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Arrived back from Mexico on the 23rd September without incident, I am pleased to say.

I met a couple from Jersey (USA) named Ed and Deb and they were great company. Yes, the conversation got around to Planet X and I think I made a believer out of Ed–well, at least he was going to look deeper into the subject.

We also met a couple from Texas in Karen’s Bar in Playa Del Carmen–great place to hang out while the women went shopping. They took a picture of my wife and me, as well as Ed and his wife, and placed the label on the bottle as well as in a picture frame–pretty neat.

The gentleman from Texas texted his father, whom I understand had read some of my articles, and his father wanted his son to have his picture taken with me which I complied willingly.

While in Mexico, earthquakes were going on but we were far away and did not feel any effects, I am happy to report, but feel for those poor people caught up in it.

Now that I am home I am just waiting for the next catastrophe, as I am almost certain another will hit somewhere in the world. I am not certain but Planet X could all have had something to do with it and I know some will be all over that statement. I believe something strange is going on as the sun is a lot hotter than normal, especially for this time of year, and with multiple hurricanes and earthquakes we should all start paying attention.

I have read comments about David Meade and I just ask everyone to cut the guy some slack. Even though he has written books and makes money from the sales doesn’t make him a fraud. He is trying his best to give you as accurate info as he can, even though the 23rd September came and went without incident. One of the most difficult things is to give you an accurate date and if you don’t like what he writes then don’t read it. I wish I knew as much as he does but unfortunately I am like most and don’t have expertise I wish I had. All I can do is search the Web and get info from others far smarter than I am and bring it to you in my articles.

I am watching CNN and I can’t believe that Trump’s statement about the NFL taking a knee gets all day coverage when we have North Korea saying that the US has declared war on them and that now gives them the right to shoot down American planes. I truly think that this is far more newsworthy and they should have the military brass on the program to let people know how they will defend the United States’ citizens. This could turn out to be the biggest catastrophe of the century.

If NASA does not believe that there is a Planet X then why are they looking for it? Check out this article for more info.

Man discovers telescope image of Planet X, according to British newspaper, and they also reported that an asteroid will come close to Earth on October 12th.

With the mainstream news debunking Planet X and the social media swinging both ways, it is very difficult for you to know whom to believe. It is a judgment call that you have to make. There are those who don’t believe, those who do believe no matter what anyone says and there are those on the fence who flip back and forth, which is probably the majority of you.

I just look at all the changes that are happening to our planet and believe that something is going on or why would the governments make all the preparations for an apocalypse?

Stay safe and keep your eyes on the skies. DDD signing off.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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