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Mount Paektu: Prelude to Armageddon

David Meade
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With tensions rising over North Korea, few people realize that when North Korea tests a nuclear weapon, the blast sends a jolt throughout the Earth – one that can trigger a volcanic eruption of its own supervolcano, located right on its border with China.

At this time, there are 37 volcanoes erupting around the world. But Mount Paektu in North Korea is on the brink of eruption, threatening the entire peninsula of Korea, as well as Japan. It’s a 9,000-foot supervolcano and it can cause a global catastrophe.

An eruption in 946 AD ejected 45 megatons of sulfur into the atmosphere. This was one of the most violent eruptions in human history.

In the year of A.D. 946, “thunders from the heaven drum” (the Mount Paektu eruption) were heard in the City of Kaesong, then the capital of ancient Korea. It so terrified the emperor that he pardoned and set all of the convicts free.

Volcanic ash from that eruption was found as far distant as the northern island of Japan and in the city of Nara, in Japan. This was 1100 kilometers from the volcano.

Volcanic eruptions come in all different sizes and are measured using the “volcano explosive index.” The key is how much material is ejected. A super-eruption, or VEI-8, ejects at least 1,000 cubic km of ash and debris. That’s enough to bury greater London to a depth of 1 km.

When Planet X arrives this fall, as explained in my book, supervolcanoes around the world, including Yellowstone, will erupt with global consequences. Experts believe history is about to repeat itself.

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