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Yellowstone: North Korea’s ‘end game’

David Meade
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The truth is that the Yellowstone supervolcano is by far the largest volcano in North America.

A major eruption at Yellowstone would immediately end America’s status as a superpower in one single hour.

Here are the facts:

  • An eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera will spew volcanic ash 25 miles up into the atmosphere.
  • It will also blow a layer of volcanic ash 10 feet deep 1,000 miles in all directions.
  • The entire Midwest would cease in producing food. Food production in the US would be almost totally destroyed.
  • Some scientists think that up to 2/3 of the U.S. would be completely uninhabitable.

Now let’s think about North Korea for a moment. The leader has threatened to “bury the United States in ash.” Did he get the idea from watching the American disaster movie 2012? That’s exactly what happened in the movie, which his father apparently considered fascinating and watched multiple times.

Let’s look at the facts about the North Korean testing program. First, it’s apparent they have developed a hydrogen bomb. They are currently testing to determine exactly what yield of nuclear weapon will be necessary to disrupt the rock cap over the Yellowstone Caldera. In concert with foreign volcanic experts, they have been studying Mount Paektu for years.

How would they deliver the death blow? Either a Fractional Orbital Bombardments System, from one of their two orbiting satellites, or from a surplus submarine they have purchased from Russia. They simply park it by the California coast.

It delivers a crippling blow to the US economy and environment in one fell swoop.

According to the Scientific American, there was a “mystery” second burst of energy that occurred right after North Korea’s September 3rd test. It occurred 8.5 minutes after the initial blast. It appears to have been a tunnel collapse inside the testing site. Therefore, the North Koreans used a concealment cavern and detonated a super bomb deep into Mount Mantap. How much more evidence do we need of their intentions?

Seismologists speculate further that the secondary seismic event was an earthquake triggered by the test–a rock burst–which is a violent rock fracture around the many tunnels of the mountain. This is exactly the modus operandi I believe they are testing–a triggering of the Yellowstone supervolcano.

A further confirmation of my hypothesis is provided by a Russian geopolitical analyst Konstantin Sivkov who has suggested that Moscow launch an attack on the Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas fault line, noting afterward that America would “disappear” as a country.

This is a chilling scenario. It would take a relatively small megaton class of munition to initiate an eruption. In 2013, it was discovered that the magma field in Yellowstone was 2.5 times larger than previously believed. An eruption would be the equivalent of 2,000 Mount St. Helens. If the California fault line was simultaneously triggered, you would have a coastal tsunami covering the West Coast.

My book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival covers all possible and probable end-of-the-world scenarios. Time is almost non-existent. I analyze everything in the book–Planet X and every other end-time scenario that accompanies it. Everything is covered. It’s a must-read.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX.

  • cab

    We don’t need North Korea to trigger Yellowstone. This is just more warmongering. James McCanney has commented that Yellowstone Lake must be drained, because if there is a quake there and the lake sinks down into a fissure that it will make supersteam that will not only take out the U.S. but a lot of the entire planet. Draining Yellowstone Lake would be a relatively inexpensive and simple operation, but the government is not interested in doing one thing about it. It has been in the plans of the Satanists who are running/owning this planet in conjunction with Satan to take out the U.S. once she has served their purpose (of subjecting the world to the Jewish Banksters). Protocolos of the Elders and also Pike’s Morals and Dogma both call for the U.S. to be destroyed when the world is ready to form a New World Order.

    The Plan is to get one more world war going, and I see that David Meade is helping things along with his claims that we have to get in there and take out North Korea. If Mr. Meade is the Christian he claims to be, he should at least learn the basic doctrines taught in the Bible that the rapture comes at the end of the Tribulation, not before it. And also, this particular article seems to be calling for the U.S. to attack and destroy North Korea. Very bad idea, and not Christian either. Very irresponsible.

    James McCanney has warned about Yellowstone, and the past few broadcasts he has been alarmed because our own government, NASA, has come up with a TERRIBLE idea to bore down deep into the Yellowstone caldera and shoot water down there. That is exactly the kind of thing that would blow Yellowstone to the moon (farther to the moon than anything NASA ever sent there, traitors and liars that they are).

  • Brett Janovich

    Korea will perish first cuz if they do release nuclear bomb then they will die

    • Ardiana the adventurer

      Yes, in time US could defeat North Korea militarily. But they consider the risk worth taking if by so doing they can cover the US in ashes and gain an upper hand in the Korean War. It’s still going, btw, there’s only been a ceasefire for 60 years.

  • cab

    David Meade is warmongering and he is one of those false prophets the Bible warns us about — telling us that 9/23 is Rapture Day, or if not then we can wait until October, but one of those two days he says is rapture day. He’s using pictures of the rapture to promote is ‘work.’ He uses numerology to promote his work, but he pretends to be Christian.

    The Bible plainly teaches that the rapture occurs at the end of the Tribulation. For someone with the research skills of David Meade not to know this obvious fact that’s taught in the Bible, is hard for me to believe. I think instead David Meade is looking for readers and to make money and get famous, and he doesn’t care how he does it.

    I am so ashamed and embarassed to have endorsed and promoted this man’s work in the past.

    • rickie

      almost every year someone comes out and says, this is the end of the world, and it never does. sure someone will be right eventually, but its going to a long way off.

  • Carol Davila

    Wow!!! Really? You people use the Bible like a weapon in itself. What you read is different to everybody. As it always has been. I am a believer that the Bible was written by men who had their own ideas of what they thought was the way it should be. King James didn’t like the first writings so he had them rewritten the way he thought it should be. So there again written by men. Predictions of the future go back thousands of years and how the world ends has always been a mystery. The sleeping giant that most people think is the US. Is it? North Korea says it will leave the US in ashes and darkness. The ashes are bombs, yes? And darkness is an EMP, yes? As that fat little jackass uses the money he should be using to feed his people is used for more missiles and the testing of them. His people are banned from the internet and any outside information and they have always been told that the US is evil. We will see what we see and hope he realizes he is on a suicide mission whether he hides underground like the coward he is or not. This is a game of chicken these 2 men play with the lives of millions at stake. Lets all hope for the best and quit using the Bible as a means to an end.

  • Steve Bosley

    So if the world as we know it is about to end for all of us including yourself, then perhaps you could do us a favour and stop charging for your books … when do you think you are going to spend it ?

    • Robert Crouch

      Comment of the week material here Steve! 😉

      • Steve Bosley

        This week I hope – next week could be too late ! 🙂

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

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