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Waiting for the next catastrophe

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
bio and articles

Arrived back from Mexico on the 23rd September without incident, I am pleased to say.

I met a couple from Jersey (USA) named Ed and Deb and they were great company. Yes, the conversation got around to Planet X and I think I made a believer out of Ed–well, at least he was going to look deeper into the subject.

We also met a couple from Texas in Karen’s Bar in Playa Del Carmen–great place to hang out while the women went shopping. They took a picture of my wife and me, as well as Ed and his wife, and placed the label on the bottle as well as in a picture frame–pretty neat.

The gentleman from Texas texted his father, whom I understand had read some of my articles, and his father wanted his son to have his picture taken with me which I complied willingly.

While in Mexico, earthquakes were going on but we were far away and did not feel any effects, I am happy to report, but feel for those poor people caught up in it.

Now that I am home I am just waiting for the next catastrophe, as I am almost certain another will hit somewhere in the world. I am not certain but Planet X could all have had something to do with it and I know some will be all over that statement. I believe something strange is going on as the sun is a lot hotter than normal, especially for this time of year, and with multiple hurricanes and earthquakes we should all start paying attention.

I have read comments about David Meade and I just ask everyone to cut the guy some slack. Even though he has written books and makes money from the sales doesn’t make him a fraud. He is trying his best to give you as accurate info as he can, even though the 23rd September came and went without incident. One of the most difficult things is to give you an accurate date and if you don’t like what he writes then don’t read it. I wish I knew as much as he does but unfortunately I am like most and don’t have expertise I wish I had. All I can do is search the Web and get info from others far smarter than I am and bring it to you in my articles.

I am watching CNN and I can’t believe that Trump’s statement about the NFL taking a knee gets all day coverage when we have North Korea saying that the US has declared war on them and that now gives them the right to shoot down American planes. I truly think that this is far more newsworthy and they should have the military brass on the program to let people know how they will defend the United States’ citizens. This could turn out to be the biggest catastrophe of the century.

If NASA does not believe that there is a Planet X then why are they looking for it? Check out this article for more info.

Man discovers telescope image of Planet X, according to British newspaper, and they also reported that an asteroid will come close to Earth on October 12th.

With the mainstream news debunking Planet X and the social media swinging both ways, it is very difficult for you to know whom to believe. It is a judgment call that you have to make. There are those who don’t believe, those who do believe no matter what anyone says and there are those on the fence who flip back and forth, which is probably the majority of you.

I just look at all the changes that are happening to our planet and believe that something is going on or why would the governments make all the preparations for an apocalypse?

Stay safe and keep your eyes on the skies. DDD signing off.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX.

  • cab

    Welcome back, Doomsday Dave!

    This website is lacking in articles on what the Bible says about these days we live in. Everything does NOT hinge on information on Planet X. Planet X is a possible explanation for a whole lot of events that are foretold to happen, but the point is not to know which cosmic body is destroying the earth. The point is to know why and when and how and where.

    These are the important questions that everybody is seeking answers to. This website needs a solid, sensible real Christian writer to talk about the scriptures. Not a cultic or an atheist, but somebody who actually believes the Bible, and treats it as the treasure trove of answers and wisdom that it is, somebody to put the pieces together.

    David Meade has contributed some pieces to the puzzle, but when it comes to tieing it all together or making predictions he doesn’t have what it takes.

    Meantime, I have been listening to this young man and another woman who he has teamed up with, whose channels intersected, and they recognized they were on the same track and began to pool their insights and work together. You may not agree with every detail, and I don’t agree myself, but they are details that don’t interfere with the overall solution to the Big Picture they offer.

    The Great Tribulation has started, and America will be the first to
    go. There is much more to think about than getting publicity for a
    stupid Internet book. David Meade needs to get saved, to get a modern Bible and actually read it with a believing heart and mind. He’s
    running off YouTubes and other people’s opinions and his research into government stats and numerology.

    To be a meaningful part of this discussion, he needs to be able to read the Bible and put the pieces together, but that calls for faith, and David Meade’s faith is in the Catholic institution, not in the Bible. It’s the blind leading the blind. He might have some good points to share on the DUMBs and government doings and the latest scoop on Nibiru.

    But the real answers are in the scriptures.

    The Tribulation has already started, but we won’t see the antichrist for 3.5 years. Meantime, America is likened to modern-day Nineveh, and none of us are ready for what’s coming. And it’s coming a lot faster than we thought it would.

    (for those looking for Bible answers)

    No, everything is NOT okay, and NO, we are NOT all getting raptured out. And NO America is not invincible, and in fact we are first on the list to go, according to the Bible.

    Some people have brains that work, and work better than mine do, so I recommend this link and the others that go with this channel.

    Not all the details are right, but at least these guys have taken the big
    picture of scripture and put the pieces together, along with the star
    sign, and are not focused on one small area and conjecturing on the

    David Meade is a Catholic, and Catholics are not known for their Bible expertise, which is why he’s giving us guesses and numerology and government stats and prophecies from Jewish mystics. NOT Bible.

  • Doomsday One

    Cut him some slack huh? Well stop the fear mongering and the slack will start.

    • cab

      He’s not fear mongering. Just the opposite. He’s offering false hope and people aren’t facing what’s in front of us. The country should have been repenting in sackcloth and ashes a long time ago. The Tribulation is here, and we’re all going to die, every one who stays here. The Bible says to get out of the country. What will it take for people realize these are the Last Days, not a joke. This is the real deal. The star sign sealed it. The eclipse foretold it and verified the star sign. Even without a Bible or any knowledge of the Bible, people should be able to see what’s coming, and it’s not good. The Bible says in Romans 1 that God reveals Himself in his Creation and there is NO EXCUSE FOR ANYONE TO NOT BELIEVE IN HIM. Further, God is longsuffering but not forever-suffering, and God is a jealous God. He has a RIGHT to be, when people are lip smacking and bowing to plastor of Paris statues and silly men parading around in ridiculous costumes with big hats all embroidered, etcetera — it’s about as bad as when the Jews melted all their jewelry and made a golden calf to worship. Remember that one? Moses had gone up on the mountain to meet with God and get the instructions of what God’s people were to do. Hardly had he turned his back and they were dancing around an idol and thanking that ‘thing’ for bringing them out of Egypt.

      Pretty soon people will not be forgetting God anymore. Americans are asleep, as Jeremiah 50 and 51 says “Oh most proud,” and says we are the ‘hammer of the whole earth,’ and ‘destroyer of the whole earth’ and ‘destroying mountain’ he calls us and says “God will turn you into a burning mountain and roll you down.”

      The coming plagues and final total destruction of America will be the most horrific and total of anything the world has ever seen, including Sodom and Gomorrah. When it’s all over, the nations that travel over us in planes or pass by in ships will hiss, blow out their air in shock and amazement to see what we were and will have become.

      Where were the pastors to preach repentance? And what were the Christians doing meantime? Waiting for a pretrib rapture that doesn’t exist except in fictional fairy tales by people looking to make merchandise of our souls, people like Tim LaHaye and his devotees.

      The Bible is not a book of fiction, and we’ll all be finding that out firsthand, and it won’t be pleasant.

      • Doomsday One

        Yep…And your fear mongering right along with him…You people been preaching this last days stuff hundreds if not thousands of years and we are still here……Keep crying wolf and that many more people are going to continue to ignore it……Then when and if something does happen no one will be ready because y’all have cried wolf so much no one is going to pay it any attention…….Fear sells.

        • cab

          I didn’t write the Bible. God did. Even without a Bible, any sensible person can see we are on the brink of nuclear war. Nibiru? Who can really say. I’m thinking Nibiru might show up this spring, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. But I do bet my life that America is a hair away from total destruction. Why don’t people care? It’s obvious what’s coming.

          • Doomsday One

            And what exactly is coming? God did not write the Bible men did therefore its fallible in every sense of the word….Nibiru is an internet hoax now and as always been an internet hoax. It only takes a look at the history of these failed prophetic events to realize they never happen..The prophecy of the Bible is so open ended you can make anything fit into it just fill in the blanks….And who says the prophets of the Bible were talking about the future of the entire world? They were in their on little world themselves and most likely referring to their time and future in the place they lived.

          • cab

            I already said it. Anybody with any sense can see the world is hurtling toward destruction, war, mass death. Those with Bibles know it will end with the second coming of Christ and a restoration of the earth, and a raising of the righteous dead to inherit the earth. But whether or not you believe that part, the other part, the wars and destruction is obvious to anybody who’s looking. If you don’t see it, maybe you’re just not looking? You don’t see World Nuclear War bearing down like a freight train?

            So you really think that the universe created itself out of nothing? You don’t believe in a Creator? You put your faith in — in what? How did you get here? Pinch yourself, and maybe you don’t really exist?

            Dream on. Do the math. nothing plus nothing equals nothing. Infinity plus nothing equals infinity.

            God is infinity. No beginning. God is not stupid and God doesn’t take his hands off his Creation and let it go on forever doing more evil things as it chooses. Mankind is about to blow itself up — and God is intervening with natural disasters and ways to get our attention, to repent. The eclipse was one warning God has given, and the prophecies are all through the Bible as to what is coming.

            It will all last for 7 years, and then it will all be over. It will be a new world after that. But for now, it’s going to be Hell on earth. The star sign happened once in history, never to be repeated. The constellations tell a story, and the whole story wasn’t told in one day on 9/23/17. That was the BEGINNING of the 7 year story.

            Early on in the 7 years comes the total destruction of America. Not one single person or animal left alive, and not one building still standing. Nothing but dust. That’s what is coming. The Bible says God wanted to spare us and God would have spared us if we had repented, but we did not repent.

            It is what it is. Even if you get out of the country, which is actually a very good idea, even so we are all mortal beings and we will all die someday. None of us lives forever. We all will give an account to our Creator.

            This isn’t Disneyland. We are not here for a picnic. As the Bible says in Revelation 14: Worship God and give him glory. You are just a creature, not God. You are not the one to decide what is true or not true. Truth stands on its own. We are creatures and our duty is to love God and to seek and embrace the truth, not to try to invent it in our own minds, as though we are God ourself and can just project our wishes and dreams into the air and they will take shape into reality.

            Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Humility and thankfulness is the secret to life, also to guard our hearts and minds, and to refuse to harden our hearts.

            If you want to try to stumble in the dark without a Bible, you will end up dead anyway, but your immortal soul will be in a bad way because we all do owe an accounting to our Creator.

          • Doomsday One

            Yadda, Yadda, Yadda….Your preaching is falling on deaf ears…..So the world is in trouble? So all these wars, earthquakes, natural disasters and other things are all new and just started happening recently? The US is never mentioned in the Bible so how do you equate whats going on with a 2500 year old book? You can’t…..You believe that all these catastrophes are some how related to some eminent doom? NewsFlash! These things have been going on since the dawn of man and are nothing new….

            Find a life please or take off the blinders….Whats going on now has nothing to do with any end time conspiracy and thats all your talking about is a conspiracy and nothing more……And one more thing you cannot prove the Bible with itself its impossible…..

            Here we are 2500+ years later:

            We have false prophets; They had them then too.
            Wars…Well they been going on since before this Jesus so they are nothing new.
            Famines..Agian nothing new been going on for thousands of years.
            Earthquakes…Now heres the real kicker….There are no more Earthquakes now than there were then.
            Tribulation, this is made up by Christians.
            Gospel Preached throughout the World….Not. Because not everyone will buy it…..Contrary to what the believers of Christianity think its not the only accepted religion in the World.

            So you see…These are 6 things that are suppose to indicate the End Times…Problem is here abouts they continue to happen over all the world and we are still here….No Rapture no nothing….

          • cab

            The Bible is talking about the United States in these very days we live in, as we round out the last of the 6th century of life on Planet Earth.

            Bible describes a nation just like ours, says it will be destroyed in one hour, a wicked nation that has corrupted the world and been the ‘hammer of the whole earth’ and ‘with defenses mounted up to heaven’ (literally).

            And the Tribulation period is 7 years, of which 3.5 have already gone past and looks to me like the U.S. is susceptible to total destruction any day.

            If you think life goes on and all is well and you have nothing to fear from your Creator, owing him nothing including acknowledgement that he even exists — then that is between you and God. You can explain all that to Him, because your opinion doesn’t affect me other than to feel pity and to make me sad to think people could be so lost.

            Most probably when all this horror starts raining down on America, guess who will be blamed? People like me will get the blame. The Bible even says that once the world government comes into power that Christians will be persecuted and killed in multitudes.

            Jesus taught that our soul is without price, and said what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but to lose his own soul and be cast away. Life is a test, a race. We’re not here for a picnic.

          • Doomsday One

            All conspiracy theory…Still have not explained how castastrophe signals some huge end time event….How can it describe a nation like the US when the US never existed then? No, Bible believers just fill in the blanks with what they think fits. All in all unless you can prove that all these natural disasters are religion related i.e. (Bible) then your wasting my time and yours….And your opinion means little to me at this point especially since you have failed to point out how natural disasters signal some great end time event since they have been happening for literally thousands years even before the Bible.

          • cab

            Re catastrophe. Catastrophe comes when humankind forgets God. The Bible says in the last days it will be ‘as in the days of Noah.’ And the Bible says God ‘saw that men were violent always’ and ‘regretted that he had made man.’

            So that’s what’s going on now. And when the Second Coming happens, Jesus will ‘punish those who destroy the earth’ as scripture says.

            There are little kids stacked up in cages in the DUMBs. I talked to a person who has been down there and seen them.

            When people turn away from God and turn to Satan instead and become barbarians, that’s when the crops fail, the animals die, plagues spread, people go to war, etcetera.

      • cab

        If America had only repented, God would have healed our nation and given us more time. Nineveh repented and got another 400 years. America hasn’t even had 400 years total so far.

        Babylon has been a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, and we would have healed her, but she is not healed. Jeremiah 51:7

  • cab

    Check out this link. This explains those big red (Nibiru) tails reported by Becky Lewis and some others — just chemtrails reflecting the sun.

  • Doomsday One

    Chemtrail BS….Even if it were a fake planet has nothing to do with it.

  • cab

    Here’s another video from Caleb, and he says he’s bowing out for awhile, preparing for what’s coming (Plagues and destruction)

    I want to go to Canada. I have dried food and warm blankets and supplies. Is D Dave helping anybody get over there with our stuff? I’m close to the border also, Niagara Falls border.

  • cab

    This is Carla, who has her own channel and has linked up with Caleb, and the two of them have put their two good brains together to come up with some good analysis of scripture prophecy.

  • Hi I am in South Africa and we have noticed the Moon seems to be in odd places, it was right above my house for a few nights then it moved for a few nights, to the right in about the 3 o clock position and then moved back and it seems to be keep doing this, which is odd. It moves in a cycle and that cycle seems to be off or my house is moving or we could be going nuts… All this year it does not seem to be in its usual positions as normal.

  • David Hines

    Hi Alison
    You are not nuts the moon has been doing very strange things and if you watch the moon face from night to early morning sometime the face of the moon rotates ninety degrees.


  • cab

    9/11 ALL OVER AGAIN!

    These are not ordinary fires. These are Directed Energy Weapons being used, which is why the so –called ‘forest fires’ are not burning the trees.

    This is ongoing. Just like 9/11 – the Banksters are using their DEW weapons on the civilians just like they did on 9/11. Notice the trees are not burned, just the buildings, even those made of brick and concrete, leaving little to no debris behind. Just like 9/11. They have terrible weapons to use against us, terrible weapons. Do pay attention to this, and notice the missing windows in the cars and that the buildings are pretty much just gone. Just like 9/11 – but the trees are all standing. They are attacking us with Directed Energy Weapons. The Jewish Banksters. The plan is depopulation of the world down to a few million that these evil Jews can own the world, what’s left of it after they get done with their attack on humanity. Jerry Brown is in on this I’m sure. Jesuits and Jews are two sides of the same coin.

  • cab

    Somebody write something on the California Directed Energy Fires please! This is war. This is the International Banksters declaring war on the U.S. to crash the economy. Nobody can pay for the insurance claims for this. This is NWO time for the Banksters. If this doesn’t work, something worse will follow right after this. This is the same thing they did on 9/11 to disappear seven buildings, demolecularize 7 huge buildings, all the contents including countless toilets and sinks and file cabinets, not to mention all the people inside who didn’t jump (and there were 1500 jumpers). And the wilted cars looked just like the cars in this attack on California. But the trees aren’t burned, notice that? These are just residential suburban areas, no reason for any fires. These are not parks or wildlands. They are wide open spaces with a few scattered trees, which are NOT burned!

    I’m going to publish an article here on this subject, because this is 9/11 all over again.

  • cab

    Jew Tube has been scrubbed. Anybody notice that? Only gatekeepers are allowed on or people talking about gardening or health, etcetera. Religion and politics and current events are psy opp’d. The coverage of the fires are a joke. The “Christians” allowed to broadcast are Flat Earthers who call Jesus Yeshua, etcetera. We are hanging by a thread. Our nation is dying. Where are the pastors to call for and pray for repentance? Jeremiah 50 and 51 says that we (Daughter of Babylon) ‘were once a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, and we would have healed her, but she is not healed.’

    Go ahead and call me a bigot, but everybody knows the Jews own the media, and most of the Internet. They also own the U.S. government and the U.S. military and they also own terrible weapons known as Directed Energy Weapons used on 9/11 and now on California.

    Gov. Jerry Brown (Jesuit) is a traitor, tried to destroy California this spring with the failure of the Oroville Dam but couldn’t pull it off. Now they are doing this. The Insurance claims will break the economy, send it into the Abyss.

  • cab

    OMG. This is amazing, unless Steve Olson is pulling a big, fat fast one on us. Otherwise, we are all in a lot of trouble, because this means that within a short time the sun WILL be blotted out at noon, all day into the evening, and that will be the last day of the existence of the United States. This ‘thing’ is very close, and is already doing an eclipse. It’s huge, and it will completely blot out the sun. Bible says it will happen at noon and then go into that evening, so that the whole day will be gone. That evening the confederation of great nations will come in and destroy. Bible says the U.S. will not lift a finger to defend itself, will become weak and helpless when this happens.

  • cab

    DDD, how can I contact the editor to submit an article?

    • We are not accepting new guest posts and have turned down numerous requests. Instead, everyone is welcome to post at



Urgent info only

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Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

... of Planet X / Nibiru for peer review

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