun, and Planet Earth has been notified. David Meade is a good researcher and I’m sure he has a lot of the missing pieces to the puzzle as to what is going to happen in the next seven years.

    Beyond that, the Bible tells everything. I’ve seen some good discussion on the meaning of scripture that talks about these days we are living in on YouTube. And more people are joining in to share their insights as they also read the Bible, and I expect as the days go by that more people will be picking up their Bibles to find answers.

    I’m thankful for Planet X News and David Meade and the other writers on this website who have been out in front on bringing news concerning the Last Days we’re all living in and also for providing a forum for people to ask questions and talk about it.

  • David Hines

    Well written. Thanks for the support from all of us at


  • cab

    Here’s some hard truth that will scare you. Caleb says we’re already halfway through the Tribulation, and coming up fast to midtrib. First thing
    to happen will be total destruction of America. Make your peace with
    God now. Caleb doesn’t shoot his mouth off. He’s put a lot of study
    and careful thought into all his conclusions. He’s also collaborating
    with people just like himself, people who are going over all the
    scriptures, harmonizing them, not reading things into or out of the
    scriptures, but just reading and accepting the Bible as truth and
    putting the pieces together without bias or wishes and dreams. That’s
    how you get Truthful answers.

  • Jon Sable

    Out of all these men, is there not one that can kneel down and ask? If God is speaking to them, then it shouldn’t be a mystery so deeply hidden that it takes a genius astrologer or numerologist to figure it out.
    God should be near you. He is a near God and a Dear God. With the deepest mystery being “Christ in you the hope of glory.” He is easy. He can easily speak. What will you do if you need Him today to help you? Will you search for a deep mystery hidden for 4000 years meant just for you, revealed in the stars – to help you win a battle over anger, a pout, or chaos, a swarm of bees, a battle with depression, a loved one hurt or sick, a job opportunity, a bill, food? No, He loves you, you are cherished.!

    “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.’”
    ‭‭Matt.‬ ‭18:20‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬ if you believe that, just ask, an

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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