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NASA: Never A Straight Answer

David Meade
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Let’s look at some details from the so-called Apollo moon landings and see if they hold water or not.

The Waving Flag

When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planted this flag, it waved as if in the wind. The problem – there is no wind on the moon. It has no atmosphere.

Lack of Impact Crater

Since the surface of the moon is covered in fine dust, why no impact crater after landing? No displacements at all are shown in the photo. It doesn’t make sense.

Multiple Light Sources

The sun is the moon’s only light source. All shadows should run parallel. Videos as well as still photos on the trips to the moon show shadows from many different directions. This makes no sense at all, unless you’re on a film set.

The Van Allen Radiation Belt

The Van Allen radiation belt is deadly. It’s part of Earth’s magnetic field. It stays in position. The astronauts would have been cooked by radiation in the thinly-covered modules they were traveling in.

The Unexplained Object

Look at this photo and you can plainly see an unexplained object. It looks like a microphone or light instrument from a movie set. It’s reflected on the astronaut’s helmet. It’s hanging from a rope or wire. There is no explanation other than a staged filming.

Lack of Stars

Strangely, absolutely none of the photos taken from the moon show any stars in the background. With no cloud cover, there should be perpetual starlight.

It was impossible for NASA to arrange a series of stars for the many different photos, so they simply left them out!

The “C” Rock

Unless the moon is inhabited, a rock found on the moon shouldn’t have a perfectly marked letter “C” on it. It’s a stage prop, one that’s used by a film crew. A designer apparently forgot to turn it around.

Finally, some people say that Jodrell Bank Observatory in England was monitoring the space shots. But the fact is Jodrell Bank is not a radar installation. It’s just a receiving dish. It can only pick up radio signals. You can send radio signals from Earth and bounce them off the moon. Case closed. It’s amazing only 20% of the people in America consider this an obvious hoax.

So let me ask the natural question: If NASA would lie to you about the moon landings, would they have any hesitation about lying about Planet X? Read my book to learn the truth before it’s too late: Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, available on Amazon.

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