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Everything you need to know about Faraday Cages

David Meade
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A nuclear war or solar flare are both global catastrophes. EMPs are electromagnetic pulses that are caused by either event. EMPs will disable our technology, the basis for our lifestyle.

Cell phones, cars, electronics and computers are all affected. One way to protect your portable electronics is a Faraday Cage, named after the founder, Michael Faraday.

These devices protect anything within them from EMPs or lightning. They have to be metal cages with mesh coverings and they should be grounded. The mesh conducts electricity around the contents.

It’s not practical to build a large Faraday Cage; they should be used for handheld electronics and laptop computers.Tin foil is not a substantial cover for a cage; it needs a metal mesh, with grounding. Cardboard won’t work, either.

Some people say that cars are themselves Faraday Cages, but now they are built with fiberglass. A car won’t provide EMP protection, though it does provide limited protection from lightning.  So storing an item of electronics in your car is not really protecting it.

You might consider buying backups of essential electronic devices and placing the backup in a protected Faraday Cage. This way you’ll have at least one set that’s working.

My latest book, The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving EMP Attacks, Solar Flares and Grid Failures, offers a complete review of the entire topic, making you a subject matter expert.

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