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Tribulation and Planet X: Proof of the date

David Meade
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In an absolutely amazing 14-minute video, a man named Leeland Jones has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Tribulation begins on September 22, 2017.

This is the date I arrived at after extensive astronomical and Biblical cryptanalysis as the beginning of the Day of the Lord, or the Tribulation–the exact same date! The first half of the seven-year Tribulation experiences the trumpet judgments of the Apocalypse, which are caused primarily by the sudden appearance of a major celestial object–Planet X. I detail how I arrived at these dates in my book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival.

What Leeland does in this video he does visually, using a plumb line methodology. He correlates Daniel 8, Daniel 12:11 and Daniel 7:2, among other scriptures. He provides the answers to four major timelines:

  • The vision of the daily sacrifice
  • The Abomination of Desolation
  • The date of the sanctuary
  • The date of the Host trodden under foot

All of this is explained in detail. He does a reverse mirror analysis which brings us to the 9th of Av in 2015 and from there it moves forward and lands exactly on the start point of the Day of the Lord in the Fall of 2017. Everything falls together like a watch.

I cannot do justice to the man’s brilliance by explaining any more in this article; you must watch this video for yourself. It is a life-changer. It absolutely confirms my high-level cryptography as well, to the very day.

He uses multiple jigsaw problem-solving during the presentation, which is highly visual. Enough said. Here is the video:

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  • So you’re saying that in just 2 months a massive planet is going to appear in our sky from nowhere? I’m not entirely sure you understand astronomy or physics… or the fact that if a massive planet was close enough to Earth to do it damage that we’d already see it by now.

    • Joan Just

      Apparently the planet you believe is invisible is highly visible from the southern hemisphere. The signs are appearing all over planet Earth in altered weather patterns, earthquakes and volcanic erruption that something huge is affecting the Van Allen belt via solar winds from the Sun. Planet X is already causing issues with the Sun with regard to explosions…Coronal Mass Ejections. What most are concerned about is not the appearance of planet X but rather the debris field that surrounds it. Earth can and will be affected by this debris in the form of meteors. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Do some research online before you condemn others.
      On another note: My thanks to Mr. David Meade for the Leeland Jones video. It was very informative and clarifying.

      • No. Just no. The weather is changing because of global warming: every single major study in the entire world shows the same thing with the exception of those that have been paid to say the opposite.

        If there was a large planet close enough to Earth to have physical effects on Earth such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes it would be visible in the sky. It’s not possible to ‘hide’ an entire planet from one side of the Earth – that is simply a myth. Regardless, there are people living in the southern hemisphere who would see it. It is a statistical impossibility that it would not be known about… to suggest such a thing is frankly moronic.

        Again: if there were a planet with a large debris field surrounding it, you would know because the light from the sun would reflect off it all and be highly visible in our skies – you simply couldn’t not see it. What is even more laughable about this suggestion is that the planet is close enough to have a physical effect on Earth – and is surrounded by a massive debris field, yet none of the debris has smacked in to us yet? Hmmm… *sarcastically raises eyebrow*

        Which is it? The planet is either close enough to us to have a physical effect on Earth – in which case we’d almost certainly have been hit by this so called debris – or it is not close enough to have a physical effect on Earth, in which case this is a load of old twaddle as it always is.

        I’ve woken up and smelled the coffee and written this off as BS – because I actually understand some of this stuff from a scientific perspective.

        • Joan Just

          Well so do I and obviously you have been taken in by the so called “Global Warming” BS. Ever heard of something called the ecliptic? If you are so scientifically versed then you should know the meaning of that term. As far as planet Earth passing through the debris field of another planet is absolutely dependent on the intersection of the respective orbital paths in correlation to their position within the ecliptic. As I stated before – do some research. Glad you understand some of this stuff. I have a master’s degree in cosmology and teach astronomy at a state university.

          • Oh Good Lord: Climate Change is a fact, it’s a thing; it’s not Fake News. The fact that you deny it immediately tells me you have absolutely no scientific understanding whatsoever.

            If you actually had a masters degree in cosmology and astronomy then you’d already know why the ecliptic wouldn’t hide something as large as a planet and a massive debris field…

          • Joan Just

            You have no scientific understanding or education and that is highly apparent. I have no intention of sparring with you. I suggest you learn about the concepts that you purport to understand so well. You are WRONG! Goodbye!

          • I have a very GOOD scientific understanding of some of these subject matters. You obviously don’t because if you did you would understand why the elliptical plane wouldn’t hide a planet – and there is a very simple explanation as to why. I am not wrong, you just don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I’m embarrassed for you.

          • Joan Just

            You are obviously ignorant and you should be embarrassed for yourself. As I said I have no intention of sparring with someone so blatantly ignorant of scientific facts. Btw, this article and video have very little to do with astronomy. The fact that you keep focusing on the same subject is very indicative. Perhaps you should consider reading the Bible or maybe you’re an expert on that too! Get a life dude, you need one! LOL!

          • I keep focusing on the one thing because it’s the simplest thing that has flown straight over your head when you’ve claimed to have all your qualifications. It’s in fact so simple, you’d wouldn’t have even put forward your suggestion if you had the qualifications you claim. So again I will remain forever embarrassed for you.

            I have indeed read the Bible – I went to religious school for years, and I can pretty much quote the damn thing; however, as the Bible is the greatest work of fiction ever written which is completely scientifically invalid I’m not stupid enough to bring it in to a science based argument. If you do so then all you are doing is adding anecdotal and coincidental arguments which is not science at all as you’re merely manipulating fantastical tales to match up with your story; in effect it is the same as simply making things up (aka lying).

            “Get a life dude, you need one! LOL!” – says the person who claimed they would rise above replying. Let’s be honest: I put a dent in your ego because I showed you up as a liar and now you’re desperate to have the last word. I wouldn’t throw too many stones if I were you.

            We both know you’re the kind of person who won’t not be able to reply to this, so make your last word a good one, but I won’t be reading it. And apologies for making you look stupid.

          • Cee Cee

            Andy,, you are so blind. They are using chemtrails to hide the planet. Look on the web, check out Youtube. People ALL OVER THE WORLD are showing two suns at sunset, and chemtrails and wierd clouds that cover the planet. Of course, you will see it eventually. You need to put your ego aside and do some research

          • Even if chemtrails were a real things as opposed to the condensation you get created by changes in airflow etc., they could not hide a planet. Why? Because in order for that to work you would have to spread chemtrails to block out every bit of sky on Earth: aeroplanes are simply not capable of doing this because Earth is so big. The trails would also disperse on the winds before they had a chance to fully cover the sky. It should also be noted that clouds cover more of the sky than any “chemtrails” do.

            The other reason it can’t be true is that if we somehow blocked out enough sky to hide a giant planet logic dictates we wouldn’t be able to see the sun or moon either. Do you still see the sun and moon in the sky? I do! So it can’t be true. Only one of the following statements can be true under this logic, but not both; however, using a little logic we can prove that both are *not* true:
            i) Chemtrails can hide a planet, in which case we would not be able to see the sun or moon either – but we can, so we know that isn’t true;
            ii) Chemtrails cannot hide a planet, in which case what you just said isn’t true

            There’s also another thing to note which is that if we blocked out enough of the sky for long enough to hide a planet the sun’s rays would be reflected back in to the sky causing the temperature on Earth to plummet. As you know it has actually been getting progressively warmer.

            What you have said about 2 suns is also a contradiction to your claim: chemtrails can either hide a planet (and then accordingly the sun too) or they cannot. If they can, as you claim, then you wouldn’t be able to take photos of 2 suns because both would be hidden. Do you see how that works? There’s also another inconsistency in your story here: you’re replying to a post that claims you can’t see the planet/brown dwarf because it is being hidden by the ecliptic plane – but you are stating this is not true and you CAN in fact photograph it in the sky. Both of those statements cannot be true at the same time because you can either see it or you cannot. Which begs the question: if you’re so smart why did you write a post which suggests you agree with the original poster but then go on to use logic which completely contradicts the story. Once again: either he is correct, or you are – but both cannot be true at the same time because of the logic we just used.

            Incidentally what people video and photograph is either being faked or are sun flares and sun dogs. As a photographer I can go out on any evening when the conditions are right and photograph these myself, not because a giant mythical planet is nearby but because I know how to take those shots because I understand cameras and lighting!

            So that’s you utterly destroyed using logic a 4 year old could understand. You’ve made yourself look a fool! Sorry about that. As with the original poster I shall remain forever embarrassed for you…

          • Stanley Spencer

            First of all, condensation does not form straight lines in grid patterns across miles of sky…to suggest that is stupid. They are also not jet contrails as those can only stay in the sky for a couple minutes in optimal conditions. Chemtrails are aerosols from jets. I also think you misunderstand the mechanism by which they are claimed to block sight of nibiru. They don’t simply obscure view of the planet by being physically between us and nibiru.

          • Condensation doesn’t form in straight lines – which is why it disperses on the wind, which if you look at these so-called “chemtrails” they do too. It may take a short while depending on how fast the wind is moving and what height at which the plane is flying which affects other conditions such as pressures etc.

            If you’re suggesting that some other technology is capable of blocking our view without creating a physical barrier, I hate to break it to you but no such technology exists that could be deployed through an aerosol – chemtrails as you seem to be inferring are pure and simple fantasy.

            If you care to enlighten me on how you think chemtrails work, please do so and I can dispel it in due course.

          • Cee Cee

            Why are you ON this site if you don’t see this. Are you just on it to BLAST people with your know-it-all brain?

          • Yes.

        • Cee Cee

          So Andy I guess Joan has rightly said “forget him” but I am taking up the “cross” now. Have you never heard of gravitational pull/force? /Nibiru is about 10 times the size of planet Earth, so long before it gets close enough for us to see a debris field (Which incidentally, check your sorces, a HUGE meteor shower has been announced for Aug. 10) the Planet’s pull will and has started to affect Earth. So, I think you need to do some introspective work and also some more research. I too dismissed this as bunk YEARS ago, but things are starting to happen. “They” now admit to a “Brown Dwarf’ near earth, which is actually part of the HUGE planets system. Do your homework and stop being an ass

          • “Nibiru is about 10 times the size of planet Earth, so long before it gets close enough for us to see a debris field.”

            This is only partially true. The insinuation that a planet 10 times the size of Earth can be hidden by the elliptical plane for any extended period of time, however, is false.
            Incidentally when a planet has rings – at least the ones we know of – the rings tend to be densely packed and relatively close to the planet which they circle. Close enough in fact that if we were passing through its debris field right now, the planet would be close enough to see. And if it were 10 times bigger than Earth AND close enough to see; we’d be seeing more than just a few sinkholes which everyone inevitably claims is down to Planet X / Nibiru when they are, in fact, not due to that at all.

            It should also be pointed out that if we were passing though the debris field of a planet that large we’d most likely see meteors every single day – even by day. Although if we’re saying the debris field is actually not that dense then I find convenient.

            I don’t know which “they” you are referring to, but if you mean as in any official scientifically valid and credible source then “they” most certainly haven’t. If you mean “they” as in conspiracy theorists then “they” change the story every single time “they” get it wrong and back-peddle on the lie they just told. Every. Single. Time. It should also be pointed out that while the elliptical plane could hide a planet or a moon of a moderate size for a reasonable amount of time, it simply couldn’t hide an entire solar system – so that suggestion is even more moronic than the original one.

            Brown Dwarf stars, at minimum, are 10 to 100 times larger than Jupiter; Jupiter is bigger than Earth (in terms of diameter) roughly 11 times. Jupiter is at such a distance that its effect on Earth is negligible – it’s only real physical effect on Earth is the same as every other planet in the system in that its gravity helps stabilise the orbits of the other planets – so in order for another planet roughly the same size at Jupiter to have physical effects on Earth it would have to be a lot closer to us than Jupiter is. This would do 2 things: dramatically change the orbit of Earth, and we’d also see changes in the orbits of the other planets too (night has happened); it would also have far greater tidal gravitational effects on us, and we would be seeing more than an increase in the occasional earthquake or sinkhole. The problem with this theory though is that if a planet that size was as close to us: you see it in the sky.

            I have indeed done my homework; it seems you, however, have not. In fact you haven’t even bothered with so much as basic logic.

          • It Was Never Just 42

            Reporting from August 11th. No major meteor shower last night. We DO have the normally scheduled Perseids shower tomorrow night as we pass through the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet – which in and of itself is hardly shocking since we do it every year….

            So, so far not looking good for your predictions.

    • It Was Never Just 42

      Arguing with these loons before the events is pointless. Much more satisfying to argue AFTER the events. I’m especially looking forward to hearing from Cee Cee, Joan Just and Stanley Spencer (obviously the same person with names like those) on September 23rd this year to hear what their thoughts are now that there’ll STILL be no sign of their myserteous planet X.

      Oh, who am I kidding, we’ll not hear a peep from them because they’ll be too bloody embarrassed to admit that YET AGAIN (and lord, this is getting old) the End-Of-The-World Conspiracy Theorists were wrong…

      • But that’s the thing: there WON’T ever be an admission of “Oh, we’re wrong.” or “Oh, yeah – I was making this up.” the story will just be revised again with some new BS about why it didn’t happen, and then there’ll be a new book or DVD to buy with exclusive new information which will DEFINITELY tell you all you need to know.

        The worst part is that the people who believe in this stuff are the same kinds of people in denial about Trump: so long as they’re hearing what they want to hear, they’re happy to be lied to over and over and over, and will merrily and unquestioningly go along with it…

        • It Was Never Just 42

          I totally agree with all your points and, the sad thing is, these idiots know full well that they’re fleecing everyone. They’re nothing more than common criminals really; apart from a very select few (Harold Camping was one) they don’t believe a single word of this garbage they peddle, despite all the protestations to the contrary.

          But, as you say, they’ll keep on changing the story and keep on selling crap to the mindless morons who populate the country. We can’t save idiots from themselves and if idiots want to be fleeced then that’s on them.

          So yeah, these jokers will continue to argue how wrong you are, how you don’t understand science (or worst, biblical science – because apparently that’s a thing now) and that you’re going to perish as a result.

          However if just one person reads posts like ours and starts to think ‘no, I don’t believe this nonsense’ then I,. for one, feel happy we’ve played our part.

          Keep fighting the battle Andy, we’ll never stop these idiots, but we may save the odd soul (she said as a confirmed atheist 🙂 )

          • I don’t think it’s a problem with anyone having religion, although I do find it’s odd that religion is now slowly being inserted in to the story to support it. But I think people should be able to think logically about these things when they don’t – which is why I use just very simple, basic logic in order to ‘debunk’ it; it’s the kind of logic that anyone should be able to use.

            Part of the reason I got annoyed in the first place is because one day I saw a post from someone saying he was so scared that he was thinking of killing himself. That really made me angry that people are using these lies to really terrorise people… it isn’t fair. Personally I think if these people manage to make someone so scared they kill themselves, they should be held criminally responsible.

  • Ken Shun

    Garbage! If you people truly believe this load of crap, you need a life. What will you do about paying your bills? Maybe just blow it all, you won’t need it.

  • It Was Never Just 42

    How about this; if all you conspiracy theorists think that this is indeed the end of everything then I guess you all have no problems on September 21st (one day before all this nonsense) in posting publicly ALL your banking passwords and other information for the world to see – and drain.

    After all, where you lot are going you’ll not be needing all that cash, right?

    Naturally you’ll come up with some lame excuse as to just why you can’t do that…

  • It Was Never Just 42

    Let’s see Glen Gaither, Joan Just, Stanley Spencer and Cee Cee.. You’re not very good at inventing names, are you? Here, next time try Ann Davies, Sankara Del, Bobby Harris and Danny Peters – they sound far less made up. Even better, use some random screen name – just like real people do! If you’re going to create multiple sock puppet accounts at least put a bit of effort into it – c’mon, you’re embarrassing yourselves!

    You’re welcome.

  • It Was Never Just 42

    21 days to go and still the night sky looks perfect. Oddly they spotted Asteroid Florence that came within 4M miles and it was only 3 miles wide. But about planet X is STILL invisible??? Yeah, whatever.

    Wow, y’all gullible fools. I’ll enjoy laughing at you come September 23rd.

  • It Was Never Just 42

    Well, that was uneventful. September 22nd came and went and nothing happened… Go figure!

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