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The EMP effect: Solar flares and Planet X / Nibiru

David Meade
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On October 28, 2003, an X-45 massive solar flare was emitted by the sun. It barely missed Earth. If it had collided it would have caused trillions of dollars of damage to the electrical grid. Airlines that flew over the pole diverted their routes to lower altitudes. The Japanese ADEOS II satellite was knocked out.

There are significantly different effects of an EMP caused by a nuclear blast and an EMP caused by a solar event. EMP weapons can trigger massively high bursts of gamma radiation (called E1 and E2). Electromagnetic pulses have three components: E1, E2 and E3. E1 and E2 create gamma rays, knocking electrons out of the atoms in the stratosphere, which becomes an electrical conductor due to ionization. This can cause field strength of 50,000 volts per meter.

This type of radiation can cause commercial aircraft to completely power down and their computers fail. It affects phones and cars. Tests have shown that 5% of all cars will have permanent damage; another 15% will stall and up to 70% will have dashboard anomalies. This type of blast will cause computers to fail. The transformers in our electrical grid will be incapacitated.

However, an E3 blast (solar flare) will damage the components in electrical conductors, such as power line transformers. The electrical grid goes down, as with the other type of blast. But phones, cars and computers are not immediately affected. The damage from E3 in modern systems is also called quasi-DC currents. Transformers are not designed to handle direct currents.

With a solar flare, you have temporary usage of your phone, car and computer. But your car will only last as long as you have fuel in it. Service stations pump gas by electricity and there will be none. Your phone will last as long as it is charged and that’s over with. Your computer will boot up, but there won’t be an Internet to connect to.

A solar flare thus moves the country back to 1850, but in gradual stages. It does provide you with more time to react, though. I would recommend driving your car to the nearest general store (don’t try a major supermarket, as that will be havoc). Buy food and water for at least one month, for starters. Stock up on flashlights and batteries. Buy any medicine you need. The solar flare at least gives you a chance.

But once we leave the realm of commonly known, publicly sourced physics, we enter the speculative area when it comes to EMP super-weapons. We don’t know the details because they are classified. But there have been claims that such weapons exist that can generate electric fields of 200,000 volts per meter. This would destroy all of our in-space assets as well. This would send us in one fell swoop back to an 1800s agrarian age. In either case, the answer is immediate preparation and developing knowledge. My book on Planet X has keys to knowing and preparing for either risk.

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