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The great sign of the Woman and Planet X

David Meade
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God exists outside of our space-time continuum. When He created the stars, the Universe and the Earth, He had a view before Him and knew exactly how the Stellarium program would be developed and that it would discover the celestial alignment of Revelation 12:1. We further see in the Book of Revelation where God gave this information to John, the author of Revelation, through Jesus. The design of God’s Word is so intricate–it has multiple layers–it is astonishing to see how it integrates and reveals at last the knowledge of the timing.

This is a very specific prophecy in the Bible, the Great Sign of the Woman (in the constellation Virgo) with numerous specifics that identify only one date in human history. It is confirmed by God’s purposes for the celestial bodies, as seen in Genesis 1:14.

One other great mystery I will touch on briefly: It’s very interesting that the word that is used in the Book of Revelation for the Church is “ecclesia.” It’s used frequently in Revelation chapters 1-3. It is then strangely absent from the text of Revelation during the seal, trumpet and bowl judgments. It is only used again at the Second Coming of Christ at the end of Revelation. This is by design.

God knew this generation would have the technology to decrypt this sign. It was revealed to John the appointed time which was to be at hand. It was converted into a sign–the great sign of Revelation 12. We now know that this sign (being decoded by my book and Stellarium) represents a specific year, month and day. It is in the autumn of 2017. It marks the exact point where the next move of God will occur. There is absolutely no question to those who are watching. Israel’s prophetic clock will be started as the Church Age comes to an end. We have a very short window until that time–knowledge is the key to preparation.

The reason we have crumbling bridges, roads and infrastructures (including an inadequate electrical grid that is not hardened and is made with cheap Chinese parts) is that these people–the Elite–know what is about to happen. They prefer to utilize what funds they have to build deep underground military bases for themselves.

To understand the decoding of the Book of the Apocalypse and the astronomy that leads us to these conclusions, you need to read my book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival.

The Great American Solar Eclipse is occurring, placing an X over the United States. The Eclipse appears first in August of 2017 and then seven years later, at the end of the Great Tribulation, in April of 2024. This Eclipse is the Sign of Jonah spoken of by Jesus. It gives us 40 days of probation until judgment falls in October of 2017. It will come as a thief in the night, as Jesus spoke, to unbelievers and the world. Those billionaires who have purchased expensive underground shelter arrangements and are planning to fly their private planes to them when these events transpire will not make it in time.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX.

  • cab

    If the great judgment begins 40 days after the eclipse of August 21 —

    this makes the eclipse more significant than the star sign of Rev. 12, does it not?

    The eclipse was just a shadow that passed by quickly. Most people missed it altogether. Not saying thath it’s not a harbinger, but why would this eclipse be judged as more significant than the events to occur on 9/23/17?

    Namely, the Great Red Dragon (Nibiru or whatever other rogue planet it represents) will clash with Jupiter and the Bible says Jupiter will ‘go away’ in so many words.

    Furthermore, the Bible says earth will be flooded, and that ‘woe to the inhabiters of the earth, for Satan has come down to you in great wrath’ — so apparently we will have the incarnation of Satan and a great war in Heaven and the possible loss of Planet Jupiter, who acts as the guardian of our solar system to deflect comets and asteroids. Nibiru itself is said to have giant tails full of debris, huge asteroids tailing along in its firey tail.

    Why would David Meade claim that the 3 minute eclipse of the sun is more significant than the events predicted by the Revelation 12 star sign?

    I have not been keeping up with David Meade’s work in the past several months, but reading over his articles here on this website, which I’ve not visited in quite a while, my opinion is that David Meade is not understanding the scriptures, not using sound judgment in interpretation, and not harmonizing scripture.

    Wresting scripture is for false prophets, for wolves in sheep’s clothing, for those making merchandise of people’s souls.

    At the very least, basic sound doctrine on the Second Coming of Christ teaches that the Resurrection of the living and the dead occurs then, no other time, except for the two witnesses of Rev. 11. You don’t form doctrine based on exceptions, unless you are not in subjection to the scriptures and are only interested in twisting the Bible around for selfish purposes, as a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    We all have Bibles, and live in a time of the Internet, and people are literate, so I suppose we all deserve what we get if we’re not willing to pick up the Holy Bible and read it for ourselves. There are modern translations and paraphrases that are very easy to read, and anyone can read through the entire Bible in a few days using one of those Bibles. Just like reading any other book, really. Except that this is The Book, and it has power to make those who read it ‘wise unto salvation.’ It will also protect against religious shysters.

    I appreciate David Meade having at least interest in this topic to try to draw attention to it, but just like the people who were promoting lens flares as Nibiru, taking pictures of the sun and going inside to see what kind of spots their cameras would pick up that they could ship off to WSO and other shysters to promote — this all is working to make a mockery of Planet Earth’s last few years of existence and the Bible prophecies which describe to everyone just how they will occur.

Urgent info only

All the latest stories from the best alternative news sites, updated instantly

Let others review your possible Planet X / Nibiru photos

... of Planet X / Nibiru for peer review

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